“TugLyfe” by Flawless USA

Welcome back to another Hardware review by Foxy!

This review will be a little different to my previous reviews as there is a story attached to how I came across this mod in the first place!

This review is of the genuine #TugLyfe mod by Flawless USA.

You may already know by now that VapeFest Ireland was held on the 14th November 2015….. At VapeFest you can find all the major players in the industry showing off their wares to the masses of eager beavers gracing the festival with their presence!
With this in mind the process, making a purchase is similar to that of a market complex where different stalls may sell the same products as their competitors and this allows the consumer a little room to negotiate with the vendor.

Anyhow, I seen the #TugLyfe at one stall for €150 and as the day went on I managed to find a stall who were just packing up and were more than happy to negotiate on their price… Long story short I managed to get mine for €90 which is approx £63 an absolute bargain! I can’t remember the name of the guys I bought it from so I will point you in the direction of Evolution Vaping in the UK to buy yours from as they have them in stock and really are awesome guys!

The mod comes presented not in a box which I would have expected but it turns out that the #Tuglyfe actually comes in the TugBoat vape sock for convenient storage of your mod. It also features a little loop for you to connect a clip to your jeans or tool belt…. On this note, I would not recommend using the loop for any such thing. The reason for this is simple, your mod is more likely to get damaged than it would be when in your pocket for example.

The mod I chose is in white as you can see in the photos, the mod is also available in a whole array of colours to choose from with the addition of their “Zombie” line featuring the main colours but with a splatter effect on top of the initial colour.

As with any genuine high end mod and especially with mechanical mods like this there are a lot of clones on the market… One of our reviewers actually has the clone of this very mod which he paid £30 for pre-owned. A few little differences will help you see if your device is authentic or cloned, this is especially important when the device is not serialised meaning that it is mass produced. With the real #TugLyfe you will have your chosen colour… the difference between the real models is that the paint job is actually more unique compared to that on the cloned versions!

If you take off the battery door you will be able to see that your genuine device is only partially painted on the exterior and the inside will still be shiny metal. The clones however use a very similar (if not the same) enclosure but it’s actually wrapped in a vinyl rather than actually powder coated. The 510 connection on the clone is perfectly straight in line with the firing button while the genuine is slightly offset. Finally the wiring inside may contain hot glue to hold it in place and the Mosfet could also be wrapped in black insulation tape whereas the genuine device uses no glue inside whatsoever and the Mosfet is perfectly see through!

Whilst we are talking about the internals of my device we might as well dive straight into talking about the internals in a little more detail. This device is wired in parallel, what that means is that you will put BOTH your batteries into the sled with the positive post going in the direction of your 510 connection. If you insert them negative upwards you will most likely fry your Mosfet and you will certainly have sparks flying all over your body as a result of a short.

I mentioned above that there is no glue used in the manufacturing of the mod, this is also the case when it comes to fixing the battery sled to the internal housing… You will find two screws securely holding the battery sled in place and these screws are NOT meant to be removed.

You will see at the top of the internals that there is a MOSFET fitted into the wiring… Your fire button sends the signal to the MOSFET (positive current to the gate) which opens it and allows the negative current to flow through source and drain, the load doesn’t go through the fire button. That’s the three legs on the MOSFET, GSD.

The switch is going to be one of those ones that a lot of people will either love or hate! Personally, I am stuck in the middle. The reason for this is that the switch on this model is made from plastic rather than stainless steel which I would have preferred. As you press the fire button you will be greeted with a delightful clicky feeling and an equally delightful click noise too. Depending on the colour of mod you choose your fire button will be different to correspond to the colour scheme.

At the top of the device you will see your 510 connection for your tank or RDA. As this is a genuine mod I am delighted to have a genuine spring loaded Fat Daddy connection which will support up to 24mm tanks and RDAs. Everything I have put onto the mod has screwed down tightly without any issues at all!


  • Great Battery Life
  • Light weight
  • Metal construction
  • Genuine Fat Daddy 510
  • Beautiful firing button
  • Eye catching colour range


  • No locking mechanism for switch
  • Terrible when used with an RDA
  • No USB charging
  • No voltage display

If I lost my #TugLyfe box mod would I go out and buy another one? I’m sorry but I wouldn’t. The cons listed above are what I would class as unforgivable! I primarily use an RDA pretty much every single day and the fact that I cannot use one on the #TugLyfe really pisses me off as I am now having to carry two mods if I wanted to use the Tug and use a dripper!

It’s such a shame that a mod with so many things going for it has to end like this where I wouldn’t buy another.