Banana Caramel by Captains Custard

Manufacturer’s Description: The manufacturer hasn’t supplied a description or flavour profile beyond the name of the juice.
Statistics: Banana Caramel by Captain’s Custard, available in 0mg strength and suitable for use with nicotine shots, packaged in 100ml Gorilla Bottles, 80% VG, 20% PG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, Digiflavour Pharaoh RDA, single Fused Clapton coil, 6 wraps (24AWG Kanthal x 2 in parallel with 32 AWG Ni80) coming out at 0.32Ω and mounted on the Lost Vape Therion DNA166, vaped at 50-100 watts. Cotton used was Cotton Bacon V.2.

To begin, since there is no flavour profile provided by the blender, I think before starting this review I should list my expectations for this liquid:

  • As it is part of a custard line, I expect the flavour to have a solid custard base.
  • Since it’s called “Banana Caramel” I expect there to be a solid banana flavour throughout without being sickening.
  • I expect there to be some sweetness, soft or hard caramel/candy flavour through the liquid.

The bottle note of this particular liquid is quite pleasant, particularly sweet in the same vein as Cinnamon Danish, another flavour in this line of liquids. The banana flavour in this is quite pleasant and sweet, reminding me somewhat of The Flavourer’s Apprentice ( or “TFA”) DX Banana Cream, TFA Banana Cream or Capella Banana, although my guesses at the particular flavour could be wrong. The custard backbone of the liquid doesn’t make itself known on nosing.

The initial few puffs immediately greet you with the custard spine of the e-liquid that seemed lavishly doused in a hard caramel, surprisingly presenting a flavour that was sweet, sugary without being harsh or sickly as some caramel flavours I have sampled previously. The lightly sweet, thick, fruity and bold flavour of the Banana cuts through the sweetness perfectly. Retrohaling and bringing the vapour over the back of the tongue and the sinuses present a pleasant hard candy/caramel flavour, the sweetness supporting the flavour without it being too sickly.

Sampling it over a longer period of time, the flavour remains pleasant, at higher wattages the custard starts to come into its own, the banana and caramel taking a slight back seat, resulting in a decadent combination of caramel, banana and custard. While it’s a simple combination of flavours that compliment each other well, it’s effective and fails to fall flat or become muted at any point during sampling. However, there doesn’t seem to offer much complexity, but you can’t expect that from such a simple, effective combination of flavours.

Now, when it comes to comparing to other liquids I’ve had the pleasure of sampling, it definitely stands up and can compete in the marketplace that is flooded with flavour combinations that are similar to Captains Custard Banana Caramel. The banana element is sweet and similar to eating a banana flavoured chew as opposed to the rather muted flavour of the Cavendish bananas we are used to eating and doesn’t taste overly artificial, especially in comparison to other liquids I have tasted such as Strawberry Banana Waffle by Double Drip or Splitz by Clown. The caramel component of this flavour is pleasant and one I’d much prefer to vape over others such as No. 24 by Beard Vape Co.

As this liquid is 80/20, the vapour production is exceptional, even at the lower wattages and overall I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this e-liquid to someone who seeks something sweet and fruity to indulge in.
Would I recommend it over the previous liquid I have tried in this line, Cinnamon Danish? Well, I have to admit that while it is a strong and well-balanced flavour Cinnamon Danish offers a touch more complexity and it sits better on the palate and I would lean more towards that than Banana Caramel, however, you might find that this e-liquid is more to your liking.

Captains Custard is available at all Titanic Vapour stores, including through delivery. It is also available at Vapemagic, Total Vapour and through Titanic Vapour’s website. According to Titanic Vapour’s website, 100mls will cost £19.99 per bottle and will include two 10ml nicotine shots to make it up to a total of 120ml.