“iSub Apex” by Innokin

Welcome back to another hardware review by Foxy.

In this review we will be taking a look at the newest tank to hit the market by Innokin, the iSubTank Apex.

I bought this tank from The Ciggie Shop in Lisburn for review and it’s available to buy for just £25!

As you will be able to see in all of my other reviews I am delighted to own all of the Innokin iSubTank range starting with the MK1 iSubTank, iSubTank-G and now the iSubTank-A so this is where the game gets interesting by me being in the position to really compare the whole range against one another.

I’m not sure if I am happy with the way Innokin have marketed their iSub range of tanks purely because within the past quarter there have been the 3 tanks named above all released and they all use the exact same coil. It seems like they are trying to dominate the market thinking we are all blindfolded not knowing what’s going on. With the iSub and the iSub-G there was only two differences… The G tank was made from Pyrex glass rather than PC and the G also had a detachable drip tip.

For this review I will be running the iSubTank Apex on my Aspire Pegasus mod with the wattage set to 30W and airflow fully open. I picked the Pegasus mod for 2 reasons… Mainly because I wanted this tank specifically for the Pegasus because it looks awesome and secondly I bought both products from The Ciggie Shop.

I have filled the Apex up with some Elements frost juice which is 80/20 VG/PG to really see what this tank is capable of before I get a dry hit.
The reason I was so anxious to buy this tank is as I mentioned for the stainless steel look for when it’s on top of my Pegasus mod. The tank itself is constructed primarily out of stainless steel with a window on each side to see how much juice is in the tank.

On the original iSubTank there was a few issues with people using “Tank Cracking Juice” such as pear or lime flavourings but with the G and Apex tanks this has been totally eradicated thanks to the use of Pyrex glass.

The Apex tank features a new design of airflow that I have never seen before in a tank whereby the air is drawn in from the top and drawn down the tank and injected under the coils to provide you with your vapour. Thanks to this new style of airflow you can vape at higher wattages and get what could be classed as awesome flavour compared to their previous tanks. With the new airflow design you also get much more vapour to the extent I would almost compare this tank to that of maybe the Arctic tank.
In the retail packaging you get quite a generous supply of replacement parts. You will get a 0.5Ohm coil installed and a second 0.5Ohm coil as a spare. Above the replacement coil there is a spare Pyrex drip tip with the airflow holes cut into it at the base to assist with the new design.

The Apex is a top fill tank which unlike the other iSubTanks is another USP for this one in particular. To fill your tank all you have to do is follow the engraved instructions at the top of the tank: This will instruct you to twist the top anti-clockwise to reveal two holes on either side of the drip tip. The reason for there being two holes is another innovation from Innokin. It doesn’t matter which hole you select to put your juice in but the other hole helps keep the air flowing out from the tank as you fill it up.

The tank itself is actually a tank within a tank… The outer glass section is made of PC and the inner tank is made from Pyrex glass. The reason for this is once again down to airflow, the outer PC is where your air passes through to get to the base of your coil and the Pyrex glass is where your 3ml of juice is stored to prevent cracking of the tank.

As with all the coils for the iSubTank you have 3 different resistances to choose from: you have 0.2Ω, 0.5Ω and 2.0Ω. All the coils are the same dimensions right the way across the board and all the coils will fit into any of the iSubTanks. As mentioned in my MK1 iSubTank review the coils themselves have a 510 connection at the base which will lengthen the overall lifespan of your chosen tank.


  • Great Airflow
  • Large juice capacity
  • Interchangeable drip tip
  • Stainless steel construction


  • NONE

So overall I am most impressed with the Innokin iSubTank-A and this was no surprise for me. I have always been a fan of Innokin for their innovative ways of remaining at the top without the huge price tag. The Apex does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak. Flavour is great, cloud production is great and the fact that you have a 0.5Ohm coil installed as standard means that at 30W your battery will last you a full day.