iSub Tank by Innokin


Welcome to another review by Foxy…. This time it’s off the new iSub Tank manufactured by the folks at Innokin Technologies.

Innokin used to be a huge player back in the day when variable voltage devices were all the rage; Infact they actually produced the first ever Box Mod style device called the innokin VTR which was an absolute beast of a mod made out of solid stainless steel and base metal. They also were one of the first manufacturers to offer venders “approved” status whereby you could go to said vender if you had any issues within a 90 day period for any warranty faults.

As the market progressed Innokin went very quiet with their last unit to be produced being the SVD2.0 and the MX134 mechanical device. During this time Innokin still had a huge market presence for basic vaping needs with the likes of the iClear16 tank being probably the single most commonly sold tank in the UK.

iSub 4

There were developments by Aspire mainly during this quiet time and Kangertech respectively with the releases of the Subtanks, Atlantis and Triton tanks gaining more and more momentum for sub-ohm vapers. This was a sad time for me as I was always very fond of Innokin and their innovations to stay market leaders but as they went quiet I wasn’t sure if they would be left behind or not.

Innokin made a huge come-back in June with the release of the CoolFire 4 device which was running a chip similar to but not identical to the Evolve DNA chipset, which was able to handle sub ohm builds like that on the iSub Tank which has now been released.

The iSub is available in a few different styles with the polycarbonate tank being most cost effective in the UK. There is also a Pyrex glass tank available too and the PC tank is available in a range of different colours to suit your mood or to match the colour of your chosen mod.

iSub 3

I have been using my iSub on my iStick 30w for around 3 weeks now and I have to say that pound for pound it truly is the most cost effective tank I have ever used. My personal sweet spot has to be 27w with the airflow ¾ open. The coil that comes with the iSub is 0.5Ω and there will soon be a 0.2Ω coil on the market too.

iSub 2

The stock coil states that it will fire up to 30W but in my personal experience 30w will produce a burnt taste with juices above 70/30 VG High. To fill the iSub tank with your juice all you need to do is unscrew the PC section by holding firmly on the metal bases and gently unscrewing the juice well. Once you have opened the tank you will notice that the shaft section and drip tip are permanently connected to each other at all times. Whilst this may not be ideal for some people, I have found that it helps prevent leakages or spit back into the mouth and enhances the flavour too.

Moving onto the coil system on the iSub Tank; The coils are very unique in terms of overall design, however the actual build is identical to that of the KangerTech SubTank coils. The main difference is the wire mesh that covers the top of the coil which prevents any spitting at all. The base of the coil is probably the most unique part of the design overall where the 510 threading is specific to each individual coil. This means that you won’t get any thread damage with long term usage as you will be replacing these threads within the recommended 2 week manufacturer’s usage guide for the coil.

iSub 1

So would I buy this tank personally?? Yes! I sure as hell would for many reasons. Firstly the cost of the tank is £17 for the Polycarbonate variant with a 4ml juice capacity and two coils in the retail package. Secondly the cloud production is on parr with the Atlantis V1 and KangerTech Subtank Plus which costs nearly double the RRP of the iSubTank.

It’s great to see that Innokin are back in the game with their high tech innovation and low cost retail prices.

Once I get my hands on the 0.2Ω coils I will post an update below with more photographs to show any differences on the design of the coils.