Sigelei 150w TC

Welcome back to another Hardware review by Foxy.

In this review we will be taking a look at the new Sigelei 150 Watt Temperature Controlled device or 150TC for short.

I have been waiting for months for this device to come out but my finances meant that I had to wait a few weeks extra after it was released here in the UK. But fear not for I finally got my dainty little mitts on it thanks to the chaps at The Ciggie Shop in Lisburn. You can pick yours up for just £70

As you will all know by now from reading around 50 of my reviews I am an avid cloud chaser and with that in mind I need a high performance mod that I can rely on 24/7 for battery life, resistance stability and of course battery safety. My normal kit for daily use would be an RDA with a dual coil build at approx. 0.2Ohms.

For this review I will have the Turbo RDA with a dual 24 Gauge 0.26Ohm build placed on the Sigelei 150TC mod and we will see how far I can push the device before it screams at me!

The mod comes in the typical packaging that one would expect to see from Sigelei however they have now added a security feature to the box in terms of a scratch and check code with a holographic logo for additional security.
Inside the box you will be presented with your mod wrapped in a clear/white silicone sleeve for added protection of your mod. There is also your Asmodos Distribution warranty card which covers you for a period of 90 days direct with Asmodus on production of a valid receipt. You will also find instructions on how to use the Sigelei security code and a very well worded user manual for the mod itself.

Moving onto the mod itself I am pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the finish on the device. It is constructed out of solid metal with an almost rubber effect going on for additional grip. This particular mod I got in black but it is available in a range of different colours like white, red, blue and the black colour which I chose. I actually regret not buying the white version as white is the only colour I don’t actually own in any mod.
To insert and remove the batteries there you will need to remove the side panel of the device which is rather easy to do apart from the rubberised finish makes the battery door stay a little too securely in place but this is far from being a con for the mod. To remove the panel all you need to do is slide the grooved side out which will reveal a lip on the outside of the mod which you can use to lift off the battery door.
Once the battery door is lifted off you will notice that it is held in place via two large rectangular magnets with the additional support of two “prongs” which at this stage I cannot find any information on as to why they might be needed.

You will need to do as I would always suggest with a dual 18650 mod which is marry a brand new pair of batteries together and insert them in series mode. At the base of the battery sled there will be a + and a – symbol to indicate where your polarity should be positioned when inserting your batteries.

Now the fun begins, it’s time to turn this beast on and see what it can do… To turn the Sigelei 150TC on all you have to do is click the fire button 5 times within 3 seconds, you will then see the screen come on with the Sigelei logo being your welcome screen. You will then be taken straight to the idle screen which will show you the current statistics of the device.
I will be comparing this mod with my SnowWolf 200W using the same RDA on both as mentioned above and running the exact same wattage on both for a period of 3 days to see how they fare up against each other as both should be capable of chucking clouds all day long.

Before we go ahead and talk about how the device vaped over the 3 days I want to first talk a little about how the device works. As mentioned you click the fire button 5 times within 3 seconds to turn it on. To turn it off you do the same 5 clicks within 3 seconds and you will be presented with a few options to choose. The first option will read “System ON” if you select either of your arrow buttons this will turn the “ON” to OFF and the device will instantly shut down.

If you are using a Nickel build or Ni-200 build you have the option to select Temperature mode which will allow you to fire these coils at a temperature of your choice. To do this all you have to do is once again press the fire button 5 times within 3 seconds and once you see the “System ON” press the fire button once again to see “Mode” This will automatically be set to POWER by the manufacturer. To change to Temperature mode or “Joule” mode just press the arrow key to alternate between the different modes.

So how did the Sigelei fare up against the SnowWolf 200W over the course of 3 days? Well, to be honest it actually fought its corner better than I would have thought of. Let’s be honest, this time 6 months ago what would you have got for your £70? You might have been lucky to get your hands on a Sigelei 100W or maybe the IPV4 which in their own right are fantastic mods but time and technology has changed a lot over the past few months and now not only are you getting 150W of power but you are also getting technology to sense temperature for more complex builds and coils.
The 150TC when used alongside the SnowWolf puts out nearly identical clouds with the advantage of having little to no ramp up time at all.

This is mainly thanks to the copper battery contacts and copper 510 pin on the Sigelei rather than the stainless steel on the SnowWolf. Both devices show you the current statistics of your build including a battery level indicator but I have to be brutally honest when I say that the battery indicator on the Sigelei 150TC is utter nonsense! Now, maybe my Sigelei is faulty but at different times using a range of batteries from the Sony VTC4s to 2800mAh Purple Efest batteries and even as far as my Samsung 25Rs I found my device cutting off at battery percentages ranging between 46% and 31% but never lower. When I took the batteries out and put them on charge they would be at different voltages ranging between 3.52V and 3.67V which realistically on any other mod would get me a few additional hours of vaping.

Sigelei devices used to be notorious for reading the coil resistances incorrectly, on the 150TC there is no inconsistencies whatsoever. You also have the option to lock your current resistance into place by pressing and holding the up and down button together for 2 seconds. This is handy when using the nickel builds as nickel resistance reading tends to be a little inaccurate across the board regardless of manufacturer.

• Fantastic construction
• Clear screen
• Copper connections throughout
• No Ramp up time
• 150 REAL watts
• Accurate temperature mode
• Low price point

• Terrible battery life
• Inaccurate battery display

So if I lost my Sigelei 150TC mod would I go out and buy another one? To be honest, although the battery is an issue I still am in the frame of mind where I compare everything to the old school methods of using mechanical mods for my clouds. With this in mind I would have to use about 8-10 batteries a day so to have this reduced to 4 batteries is always going to be a good selling point for me. The resistance accuracy is also perfect which is a hard thing to find as even the SnowWolf which I was using this to compare with was never able to read nickel accurately and you could not lock the resistance into place. So yes, I would buy another one but I would probably buy it in white next time lol.