“Blueberry Jelly Filled Donut” by MF’N Donut

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to send out the line of M F’N Donut for the purpose of review, if you’re interested in the products reviewed below please be sure to head over to their website:


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Recently I’ve been on a bit of a blueberry flavour craze, which is funny, because I normally hate blueberry e-liquids as they tend to come across as too artificial in comparison to the real thing. One of the first (cheap, mass-produced) e-liquids that I had tried in my first (cheap, mass-produced) tank was a pure blueberry flavour, and it was absolutely vile. Words cannot express the heights to which that overpowering, chemical-like fragrance raised the level of my disgust to. “Never again,” said I to blueberry e-liquids – and that was the case for a long time until a few months ago, when I tried a premium custard and blueberry e-liquid and was instantly besotted. Similarly, I would never have ventured to try a doughnut flavoured e-liquid until I decided to buy Capella’s “Chocolate Glazed Doughnut” to try out in home mixes and have since flitted between that and the blueberry custard as my go-to ADV.

You can imagine my joy, then, at being asked to review the M F’N Donut ‘Blueberry Jelly Filled Donut’. A mixture of blueberry and doughnut? Fantastic.

Firstly, however, a bit about the company and their products. Hailing from Idaho, USA, M F’N Donut was founded in 2012 by proprietors Carl and Jenna. Other than a short blurb about each of the owners, there isn’t much company information – such as an ethos or mission statement – available on their website. There is also a lack of information available on each product page. Whilst there is a description of the flavour provided, there is no clear mention of the VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid on the purchasing page. When I got this product for review, I wasn’t sure if it would be tank-friendly or only for drippers – there is definitely a need for further details on the website (and Facebook page, I checked there too) for first-time customers.

Now for the actual product and packaging. Upon receiving the bottle, the first thing I noticed was the unique design on the label, which I really like. However – there are a few issues with it in my opinion.

Firstly, it states that it is 85% VG on the front of the bottle. Yet, on the side of the bottle in the small print, it states that it is 80/20 VG to PG. It can’t be both, and with no further information not the website as mentioned, I’m still none-the-wiser about the exact make up of the e-liquid.

Secondly, the label states ‘MF’n Donut: Blueberry’ with an image of a ring doughnut covered in blue icing. This gave me the impression that the flavour was going to be at least 90% doughnut flavour with a topping of blueberry-flavoured icing to compliment it. That doesn’t match the website title for the product as a “jelly filled donut” – because a doughnut filled with blueberry jam is something entirely different to a plain doughnut topped with blueberry icing, and would make me expect a much more overwhelming taste of sugary blueberry. I know that this sounds fussy – but I’m not thinking from the perspective of an e-commerce customer who has the ability to read the product’s full title online. If I saw this on a shop shelf, all the information that I have is what’s on the label – and it doesn’t represent the product to the best of its ability.

Third, a minor gripe with the actual quality of the graphics. Whilst it is a wonderful design, the images and text are not sharp – making it harder to read and spoiling the finish of the product’s appearance. The designer should have accounted for this before these were signed off for production. [UPDATE: I have noticed that the manufacturer has released images of new bottle designs on their social media (not updated on their website yet, as of 13/02/16). These look much more professional and have lost the image of a doughnut on the front. The description is still ‘MF’n Donut: Blueberry’, but at least the confusion that was caused by the iced doughnut image will not clash with the full title that the website still displays. I do hope that this new packaging has addressed the conflicting VG/PG information.]

Finally, onto the flavour itself. The ‘Blueberry Jelly Filled Donut’ is described as, ‘an embracing sweet taste when it hits your lips followed by a zing of blueberry and finished with the sweetness of glazed donut.’ It gives a very smooth vape and the blueberry flavour sits at just the right balance between sweet and mellow. Doughnut flavours can be very strong, and the manufacturer has done well here to keep it restrained so as not to overpower the blueberry. I did find the blueberry slightly sickening during the first few vapes, so I left it to steep with the cap off to tone down the harshness of it – after a couple of days the taste was excellent.

It is, in hindsight, a good thing that these flavours are not available at a lower VG ratio as I do think that the flavour would be too pronounced for a tank-full – it certainly would not be suitable as an ADV for anyone who doesn’t have the sweetest of teeth (and I do have a very sweet tooth). For a dripper, however, this flavour provides a really fabulous treat.

To conclude, this flavour by MF’n Donut tastes every bit like the premium quality that they market it as. It is just a shame that this is not reflected in the presentation and online marketing of the manufacturer’s range and I hope that this is addressed with the new labelling and hopefully with an overhaul of the website as well.