“Carny 4” by G2 Vapor

Welcome to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at another juice from G2 Vapor called “Carny 4”

I have been having a great time recently vaping and reviewing the fruit range from G2 and so far I haven’t had a bad experience yet. Will this one finally be the end of the road for G2? Find out as we get down and dirty with Carny 4.

The presentation of the bottle is your typical USA juice manufacturer style. The label is colourful and features a caramel drizzle oozing onto the Carny 4 name. The glass is a clear bottle with the usual black lid and dropper pipette.

On opening the bottle I am greeted with a somewhat overpowering smell of tobacco which really isn’t to my liking for a start! Obviously as a reviewer I cannot base my own preferences against the product as everything is subjective.

For this review I will be using the IPV4-S with the Atty3 RDA running a dual coil 0.18Ω build and my wattage set to 73W.

On the inhale I am greeted with a “clean” tobacco taste… what I mean by the word clean is probably best described as crisp or fresh tobacco taste. The longer I hold the vapour in for I notice a smooth vanilla essence starting to develop.

On the exhale the vanilla completely vanishes and is almost instantly replaced by a salted caramel which comes from the back of the nose and remains there until you have fully exhaled. Strangely on my next inhale of air I get a little hint of the initial tobacco flavour from my nose again which was a delightful surprise.

Moving on to the important question of whether I would buy this juice once my review sample is finished. In this case purely down to my own personal taste I would have to say no. If however I was a tobacco lover I certainly would buy more as the flavour profile is perfectly blended but just not to my own specific tastes.