Vortex Tank by Uwell

Welcome to another hardware review by Foxy.

Today we will be having a look at a new Sub Ohm tank to hit the streets of Bangor! It’s the Uwell Vortex tank! I got mine free of charge for the purposes of review by Aaron from RudeBoy Oils in Bangor.

I have to say first off that for a Sub Ohm tank of this quality I would have expected the price point to be around £20-25 which would have in itself been pretty reasonable in the current market. As a consumer I would have been happy to pay the £25 for this tank but I am delighted to say that you wont even pay £25, nor will you pay £20….. Read on and you will see how low this tank is actually going for at RudeBoy Oils.

First impressions are everything and this doesn’t just apply to the world of work and business. It applies to the vaping industry too. If something looks like shit it generally is going to be shit or worse! When I first seen this tank I was a tad confused if I’m totally honest, I thought it looked like a mixture of the KangerTech SubTank and the Horizon Arctic tank which are both bigboys within the industry.

The tank comes presented in a plastic glass cover which clearly states the name Vortex in big silver writing on an outer cardboard sleeve. You have the option of picking which coil setup you would like with this tank… You can choose BVC, BVDC at 0.2Ohms or a BVDC at 0.5Ohms. Uwell also give their wattage rating to each coil but I personally ignore these recommendations as I feel each mod fires differently so what may be good for one may be not so good for another.

The tank sits comfortably inside its little box surrounded by black velvet foam, you will see above the tank that there is a replacement coil for when your pre-installed coil burns out.

For this review I will be running the Vortex tank on my iStick 100W with my wattage set to 60W on the 0.2Ohm BVDC coil. The juice I will be using for the review will be Lime cookie which should be really well complimented in a Sub Ohm tank rather than on my usual drippers.

The tank looks almost identical to the KangerTech SubTank which as you can see in my review of the SubTank tended to leak a hell of a lot! The Vortex though only looks similar as it does not perform anything like the SubTank at all….. It performs better! The body of the tank is manufactured out of 304 stainless steel which has what can only be described as a blade effect running from the top to the base to form the main wall of the tank. This wall is then encased with Pyrex glass which is held securely in place by two red rubber O-rings which do as they say on the tin lol. They don’t let any liquid seep through unlike the SubTank MK1 and Mini.

Moving onto the coil now. As I mentioned above, you have the option of going for BVC which is short for Bottom Vertical Coil (Single) or BDVC which is short for Bottom Dual Vertical Coil. The coils I have at the moment for review are the BDVC coils which means that there is a dual parallel coil in the vertical position.

With my airflow fully opened I take a nice 7 second long lung hit which instantly turns to disaster as it’s a dry hit! SO deciding to drop the wattage to 45w and reduce my hit to 3 seconds seems to be the trick for me! The flavour is most definitely there and the cloud production is as I would have expected from 45W.

Overall if I was asked to compare this tank to something that is a little more mainstream I would probably be inclined to say it’s on par with the iJust2 tank or the Atlantis V1. So I mentioned above that this tank costs less than £20…. It even costs less than £15! The Uwell Vortex tank costs just £14 from RudeBoy Oils in Bangor NI.

In this price category you really are getting the cherry off the cake! For around the same money you would normally be limited to the iClear range or maybe the likes of the KangerTech T3 range of tanks which are all well above the 1.0Ohm that is so popular these days. With that in mind you are getting a lot of bang for your buck!

It is by no means a real cloud chucker by todays terms with the likes of the Atlantis V2, Triton and TFV4 being at the top of the charts but again for the money it gives the average user the chance to experience sub ohm vaping without the cost attached! One of the main advantages of Sub Ohm vaping means that you can drop your nicotine levels way down without really noticing a difference, this means that you would be able to vape on all those amazing American liquids that are only available in 6mg or less!