“Subox Mini Kit” by Kangertech

Welcome to another hardware review by Foxy.
Today we will be taking a look at the latest bit of kit by Kangertech, The Subox Mini Kit.

I have always been a huge fan of the big brand products on the market, this includes phones, TVs, computers and also E-Cigarettes. Kangertech have been around since the beginning providing us with tanks and coils for their entry level tanks like the T3S going right the way up the chain to target the advanced vaper with the SubTank range.
Now they have upped their game and decided to get our attention by bringing out kits for the advanced vapers amongst us. This is a first for any manufacturer with Eleaf following suit on the iJust2 kit (reviewed by Shinx).

KangerTech entered the “box-mod” market a while back with the Kanger KBox which was a single 18650 40w box mod. To be honest, this device was a flop as the user could only select a predetermined wattage at random intervals set by the manufacturer.

KangerTech made their name here in the UK with their range of SubTanks, they were one of the first manufacturers to offer a true SubOhm vaping experience in a tank rather than being limited to using an RDA for that exact experience. The whole range of SubTanks were very popular within the industry but they weren’t without their problems. Personally I owned all the SubTank range and I was soon put off by the constant leaking of juice from the base of the tank around the glass. Kanger offered us a solution which was replacement O rings for their tank range but this still wasn’t enough to stop the constant leaking.

KangerTech went back to the drawing board for a while and redesigned the SubTank range, they came back with the SubTank Plus and the Subox Kit. I instantly bought the SubTank Plus (Review coming soon) and filled the 7Ml capacity to the brim! Not a single drop of liquid has leaked since I bought the Plus. With this in mind I decided to buy the Subox Kit which contains the new “Improved” SubTank Mini with the same “Upgrades” as is on the SubTank Plus.

The Subox kit is available at the moment within the UK in both White and black and includes the mod, Tank, spare 1.2Ohm coil and rebuild able deck for those of us who like to make our own coils. It takes a single 18650 with the positive pole on the battery facing the base of the mod and the negative post making contact with the spring at the top if the mod. You have the option to either remove the battery for external charging or you can charge the battery via micro-USB which accommodates pass-thru so you can puff whilst charging.

The Subox mod is able to fire up to 50W and can handle resistances as low as 0.2Ohms. To adjust the wattage the user will need to use the two buttons at the bottom of the screen, just above the charging port to increase or decrease the wattage. Unlike the IPV range there is no memory function for if you were to change your coil…. You would need to manually adjust the wattage yourself.

The screen is a crisp, clear and uber bright. It will show you in real-time how much power is needed to fire your coil and also shows the resistance of the coil in your tank. There is a battery logo on the screen which works on a “Bars” idea where you can see how much power you have left in your battery.

As with all new devices on the market currently the Subox is fitted with stainless steel threads to allow you to change your tank without wearing down threads if they were made from brass or base metal for example. The 510 pin is made out of brass and is spring loaded to ensure all your tanks sit flush on top.

Moving onto the “Improved” Subtank Mini V3 that comes with the kit…… KangerTech, whilst back at the drawing board have redesigned their coil system and have now opted to go forward with Japanese organic cotton Bottom Vertical coils rather than the original design of horizontal coils. This allows for more wattage to be sent to the coil and much more flavour and vapour production. The tank included in the kit will be the same colour as the mod itself with the option of changing the drip tip to either black or white as both are included in the packaging. I have to be honest when I say that apart from the colour and the new bvc coils the SubTank Mini is just that……. They still piss liquid everywhere and the glass tank still spins when filled with liquid. This is a huge problem for me and most likely for you too as who really wants to invest in a tank that leaks inside your pocket and all over your hands??


  • Compact size
  • Good colour scheme
  • Removable battery
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Clear display
  • Solid construction


  • Battery life isn’t the best
  • Slow to charge
  • Tank leaks

So would I buy this device again if I lost my own? Sorry but no I wouldn’t. I need a tank that I can rely on and sadly the kit comes with the same Subtank that turned me away from Kangertech for so long. If the mod was available to buy on its own for 2/3 of the price I probably would buy it again as the mod only has minor cons because I am anal when it comes to investing in hardware.