“Anvil” by Boilermaker

Gilters back again folks

Boilermaker, a liquid company from Torrance, California. It was born of the heat and passion trademark of most juice-makers. Make no mistake, this is no dainty affair, this e-liquid is as blue collar and working-class as it gets. The names of the liquid are tools that built America and forged it’s country.

All of boilermaker’s liquids are a 50pg/50vg line, diacetyl free and artificial flavouring free and that being said with my liquid today I am honestly blown away on how this liquid can be so creamy.

Boilermaker’s Bottle design has a beautiful black vintage look that’s definitely had a lot of thought behind the design giving a nice persona that screams I belong in a 1950s steel mill. Boilermaker having 6 liquids, I shall be giving my insight on “Anvil”.

Solidly weighted and hardened maturity, ANVIL, is the genesis of every creation in boilermaker history. it’s deceivingly simple, yet full bodied, dense caramel and sweet cream foundation wields a savory, rich, palate-pleasing, flavor that will make you feel reborn.

3mg strength
Being a 50/50 blend I have decided on Dual twisted 0.3Ω to bring out the flavour even more.

Inhale: an extremely smooth, very dark and rich caramel flavour thats not to over powering with next to no throat hit

Exhale: almost like a natural vanilla ice cream that’s been drizzled in caramel syrup ending with a slight milky undertone

Would I buy this this liquid. Yes and no. Personally It wouldn’t be an all day vape it’s more leaning towards after having a roast dinner, a vape while eating desert.

Liquid flavour 8/10
Purely because I couldn’t vape this all day but it is a treat.

Flavour strength 10/10
A lot has definitely went into this, certainly a lot going on but every note is defined well.

Vapour production 7/10
Being a 50/50 liquid I was surprised with this one. Clouds dissipate fast but are certainly plentyful at high watts.