“Bomb Pop” by Decadence E-Liquids

Stevo here with another liquid review, it’s been quite a while since I’ve reviewed something personally  but I’ve got something special to review for you guys! Whilst at Vape Fest Ireland we met so many awesome players in the E-Cigarette Industry who were sporting their wares for the eager punters.

At the Republic of Vape booth we got chatting with a blender who is also the proprietor of Decadence E-Liquids. After an enjoyable lengthy discussion about his superb line of liquids and the vaping industry itself, we were graced with his entire line of liquids for review here at the Belfast Vape Bar so be sure to look them up right here!

We were also given a unicorn bottle of something he’s been working on and now that it’s available for pre-order we can now tell you all what we thought of it.

Bomb Pop is described on Republic of Vape as:

A 150ml bottle filled with sweet and refreshing bursts of Cherry, Lime and Blue Raspberry with a lovely, cool popsicle undertone

The presentation of Bomb Pop is simple and straight to the point, an image of a bomb pop popsicle proudly standing front and centre.

After speaking with the Blender, the official release bottles meet UK health and safety regulations as well as including a childproof lid.

For this review I will be using the Koopor Plus mod with the Alliance V1 RDA freshly built with a dual 0.25Ω set up, judging by the nice thick consistency in the bottle this will definitely be a dripping juice! (70/30 VG Heavy)

Lid up and the crisp sweetness of the blue raspberry is the first aroma to waft from the bottle with subtle lime notes lingering in the background. Expectations are high for the particular liquid based on the quality of the Decadence line of products.

The inhale graces the taste buds with the blue raspberry and lime once more with very slight hints of the cherry. More akin to that of a soda than a popsicle so far…

On the exhale is feels as if my senses are in overload! The flavour of Bomb Pop is so intense that it actually leaves you craving more. The cool popsicle has finally shown itself and blends perfectly with the fruity combination. Personally I haven’t had a Bomb Pop popsicle but if this is what they taste like…..DAMN! I may need to make some enquiries and get the freezer stocked.

Now, would I buy this liquid? I Can safely say that I will be purchasing this as soon as it’s available! As mentioned before, this liquid is available for pre-order on the Republic of Vape website and I cannot stress enough that you pick up 150ml of this liquid asap!

We can do better than just link the store, here is a 10% discount code for this product courtesy of Republic of Vape. We like to take care of you guys!



NB. This is a rather fitting code for the Belfast Vape Bar if I do say so myself.