Smok TFV4 Review


I’ve been running the Smok TFV4 tank on the SnowWolf 200W box mod for about a week now and I have to say that it’s a fantastic bit of kit! For the short time that I have been using these two devices together I have yet to have a bad experience.

When I first heard about the TFV4 tank I was by my own admission a little unsure if it was one of those concepts dreamt up in the rumour mill; The idea that a tank would have 3 separate coils producing vapour was beyond comprehension for me.

TFV4 1

How wrong was I? Once the release was confirmed I was itching to get my hands on it like a crack-whore waiting on her fix!
The tank finally arrived and I ripped it open as fast as I could, I filled it up with come high VG Juice and couldn’t even wait for it to soak in before screwing it onto my IPV4 100W box mod. I initially set the wattage to 45W and had a puff to which I was pleasantly surprised to not get a dry hit. Then I took a few more puffs at staggered wattages right up to the 100W my IPV could handle. (This was using the Tri-Coil) I still didn’t get a dry hit, but what I did get however was a huge cloud of vapour and the strongest flavour imaginable! The taste was on parr with the Atlantis Version 2 and the cloud was as good as using the Troll RDA for example!

I got home and popped the TFV4 onto my SnowWolf 200W mod and cranked the wattage right up to the 130W that is stipulated on the coil itself and once again I was not disappointed. I did however get a dry hit on my third puff, I was using 90% VG juice so I guess that was to be expected. Since then I have ran juices up to 70/30 VG High and not had any dry hits at all but ofcourse the vape is a tad too hot to really have a good hoof at all day long lol. On this note what I have noticed and to be honest I did expect is that the tank gets very very hot! I don’t mean warm, I mean roasting hot! That for me, has to be the only draw back to the Tri-Coil head on this tank. I will be putting the Quad-Coil head into the TFV4 tank a little later so will this keep it cool? Read on to find out.

TFV4 6

The TVF4 which is a real mind boggler to remember stands for Taste Furious Version 4 but to my recollection there wasn’t ever a version 1, 2 or 3? At least we have the Version 4 readily available for all you cloud chasers out there!

It has to be said though that with most cloud chasers out there (Myself included) we all use drippers or other really high end tanks to get our kicks and as we can all most probably agree, there is the annoying snag of having to either drip juice onto our coils after 5 or 6 puffs or having to completely refill our tanks after maybe a few hours of vaping. This is certainly to be expected if you want to get big clouds as you will obviously need to burn more juice in order to get those clouds of sweet smelling fluffiness. The TVF4 manufacturers (Smok) have taken every conceivable snag into account on the drawing board with this tank and have made it top fill.

TFV4 3

The top fill feature is straight forward and easy to use, the only action required by the user is to slide the top cap to the left and you will find a white rubber ring with a jelly bean shaped hole off to the side of the stem. Just pop your juice bottle in that hole and fill it up until you get a small bubble of juice sneaking out, at this point you release the squeeze on the bottle and the excess juice should go back inside your bottle again with no dripping or spillages anywhere in sight. Then all you have to do is slide the top cap back into the closed position by moving it to the right and your good to vape again until the next refill! It really is as easy as that!

Even as I am typing this review up I am looking at the SnowWolf and the TFV4 and I’m amazed at how well they function together with both power and flavour being flawless. On the note of power, there are two coils in the full kit with the tri-coil, quad-coil and RBA section included in the box with an additional glass tank. With these coils you have 2 different resistances…. The Tri-Coil is 0.2ohms and the Quad-Coil is 0.15Ohms. *****Remember that you will need to have suitable high drain batteries in your mod to handle such low resistances*****

I ran the Tri-Coil for a period of around 4 days and then switched the coil out for the Quad-Coil setup, I filled the tank and then let the quad coil soak in the e-juice whilst I stripped the Tri-Coil apart to see what makes it tick….. There was no other reason for changing the coil other than to compare the vape on both coils for this review.
I took the Tri-Coil apart and was pleasantly surprised to see that even with me vaping at 130W with a dry hit or 2 at the beginning, there was absolutely no burning on the cotton whatsoever on all 3 coils.

TFV4 5

With the Quad-Coil now primed and ready to go I thought the vape would have been pretty much the same as the Tri-Coil only a little hotter….. Yet again I was pleasantly surprised! The Quad-Coil is basically one massive coil head rather than 3 separate coils, they are technically a dual parallel vertical coil encased in a stainless steel wicked head. As there is no metal between the individual coils this means there is much more room for airflow to the coils themselves which ultimately allows for more vapour production!

The Quad-Coil head absolutely chucks the vapour better than ANY dripper I have personally used and that includes the Turbo RDA. Wow it’s a beast lol, and to my delight as I mentioned above, the tank is remarkably cooler when running the Quad-Coil rather than the Tri-Coil. I was running the Quad-Coil at 140W for pretty much an entire day and apart from drinking the juice which isn’t a biggie it really does exceed all my expectations!

Smok really have done their homework on this tank system BEFORE putting it out for production – which is something that not many manufacturers do…. A lot of manufacturers have thrown their products out there without any real testing and then they come out with revised products and charge us more cash to get them. Smok on the other hand have thought about everything on the TFV4 system with their range of coil heads which will also include NI-200 in the near future and possibly Titanium in the not so distant future. They have also included an RBA section in the full kit which will accommodate a single horizontal coil with them releasing a dual horizontal build deck in the near future too. So as you can imagine Smok know themselves that this tank is going to be a long term game changer for us all with many many different options for heads and builds.

TFV4 2

Another cool feature on the TFV4 is the different airflow options. These are essential when vaping at 100W+. At the base of the tank there are 4 separate 5mm airflow holes and at the driptip there is another 4 2mm air holes. This makes for the perfect vape especially at the mouth piece as the way the drip tip is constructed it is essentially 2 drip tips combined into one. The inner piece connecting to the shaft section itself and the outer section that touches your lips being there purely to add more air to keep the tip cool and to cool the vapour down at the last moment.

TFV4 4

So, would I buy one of these myself?? Yes I sure as hell would! Infact I did lol….. Well, I actually bought two because I broke the glass on one. Would I buy a third if I lost both my current tanks? Yes, I truly would; This has to be the most impressive tank I have ever used and I can only find one fault with it which is just down to Quality Control. When taking the tank apart the base of the tank will have some of the white sealant stuck to the glass, This was on both my tanks and indeed all the other tanks I came across. Its not a major issue but it is something that might annoy some people.

That’s pretty much it from me on the TFV4, if there is any other updates on the tank system I will update it below.

Thanks for reading Foxy.