IPV2 Mini by Pioneer4You


Hello and welcome to another hardware review by Foxy.

Today we will be taking a look at the IPV2 Mini by Pioneer4U.

You might remember from my review of the IPV4-s that I briefly mentioned the IPV mini 2. This device has been on the UK market for quite some time now and initially replaced the IPV Mini device which was a 30w single 18650 mod designed to compete with the Evolv DNA30 chips which had just been released.
The IPV Mini 2 is a huge upgrade to the MK1 by adding an additional 40 Watts of power to the coils. This makes the IPV Mini 2 a 70w device which still runs on a single 18650 battery with the same dimensions and weight as the MK1 device. You can also run a build sub-ohm down to 0.2Ohms with huge power output at the 70W.
I have owned this device for quite some time now and it has to be said that alongside my IPV4 and 4s it really is my Go-To device at least once a day. Typically I would use my IPV Mini2 with my KangerTech SubTank Plus when I am out for a meal for example as it is a lot smaller than most of my other devices with the exception of my iStick 30w. To be totally honest with you I have absolutely no complaints with this device at all.


The model I have is the limited edition “Goat” Version which features a logo of a goat as it is 2015 and the Chinese year of the goat. The IPV Mini2 is available in 2 colours…… A silver version and a Black version which is perfect for me running the black Troll RDA with the white wide bore chuff cap.
As mentioned before, I was put off the IPV range by the MK1 IPV3 150w device as it was really unstable in terms of reading the resistance of a coil weather being in a tank or an RDA. The IPV Mini2 however was absolutely fine when reading the resistance of the coil. The resistance is shown on the screen in my case as 0.2Ohms as I am running a 0.28Ohm build on the Troll RDA, the battery symbol shows current battery capacity and also shows on the battery logo a real-time power consumption on the battery logo too. I noticed however that at 70W with a Sony VTC3 battery which was fully charged externally to 4.2V that there was a lightning bolt through the battery symbol once fired.

You can charge the IPV Mini2 via Micro USB or you can charge the battery externally by unscrewing the base of the device and removing the single 18650. On this note- when inserting the battery it is positive side towards the 510 connection and negative to the bottom cap. This is not shown on the device but it is stated in the user manual.
The IPV Mini2 comes in the same brown cardboard retail packaging as the MK1 variant with the only difference being that the IPV Mini2 shows 5-70W on the front of the box. The contents within the retail packaging is somewhat minimal with only your mod, micro USB charging lead and instructions inside.


As mentioned above, I have been using this mod for a good few months now and it was for a long time until I upgraded to the IPV4 my mod of choice for daily usage. With this in mind I would have screwed and unscrewed the battery cap and the 510 connections at least once a day. With all this heavy usage all the threads are still buttery smooth and have no issues with securely supporting the battery and Tank system. The 510 connection is spring loaded and once again I have had no issues with getting my tanks/RDAs to sit flush on the mod. The connection pin is a flat-head brass screw but I have not had to adjust it yet so therefore I would not recommend adjusting this.

The device really is a pleasure to hold thanks to its small size and its curved edge. The dimensions of the IPV Mini 2 are 95mm height, 23mm width and 44mm length which puts it in between an iStick 30 and 50W respectively but with more power and an interchangeable battery.
The IPV Mini2 just like all the IPV hardware comes with the ability to store 5 preset wattage modes. This will allow you to find your personal sweet spot for your resistance of coil and save it; then if you change your tank you can quickly find your sweet spot again with a different setting of your choice. To change the wattage all you have to do is press the button closest to the base and this will “unlock” the wattage setting where you can select between 5w and 70w in 0.1W increments.


  • Great battery life
  • Solid construction
  • Clear Display
  • Fantastic power output
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Low cost


  • None


So would I buy the IPV Mini2? Well I did…. This is my third one actually lol. I love everything about this device and in all honesty for its size it has to be the most powerful mod on the market and ticks all the boxes. As mentioned in the IPV4-s review it was this device that made me upgrade thanks to its reliability under constant use on a daily basis. It’s worth noting that the Goat logo is only going to be on a limited amount of these models as it was a special symbol for the Chinese new year which has since passed.