Primero by Vapergate

It’s time for another hardware review here at the Belfast Vape Bar. This product was for sent to us for the purpose of review from Vapergate, the same people who brought us the Alliance series of drippers, Mason series of drippers and of course the Dump Tanks. The folks at Vapergate has just released their latest innovation, the Primero RDA.

Vapergate list the following specs of their new RDA:

  • 3 interchangeable airflow post options
  • AFC deck ring
  • Gold plated grub screws
  • Solid copper 510 connection

The Primero is available in two sizes, 24 and 30mm and comes in a polished steel finish. This RDA is aimed at you flavour chasers out there. With its airflow located between the velocity style posts being drawn from the bottom.

The packaging is a little different from what we’re used to from Vapergate but includes most of the usual suspects (minus the Bobwire and Cotton Bacon).

The packaging includes:

  • X1 Primero 24mm RDA
  • 2 premiere acrylic drip tips included
  • T style torque wrench
  • Replacement grub screws and o-rings

Quote regarding the Primero RDA from the Vapergate website “Not the average dripper that’s for sure: center air flow and a sealed cap design. This is definitely a casual vape and not intended for massive cloud production“. This is a change of pace from the people who brought us some of the quintessential cloud chasing atomizers, it is also quite refreshing to see that the company has taken the flavour chasers out there into consideration.

Before Vapergate made hardware, they were first and foremost a juice manufacturing outfit. Releasing a piece of hardware that is aimed directly at flavour chasers appears to be a precise move on their part.

It’s time to take a look at the build deck of the Primero. As you can, there is something a little different in between those velocity-style posts. You’re correct, that is the airflow from being drawn in from the base and directed at the coils!

As mentioned previous, the Primero deck hosts velocity style posts with 2.5mm post holes which can support almost any build you throw at it. However, Vapergate recommends 24/26g standard kanthal builds. Smaller builds allow for less heat to build up inside the cap of the RDA and help enrich the flavour.

Airflow – Compared to the other RDAs from the Vapergate catalog, the Primero definitely has the smallest, which leads to the tighter and slightly more restrictive vape. By design and by no means a flaw. The airflow can be adjusted and stops at either side with just the right amount of resistance.

The airflow control ring can be removed for that more thorough cleaning.

Onto a build in the deck itself, the first few attempts weren’t anything worth talking about…

Although, with any new atomizer, there is always a period of reflection so to speak regarding builds and after a conversation with Yosh from Vapergate a fresh 24g build with 7 wraps around a 3.5mm jig and some fresh cotton lead to a substantially better vaping experience. When positioning the coils after screwing in the posts, make sure there is enough space between the coil and the airflow hole – failing to do so will lead to slight turbulence whilst vaping.

Due to the steel construction of this RDA, chain vaping will lead to heat building up inside the cap. Smaller builds are highly recommended. Designed for the casual vapers out there so this shouldn’t be a major con.

Please excuse the build, it’s been quite some time since we’ve worked with a thinner gauge of standard kanthal. The majority of modern tanks of RDAs take more brutish builds, the Primero favors a more elegant build which appeals to those who seek a combination of vapour production and flavour.

Flavour? This RDA stacks it! Freshly juice with some of the blue stuff from Vapergate and vaping at 60w really brings out that delicious blue raspberry. Neither a hot nor cold vape, making this ideal for an all day vape. The design of this RDA allows for so much juice without leaking. However, the top cap can be tricky at times to remove with taking off your mod.

For all of you mech users out there. The 510 pin on the Primero is hybrid compatible, both the 24 and 30mm both will sit rather nicely on a polished steel mech mod.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Vapergate Facebook page for upcoming developments…

Now for some pros and cons regarding the Primero RDA from Vapergate.


  • Innovative airflow
  • Great flavour
  • Sleek yet functional design
  • Hybrid compatible
  • Only one colour available


  • Polished finish = fingerprint magnet
  • Top cap can occasionally be difficult to remove
  • Coils placed too close to airflow causes turbulence

All that being said, would I go out and buy this RDA?

The market is oversaturated with dripping atomizers with massive airflow which are primarily designed for gargantuan builds, it’s great to take a step back and enjoy an RDA which caters to those of us who want the best of both flavour and vapour. In conclusion, yes I would buy this product.