“Subtank Plus” by Kangertech

Welcome to another review by Foxy. In this review we are going to be looking at the KangerTech SubTank PLUS.

As you probably have read already in my KangerTech Subox Kit review I mentioned that I was a huge fan of the SubTank Plus. This is for a number of reasons which I will get into through the review.

The MK1 SubTank to be brutally honest was an absolute disgrace! It leaked constantly via the air flow at the base of the device and also through the O Rings at the base of the glass too. This was both inconvenient and added to the cost of being a vaper as E-Juice wastage needs to be taken into account. Typically I would have lost nearly a full tank of juice to leakage in the space of one week with daily usage.

Now, KangerTech have realised where they went wrong with the MK1 SubTank and they have addressed the issues with their latest version – The SubTank Plus.

The SubTank Plus is very much one of my favourite all day use tanks thanks to the huge 7ml capacity. Yes the tank is far from being a dwarf but it isn’t big enough to be called Shrek. The 7ml of juice would typically last me nearly 1.5days but I do like to top it up each night so as I don’t need to carry a bottle of juice with me on my travels.

The retail packaging that comes as standard is filled with goodies underneath which includes an RBA section if you like having the option to rebuild coils rather than purchase them pre-made at a higher cost. You will find that the RBA section will come pre built and will have some spare coils, screws and the usual infamous blue screw driver for the RBA positive and negative posts. You will also find a replacement 7ml Pyrex glass tank too in case you happen to drop and break your tank. I would always recommend with any top heavy tank that you invest in a tank protector band as typically these tanks will tend to fall over more frequently especially when on charge. There is also a 1.2Ω coil in the base of the box if you prefer to not vape sub Ohm.

The SubTank Plus can be stripped right down to clean with the exclusion of the coil which I would recommend changing every 7-14 days. The more you clean the tank the better it will perform as there is no liquid lurking somewhere waiting to spoil the taste of your favourite juice. I would normally use my SubTank Plus on my IPV Mini 2 if I am going out for a meal or to the cinema for example; although combined – the tank and mod are rather heavy, it is actually the perfect setup for me. I will have great battery life and a full day of vaping without having to take out a huge mod.

One thing I have to clarify here and now as it is an issue within the market is that on the Kanger SubTank coils they recommend a specific wattage to run your device at….. Fuck that! It’s almost always wrong. For me personally I wouldn’t go above 20W on the 0.5Ohm coil supplied with this tank and no higher than 30W on their newest coils supplied with the Subox kit which are BVC coils.

KangerTech said that the leaking in their previous models of SubTank was caused by the O rings being the incorrect size….. this wasn’t the case as they still leaked just like the SubTank Mini “V3” does on the Subox kit, However on the SubTank Plus there has been absolutely no issues at all and you even get some spare O rings in the retail box too.


  • Great design
  • No leakage
  • Huge 7ml capacity
  • Great airflow options
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to source parts
  • Fantastic retail package
  • RBA base included.


  • Wattage recommendations on coil aren’t accurate
  • Tank is rather heavy

So would I buy this tank again if I lost this one? Err….. As far as the overall quality of the tank I certainly would but for the money I think there is a lot more on the market if you want to vape Sub Ohm like the Smok TFV4 for example. Had I not been really into my clouds I would have definitely bought another one of these tanks.