Cinnamon Danish by Captains Custard

Manufacturer’s Description: The manufacturer hasn’t supplied a description or flavour profile beyond the name of the juice.
Statistics: Cinnamon Danish by Captain’s Custard, available in 0mg strength and suitable for use with nicotine shots, packaged in 100ml Gorilla Bottles, 80% VG, 20% PG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, Digiflavour Pharaoh RDA, single Fused Clapton coil, 6 wraps (24AWG Kanthal x 2 in parallel with 32 AWG Ni80) coming out at 0.32Ω and mounted on the Lost Vape Therion DNA166, vaped at 50-100 watts. Cotton used was Cotton Bacon V.2.

Before we begin this review here’s a little bit of trivia. Captain’s Custard is produced by the fine folk at Titanic Vapour. The First Mate of the RMS Titanic was a gentleman called William McMaster Murdoch who just happened to be born in Dalbeattie which is where the reviewer was also born. Take from that what you will although I’m sure it won’t introduce any bias.

Now, since there is no flavour profile provided by the blender, I think I should list my expectations for this liquid:

  • As it is part of a custard line, I expect the flavour to have a solid custard base.
  • Since it’s called “Cinnamon Danish”, I expect there to be at least a pastry, sweet role/cake or at least a baked note throughout the flavour.
  • Also in line with the name of the liquid, I expect to be able to taste cinnamon, however, I don’t expect it to be overpowering.
  • As the actual dessert usually is topped with an icing of some description, I expect there to be some degree of sweetness in the overall liquid to match.

To begin with, the bottle note. Popping the cap off and taking in the initial scent of the liquid doesn’t give much away, in my opinion, there is definitely a pronounced spiciness given off from the Cinnamon. Sitting with it doesn’t afford the reviewer much more about the liquid, a slight touch of sweetness but besides the initial Cinnamon note, nothing else.

The initial puffs of this present a pleasant sweetness, throughout each initial puff, the warmth of the cinnamon present on the inhale, especially at fifty watts. A strong custard backbone is also present throughout the entire vape, supporting the sweetness and spiciness of the cinnamon quite well. Interestingly, the custard backbone combined with the sweetener used creates a flavour and mouthfeel quite similar to fresh royal icing. Retrohaling through the sinuses across the back of the tongue and throat reinforces the spicy warmth of the cinnamon without catching at the back of the throat in an unpleasant manner, so no reminders of accidentally inhaling cinnamon powder and dealing with the intense irritation of the throat and the coughing, near choking and burning it can bring with it.

Sitting with it, the flavour continues to be pleasantly sweet, the warmth of the cinnamon persisting and the custard base continues, however, the pastry doesn’t seem to come out until you increase the wattages, the flavour only really revealing itself between sixty-five/seventy-five watts, and it seems to taste more like a buttery, sweet, short-crust pastry instead of a sweet roll flavour, however, it is subtle and doesn’t detract from the overall flavour. That’s if there is a pastry or baked flavour in it at all.

Credit has to be given where credit is due, the flavour overall is incredibly well balanced, the cinnamon is clearly applied lightly and isn’t overpowering (unlike my experience with Bound by the Crown by King’s Crown/Suicide Bunny nor is it too subtle that it’s lost, as I found with the cinnamon element in Them Applez by Coil Glaze). As a custard flavour, it’s a very strong choice in a market that is over-saturated in custards and it’s one I can definitely recommend for the flavour on its own.
Vapour production from this liquid is excellent, especially with the entire line being 80/20, even at lower wattages and despite the ratio leaning a touch heavier on the VG side, having spent quite some time waving the vapour away to allow me to see the computer screen as this review is written.

Overall, this is a brilliant liquid that I wouldn’t even consider hesitating to recommend, a strong, instantly recognisable flavour paired with brilliant vapour production and sets the standard quite high for this line of liquids.
Captain’s Custard is available at all Titanic Vapour stores, including through delivery. It is also available at Vapemagic, Total Vapour and through Titanic Vapour’s website. According to Titanic Vapour’s website, 100mls will cost £19.99 per bottle and will include two 10ml nicotine shots to make it up to a total of 120ml.