“Chisel” by Boilermaker

Well let’s have a look inside and out…
Looking at the label you do get that sort of dark ages feel going by the font and obviously the logo and then to round it all off with the theme you get a nice black bottle. Embedded in the logo on the bottle shows your nicotine strength, in this case a 3 mg bottle and it also shows your PG/VG ratio which is 50/50.

American premium juice company Boilermaker really have quite the way with words when it comes to the flavour just reading the bottle gets you quite excited. They say ‘’Carve, shape and CHISEL. Our craftsmen produced this singular, signature confectionery masterpiece. Blackcurrant dark chocolate and merlot undertones with creamy caramel finish notes. Carved, shaped and chiselled to mouth-watering perfection! They also ask you to join their brotherhood but this day and age that may not be a bright idea…… just in case.

On to Vaping this. Today’s tools of choice are

  • Snow Wolf at 60w
  • Orchid V6 RBA
  • 22 gauge coil reading at 0.3Ω

This is where it got intense!! Opening the bottle and the first thing that basically chisels your nose off is the dark chocolate smell. My own words when I opened it was Holy Shit smell that bastard. Looking at the liquid as I remove the dropper the liquid is a very dark colour. I put a drop on my hand and give it a little taste….. NOPE!! This was the richest chocolate taste I have ever had. There was no blackcurrant flavour at all and I didn’t get much of the merlot either. I filled the orchid V6 up and put my Snow Wolf at 75 watts for a hot vape. I was hoping that the vape was going to be more satisfying flavour. I was right it is a very nice vape but I still don’t get that blackcurrant flavour.

Inhale– the Liquid declared an all-out assault on my taste buds and was just an intensely rich Dark chocolate flavour.

Exhale– this is where the liquid came out with a really nice smooth taste of a dark red wine taste along with a sweet caramel flavour that lasts on your taste buds.

“Chisel” has a lot to offer as an after dinner vape and I do not believe this could be an all-day vape but I’m sure there are people out there who would prove me wrong.

Taste intensity 9/10
Flavour 7/10 (due to lack of blackcurrant)
Vapor production 7/10 (only comes down to the fact it’s a 50/50 blend.)