Mason Gemini II 30mm by Vapergate

Hello and welcome to another review from the Belfast Vape Bar. Today, I’m delighted to be reviewing one of the Mason Gemini series. This is Vapergate’s latest RDA line, which are available in two sizes of 24mm and 30mm.

Today’s review will be on the 30mm version of the Gemini Mason – the review for the 24mm will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for that.

The official blurb for this product is as follows:

From the makers of the Alliance V1 & V2, 28.5mm Bagboy’s, and the enormous 46mm Fat Boy, Vapergate brings you the Gemini Series Mason RDAs. The only difference in the Geminis and the original Mason RDAs are that the Geminis are a 2 post design. The original masons are a 3 and 4 post design. The two post, velocity style deck of the Geminis is currently available in 24mm and 30mm sizes, in both a black pewter and a stainless steel finishes. The concept behind the Mason series is simple: get back to basics.

And that’s what they have done!

Let’s see what’s inside:

  • 30mm stainless steel deck
  • Square insulated T post
  • Velocity-style post design
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Sample pack of Bob Wire (by Vapergate)
  • Bag of spare parts (O-Rings, screws, screwdriver)
  • Sample pack of Cotton Bacon’s Bacon Bits (by Wick N Vape)
  • A RED screwdriver (a lot of time went into sourcing these according to Vapergate)

With the RDA taken apart, you can see the more than spacious build deck that is an absolute breeze to build in. The juice well is a very deep well (7mm) – which is great, as this will allow for a lot of juice to be added to the coils and a huge amount of cotton to be used. The o-rings on the deck are nice and thick, which keeps the top cap on tightly. I have to say, the machining on this RDA is exceptional – as with all of the Vapergate products I’ve tried so far.

Note: The 510 pin on the Mason is copper for maximum conductivity. To top it off, the pin protrudes so it’s safe to run on a hybrid mod.

Now, I just want to take a second to put some emphasis on the accessories that come with Vapergate products. The sample pack of Cotton Bacon and 22g bob wire by Vapergate is fantastic and really adds to the value of their products. If you don’t already know, Cotton Bacon is a very nice cotton that is really good to intensify flavour. Bob Wire by Vapergate is a highly refined, nichrome-based material that aims towards face-smashing flavour.

The Mason RDA comes with both a delrin plastic and a metal wide-bore drip tip. This is great, because I personally don’t like metal drip tips – it’s always a bonus when an RDA already comes with the option. This also helps when it comes to heat dissipation for low builds.

Aesthetically, this is a stunning RDA that is definitely made for the cloud chasers among us. But if you aren’t a cloud chaser, don’t worry! Vapergate have got you covered when it comes to flavour, as this RDA is still superb on that front. The vapour production is insane on the Mason Series and the airflow is consistent – simple, but more than sufficient for cloud chasing.

Time to lay out the pros and cons of this RDA:


  • Huge build deck
  • Large post holes
  • Comes with two drip tips of different materials
  • Made with high-quality materials


  • I would prefer hex screws and not star-head screws

Would I buy this product?

100 times over I would buy this again. The build quality and contents of this RDA makes it a contender for being my all-time favourite RDA to date. Vapergate never fail to impress us here at the Belfast Vape Bar and we always look forward to the next instalment in their impressive series of products.