“Chocolate” by by MF’N Donut

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to send out the line of M F’N Donut for the purpose of review, if you’re interested in the products reviewed below please be sure to head over to their website:


Also, be sure to use the code “vivd8” for 8% off across their site!

This is the fourth in a series of reviews for the MF’N range. My last review for this range was “Strawberry”. Generally, when I review a juice, I’ll vape it for a day or so before writing my review so I’m sure that I know the juice well and have picked up as many of the subtleties as I can. After the review the juice gets added into my ever-growing collection and is vaped occasionally.

Strawberry” was different though. I’ve been using it almost exclusively since I completed the review. I am heartbroken to report that the bottle is almost empty now. It was a fantastic introduction to this range and has set the bar incredibly high for the rest of them!

I’ve decided to do “Chocolate” next because I realized that I probably should have started with it as it’s the original flavour from their line. However there is no point dwelling on that, so let’s get on with the important stuff.

Here are the essential facts and figures.

The MF’n Donut range is available in 0,3 and 6mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 80/20. I am using 3mg juice for this review.

The manufacturers description is “A full flavored rich fresh baked donut with a thick and delectable milk chocolate frosting that is sure to curb any sweet tooth

My set up for this review is:

• Dotted Petri V2 with cloud cap
• Dual 7 wrap 3mm flat twisted wire by “Demon Killer” 0.26 ohm
• Wicked with Rayon
• Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

MF’N “Chocolate” comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. The nicotine level is clearly displayed and the VG/PG ratio can be found in the small print.

Opening the bottle releases a smell that it is instantly recognisable if you have tried any other donut juices. It is partnered with something that smells almost savoury and quite heavy.

Inhale – I find that most juices tend to have a fairly subtle flavour on the inhale. This one however, unleashed a full power, delicious, donut flavour at this point. It is backed up by an unidentifiable sweetness.

Exhale – The chocolate takes centre stage here and much to my delight, it isn’t the typical artificial chocolate taste we have come to know and tolerate in e-liquids. It is creamy, sweet and moreish. The donut taste is still present at this point but it is much more subtle than it was initially. The aftertaste is creamy with a hint of chocolate.

In conclusion – MF’N “Chocolate” is a great e-liquid. It is exactly as described. What the description can’t tell you, is just how well the flavours in this have been blended to produce something that is truly a delight to vape. The vapour production is very impressive. Both the cloud-chasers and flavour-chasers among us should enjoy this juice.