Carolina Cookie by Cloud Patrol

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to send out the Cloud Patrol products for the purpose of review. If you’re interested in the products reviewed below please head over to their website:

Carolina Cookie is part of the line from Cloud Vapory makers of Cloud Batter, in collaboration with Pandora Blue.This line will be fully TPD compliant. The blenders describe Carolina Cookie as “Snickerdoodle cookie with vanilla Ice Cream” short and straight to the point!


The folks at Vivd Vapes are the UK distributor for this line and quite a few others, which we have had the pleasure of reviewing. Before we go through the motion of the taste-test, let’s take a little sniff from the bottle and see if anything is revealed. Carolina Cookie has a rather sweet, pastry-like aroma which we’re guessing is the snickerdoodle cookie with subtle notes of vanilla lingering in the background.

For this review, we are using the following hardware:

  • Tobeco Turbo RDA w/ dual claptons @ 0.27Ω
  • RDA wicked with Cotton Bacon V2
  • Asmodus Minikin V2 Mod

The Inhale – Having not actually tried a snickerdoodle cookie before, we took to the web to see what snacks were similar and according to a few different sources they’re quite similar to a sugar cookie. The inhale with Carolina Cookie has delivered on the sweet, almost butter-like cookie from the initial sniff and again the same subtle hint of vanilla.

The Exhale – Talk about three-for-three! The same flavours as with the first sniff from the bottle and with the inhale but on a much much grander scale! The sweet cookie paired with the vanilla ice cream makes Carolina Cookie are a very satisfying vape, paired with a choice coffee to complete the experience. Although not an all day vape as it can become rather overwhelming but nonetheless a tasty juice

Would I buy this product? It’s a yes from us at the Belfast Vape Bar! Snickerdoodle paired with vanilla ice cream in an RDA is definetly worth the purchase. Big shout out to the folks at Vivd Vapes again for allowing us the opportunity to review this product and they also offer wholesale, so vendors be sure to get in touch and try this out!