“Cloud Batter” by Cloud Vapory

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to send out the Cloud Batter products for the purpose of review, if you’re interested in the products reviewed below please head over to their website:


Also, be sure to use the code “vivd8” for 8% off across their site!

Hey guys welcome to another review from Belfast vape Bar. Today we are looking at a competition grade liquid by Cloud Vapory. This particular liquid is called Cloud Batter and it’s description is very straight forward

“Cloud Batter is like sticking your finger into a bowl of creamy fresh vanilla cake batter.”

So let’s take a closer look.

When I received the bottle I took a second to have a glance over it and the first thing that caught my eye was that it stated that it is a competition grade liquid. Reading over it states that it is a 95% VG liquid. Being a bit of a cloud chaser myself it got me quite excited and instantly I thought to myself I need to get a good build going and hit this stuff hard on a good old mech mod. Labelling wise this is a very plain unicorn bottle with some large bubbly writing on it along with your generic info that all good liquids should have.

Today you’ll be saying hello to my little friend the Noisy Cricket.
With the phenotype-L RDA
Using a .2 nichrome build
And Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition which may I add is a very nice cotton and a current fave (review coming soon)

Dripping this stuff onto fresh cotton I do get a very heavy vanilla smell from it which I have to say smelt so good at the time. Firing it I getting a very nice plume from my wick. Let’s juice this up more and hit this bad boy. Initial vape yesh it’s all there. This is a very straight forward flavour like I said earlier but I think it makes it very nice. But I have to give it to these guys the vapour production is top notch. This is your standard clouds for days liquid. You wanna hotbox a room it won’t take long with this stuff. A very dense thick cloud every time.

I have to be honest though. I vaped this a lot and now that I’m half way through the bottle the flavour appears to be all but gone! I don’t get any vanilla anymore, I don’t know if I’m just used to it or what’s going on but yeah I don’t get any vanilla anymore. Apart from that negative point I’m very satisfied with it. Always looking for something that will give a good cloud and this hits the nail on the head.

Vapour Production 10/10 competition, grade it is indeed. Big plumes
Flavour 6/10 I would have given this a better flavour rating but it’s gone, I simply don’t get vanilla after vaping maybe 15ml.
Presentation gets an 8/10 the guys could have done more with the label but everything stands out.

Thanks guys Shakey out