“Pegasus” by Aspire

Welcome back to another Hardware review by Foxy.

This review is of the new Aspire Pegasus 70W mod which I bought from the wonderful folk at The Ciggie Shop in Belfast Lisburn Road.

Aspire are relatively new within the industry when it comes to their battery/mod production. We all know Aspire from back in the day when the Nautilus came out and really changed the game for most vapers… However when it comes to mods they haven’t really produced much over the years.

Aspire made their first mod appearance last year when they released the Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery which was basically a Sub Ohm EGO style mod which was capable of firing down to 0.1Ohms although it was recommended to fire 0.3Ohm builds. The CF mod was such a success that they brought out an identical mod with the exception of adding the option to run a single 18650 battery instead of the built in battery in the MK1.

To this day I still use my CF mod for pulsing my builds on and generally the mod is thrown around 24/7 in a box with all my tools and kanthal for my RDA rebuilds. Around 3 months ago Aspire decided they wanted to dive into the box mod market with the release of the Aspire Carbon 30W mod which in my opinion was a real flop! The device was made out of plastic and the fire button was prone to sticking in the on position which would cause the device to fire unintentionally.

For me personally I lost faith in Aspire for their mods for a while, although their tanks were as always way above anyone else within the industry until lately.

Suddenly Aspire announced the Pegasus Mod which I have to be honest, I was a little unsure of at the time. Once I seen the photos of the mod I knew in that instant that I had to own one of these! As some of you know I am one of the old school mobile phone sales managers from a good few years ago. At that time we had the likes of the famous Nokia 8800 range which also had this same sort of must have thing around them where quality parts and craftsmanship were worth their weight in gold!

The decider for me when it came to buying this mod was the price…. I was certain that this mod would cost in excess of £70 but I was shocked to see that it was going for just £45 hence I am now the proud owner lol. You can buy multiple accessories for the Pegasus but the only one I was interested in was the dock/charging station which really is the perfect match for the mod. I bought the dock separately from another store and a review of the dock will be live within a few days including price etc.

On opening the box you will be greeted with the delicious Pegasus mod with the light around you gleaming back at you thanks to the super fine polished stainless steel at the top and base and the “Polished” brushed steel effect making up the body of the device.

Underneath the mod and insert you will find a smaller box which contains your Micro USB charging lead which is completely different to any Micro USB lead you currently own. This lead features a flat/ribbon style design to stop your cable from knotting easily and to keep it more sturdy for desk usage on the dock for example. The instruction manual is a tad brief with only the essentials being written but then again with a mod that only has one button how hard can it really be to operate?

The Pegasus is powered by a single 18650 battery and is capable of firing down to 0.2Ohms with a maximum output of 70W, With that in mind it is ESSENTIAL that you use only high quality 30-35AMP batteries like the Sony VTC range, Efest purple and Samsung 25R to name just a few. To insert your battery all you have to do is turn the mod upside down and you will see a section where there will be loads of raised bumps. Use your thumb to press down gently and slide away from you, when you do this the battery door will literally spring open.

Insert your 18650 battery positive side first with the negative pole being able to make contact with the battery door once you close the cover. You will also see at the base of the device 2 little brass indentations; this is where the device makes contact to the docking station to charge. To turn the device on or to take it out of “lock” position you simply need to click the fire button 5 times in quick succession within 3 seconds.

This will ultimately awaken the device and make it ready to vape on. To lock the device just do the same and your mod wont fire by accident in your pocket. To change your wattage it couldn’t possibly be any easier than this. At the top of the device you will see that there is a 24MM wheel which can be turned, to increase your wattage turn it one way and to decrease turn it counter direction. You can change the wattage from 1W to 70W by turning this wheel.

The slower you turn it you will be able to increase/decrease in 1W increments and the faster you turn it you could jump in 10W increments. The Pegasus mod is marketed as being a 70W device which certainly is true but one thing I have not seen anywhere on the box, inserts or any other POS material is the fact that it is also a temperature controlled device too which is a fantastic added bonus for me! To activate TC mode all you have to do is pop your TC build onto the mod and press the fire button 3 times within 2 seconds and your device will switch to TC mode……

To get back out of this you just have to screw on a standard build and your good to go again in wattage mode. I really don’t understand why Aspire haven’t mentioned this anywhere on the retail packaging.

The screen on the Pegasus is one of the clearest screens I have encountered and is almost similar to that of the DNA chips by Evolv USA or the Innokin Disrupter mod which I reviewed here too. You will be able to see your current wattage, resistance and voltage output along with your current charge status. I have noticed however that as I vape on this machine the resistance tends to jump up and down by maybe .01 Ohms +/- which really isn’t making a difference but may be worth mentioning.

The battery life on the Pegasus isn’t too bad at all. As you most probably know about me by now I am an avid cloud chaser with more mods than I have fingers and toes but for me the Pegasus has to be the most beautiful bit of hardware I have the pleasure of owning. It can chuck clouds if you really wanted it to at 70W, I tried it with my Alliance RDA at 0.2Ohms but then your battery only lasts a few hours. I have been primarily running the Pegasus with my Innokin iSubTank-G with a 0.5Ohm coil and my wattage set to 30W and I actually get nearly a full day without using the docking station.


  • Low cost
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Great battery life
  • Cool accessory options
  • Clear screen
  • Accurate wattage mode
  • Compact size


  • Docking station should have come as a kit

So as you can see there is only one Con which is purely subjective and this really is a first for me with any hardware I have reviewed both on the BV Bar and on YouTube. I guess now it’s time to ask the all-important question!

If I lost this device would I go out and buy another one? Darn tootin I would! I am so happy with this mod I am even considering buying a second one just to use as a paperweight lol. The mod looks fantastic and it performs just as good! The price of £45 is just amazing….. There is nothing out there on the market at the moment that is as good as this mod for anywhere near this price! If you wanted a single 18650 mod that fires at 70W you would be looking towards the likes of the IPV Mini2 which I reviewed last month and that one retails at least £10 more than the Pegasus!

So if you want to get one for yourself pop into The Ciggie Shop Lisburn Road in Belfast!