“Pegasus Dock” by Aspire

Welcome back to another review by Foxy.

This will be my first accessory review and this one is of the Aspire Pegasus Docking station.

I bought this docking station from VapeMeister which are based in Bangor and Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. They are the same company that provided me some of their Max VG line to review like the Lemon Iced Tea which I fell in love with.

The reason I bought the docking station is simple, it is fecking awesome! I have been waiting for this type of technology to reach the UK market right from the beginning of the E-Cigarette revolution! Don’t get me wrong, we did of course have this technology two years ago with the likes of the iGo4 kits by Smok but let’s be honest, they were terrible and very untrustworthy.

This docking station is specific to the Aspire Pegasus as you will see in the photos as the dock is almost moulded to fit nothing other than the Pegasus mod itself. Whilst it would be a great way of updating firmware on your device unfortunately neither the Pegasus mod or the dock support data transfer.

At the base of the dock you will have four rubber feet to stop the dock from sliding around your desk if you maybe have a heavier Micro USB lead attached for example. This will also stop your desk from getting damaged over long term use.

Moving onto the side of the dock now, you will notice almost instantly that the dock supports Micro USB only for charging… However, in the box for your Pegasus mod you will have a new Flattened Micro USB lead anyhow. On either side of the charging port there will be a laser engraved/etched logo for Aspire along with the Pegasus name and logo of a small horse.

The top of the dock is where everything really gets interesting… You will see that there is a moulded space for the Pegasus mod to fit into perfectly without any grinding or sticking. This will keep your mod from getting damaged with the constant in and out motion if you are using this as your desk charger rather than your overnight charger. Inside the mould for your mod you have two little spring loaded stainless steel contacts which I can only assume are both positive and negative pins for charging. Once your mod is placed into the mould these little pins make contact with the base of your mod in the aligned female contacts beside your battery door.

When your mod is on the dock and it is connected to a power supply you will see the screen on your mod light up and show the current charging state of your battery. Once your battery is fully charged the display will show a full battery and will stay illuminated throughout the course of time that the mod is on the dock and accepting a charge. I have left my mod connected to the dock for the past few days now just to see if either the device or the dock heats up at all and I am delighted with the results! Both stay perfectly cool from empty to full and indeed overnight too. Of course here at the Belfast Vape Bar we cannot recommend charging any battery overnight but for the purposes of review I tried it myself.

The dock is crafted out of solid polished metal which matches the mod itself and once put together look like something that only a BMW driver would use (Sorry Phil lol). I honestly cannot think of anything else on the market and not just the UK E-Cigarette market that comes close to looking as beautiful and sophisticated as this dock paired with the Pegasus mod.

Back in the day when I was in the mobile telecommunications industry there was the likes of Nokia who brought out the 8800 Series. All the 8800 series had their own docking stations which worked almost identically to the Pegasus dock and even then I had to own each 8800 with a dock purely because of two reasons…. 1- because it looked awesome and 2- because it makes charging your device so much more convenient and rarely did I leave the house without having a fully charged battery which would last me a whole day.


  • Stunning design
  • Fantastic quality
  • Innovative
  • Low cost
  • Convenient charging
  • Perfect!


  • None

So would I buy another one of these docks if by some miracle I lost this one? Damn straight I would! Having experienced the overall perfection and ease of use for this device I would be mad to ever charge a mod any other way!

You can pick your dock up from VapeMeister in Bangor or Carrickfergus for just £15 inc VAT!