X Cube II by Smok

Hello and welcome back to another Hardware review by Foxy.

This review is of the Smok X Cube II which is the latest device on the UK market.

The Smok X Cube II is one of those must have devices if you want a silly amount of power at your fingertips; The X Cube fires up to 160w without a pulse mode which makes it the most powerful device on the market at the moment. As you all know, I previously reviewed the SnowWolf 200w device which does as mentioned fire up to 200w but this is not entirely correct as after 151w is selected the SnowWolf enters pulse mode which decreases the constant firing wattage.

I picked up the X Cube II mod from a shop in Bangor Town (Just outside of Belfast) called Rude Boy Oils…. I had been in talks with the owner Aaron for a while before popping out to pick up the device and he seems like a genuinely nice guy so pop out and I’m sure he will be happy to offer you a coffee which I wasn’t lol.

For the purposes of this review I was running the X Cube II with the Smok TFV4 tank using the quad coil and also my usual dripper the Turbo RDA by Tobecco. I had heard all the hype around the X Cube for a few weeks before getting my hands on one myself… I heard all the pros and the cons from a lot of different perspectives but as always most of these pros and cons are subjective just the same way mine will be at the bottom of this review.

I was never really a huge fan of Smok products until I tried the TFV4 tank which was a huge game changer for me as you can read in my review. I was so impressed I just had to buy their mod which was perfectly partnered with the TFV4 tank.

The X Cube is made out of solid brushed stainless steel and is also available now in black and soon in a gun metal. There are some nice laser engraved logos on the sides of the device with the X Cube II logo on one side with 160w TC engraved alike. On the other side we have the Smok logo engraved just at the top of the battery door with plenty of room left to maybe add your own engravings which I personally want to do.

The battery door is held in place by 2 magnets and a sort of slide/lock mechanism too. Once you pop the battery door off you see that the X Cube is powered by x2 18650 batteries which are held securely in place by a spring negative connection to the board. On the back of the battery door there appears to be what I can only describe as a device serial number but this is still to be confirmed. When installing the batteries I cannot stress enough that you use the ribbon provided to remove your batteries otherwise you will destroy your battery wraps on removal.
The X Cube features a one of a kind firing button known as a firing bar…. This can be located on the entire side of the mod. You will also find two long LED lights which will illuminate to show you that the button has been pressed.

At the base of the device you will find your battery venting holes which in a mod as powerful as this can potentially be your life jacket on the Titanic. You will also see a Micro-USB port which is NOT for charging your mod, it is purely for updating the software via your PC.

Moving onto the top of the device is where everything gets a little more complicated. We have a bright OLED screen which will show you everything about the device and you will also have your + and – buttons for making changes in the menu or to your power output. The screen is located next to your 510 connection and is sealed to stop any juice from potentially entering this area.

To turn the X Cube on you need to press the firing bar/Button 5 times in quick succession. This will bring up your welcome screen and software variant on the device. You will then find yourself on the home screen where you can see all your stats such as: Battery level, wattage/temperature, coil resistance, puff counter and real time voltage level when firing.

To access your menu you will need to press the firing bar 3 times in quick succession, this will bring you into a menu with 6 options: 1-Bluetooth 2-Mode 3-LED 4-Puff 5-Setting 6-Power.

Option 1 for Bluetooth will give you the option to turn on Bluetooth so you can change LED colours etc., you can download the SMOK application onto your phone for free* via your app market.

Option 2 for Mode will allow you to switch between memory, wattage and temperature mode. Wattage will give you freedom to select your wattage between the ranges of 6w-160w

Option 3 for LED will allow you to change the colour of your LED lighting or turn on/off

Option 4 for Puff will allow you to set/reset your total puffs for the day

Option 5 for settings will allow you to change the screen time out, screen contrast, screen orientation, set the Ohm resistance and set the time and date for your device.

Option 6 for power will allow you to turn the power of your device on or off.

To select the desired option you can hover over the icon/sub-menu for 5 seconds or you can long press the firing bar to have shown option selected.

You may notice on option 1 above for Bluetooth I placed a “*” This is one thing that really annoyed me about the X Cube device….. Smok have released an application as mentioned where you have the ability to change your LED colour, see detailed graphs of your vaping habit and much more. However, if you want to enable Stainless steel or Titanium wire temperature control you have to pay an additional £1….. piss off! Why should we pay more money for software to do something that the likes of the IPV4-s can already do?? Click this link to see the Bluetooth option shown in detail. http://www.smoktech.com/mod/x-cube-two

Now that my little rant is over its time to talk about the retail packaging. The Smok X Cube II comes pretty well presented within a sturdy box. This is handy if you were to place an online order for example as whilst in transit your device won’t get damaged by being mishandled. On opening the box you will have your shiny new mod gleaming back at you in a secure foam insert. Lift the insert out and you will be presented with a perfect English user manual with the exception of the back page which is actually quite amusing to read in Chinglish!

So overall what would my opinion be of the new Smok X Cube II? Well I am actually very happy with it. I have found the resistance reading capabilities to be perfectly accurate at all times. I’ve had no lagging on firing or any other issues to report. My only real concern would be the firing bar being too large and prone to mis-firing but this can be resolved by pressing the bar 5 times in quick succession to lock the device.

Now let’s have a mooch at the manufacturers specs for the device.


Output: 6w-160w
• Output voltage: 0.35v-8v
• Temp mode resistance range: 0.06-3.0
• Watt mode resistance range: 0.1-3.0
• Bluetooth Capable (Requires App)

• Great looking device made from Zinc Alloy
• Clear display
• Perfect power distribution
• Detailed Bluetooth application
• Sturdy build
• Stainless steel 510 threads
• Cool LED lighting

• Battery door can be quite loose
• No USB charging facility
• £1 for applications….. WTF!!

So would I go out and buy the Smok X Cube II if I lost this one? Yes I actually would. Apart from the few minor cons, the device is perfect for what I need and it’s packed with technology.

I got this mod for review at cost price from Rude Boy Oils in Bangor. Pop in and say hello.