iJust2 By eLeaf



Yet another review by Shinx aka Sean here!

How I came across this wee piece of equipment was by a fellow reviewer on here –  Foxy. My iStick 50w (another eLeaf product) was starting to give me serious problems as it was not holding its charge anymore and the screen just suddenly died, so I needed a something cheap that would do me until I  could afford a better mod. My my am I glad he recommended this iJust 2 kit to me! It includes not just the battery but an awesome tank as well! Lets get this show on the road and talk details down!

Firstly the box is nicely designed, well laid out and from the first glance I was immediately drawn to it.



A Nicely coloured and filled with all the necessary information you need without even opening the box.

Digging into the contents of said box you will find the atomizer, battery, USB charging cable, instructions and air flow control ring….(we’ll talk about that shortly).


First impressions,  aesthetically this kit is very nice. Lovely brushed steel finish and discreet logos on both the atomizer and battery. Weighing in at roughly 280g the I Just 2 is very light. Dimensions are with the tank attached is 148.5mm and is 22mm wide. Perfect for carrying around in your pocket!

Now we’re  going to move on to the atomizer and get the low down on it. We will move onto the battery shortly but theres really not that much to mention about it as its quite simple!

This kit comes with quite a nice tank. Has the same brushed steel look to it and fits the mod perfectly!

Has a 5.5ml tank capacity also so less time between fills. On the supplied 0.3ohm coil it can fire from 30w to 80w. This tank can also be purchased seperately from the kit.

The iJust2 kit includes a standard 0.3 ohm dual coil head which I did have a bad experience of….as soon as I filled the tank with juice and wicked the coil head properly it burnt out straight away. Me and Foxy believe it was a hot leg which burnt the coil out. But all was not lost! Believe it or not this tank takes Aspire Atlantis V1 and V2 coils, Aspire Triton Coils, and eLeafs own Melo coils, and also supports the Atlantis Ni200 0.15ohm Nickel coils! With me having an Atlantis V2 already we popped a 0.3 ohm coil in and away we went!


I wasn’t expecting much in terms of flavour with this being such a cheap kit but was i genuinely surprised! Tons of flavour and cloudage! The base has 4 moderately sized air holes and after chain vaping i found that the base didn’t get hot at all! Its made out of brushed steel and has a proper pyrex glass tank so no need to worry about those “tank cracker” juices. Filling is quite simple as well. Remove the base and using the 2 fill points on either side of the tank fill it with juice to it nearly overflows.

Remember what i mentioned eariler about the supplied air flow control ring? Well this tank doesn’t have an adjustable airflow….well it does sort of. eLeaf supplies you with a flourescent coloured ring that goes round the atomizer and serves as a air flow control. A bit of a stupid looking thing to be honest but surprisingly it does work! Thats the only thing i dont like about the tank itself. I mean for the price you can’t argue!

Disassembly is easy! literally pop the 510 drip tip off (which is double o ringed by the way) unscrew the base remove the coil head and there you go, tank ready for cleaning!

All in all a great little tank thats up there with the big boys in terms of build quality, flavour and cloud production.



Moving on to the battery! Its quite a simple thing really. With just one button on the front,a micro usb charging port on the back with a charge indicator below that. It has an internal 2600mah battery which lasts just over a day with a 0.3Ω fitted which was quite surprising. It houses a spring loaded stainless steel 510 connection and the threads are quite strong. Every tank I’ve tried so far on this mod fits nice and neatly with a smooth 510 threaded connection.

It is a non adjustable mod so you can’t set your voltage or wattage on it. It fires at a constant 4.2v and will adjust itself to what ever ohms it reads, so for example on a 0.3Ω coil it would fire at 58.8w, likewise on a 0.5Ω coil it will fire at 35.2w. I have had my Tugboat RDA Clone on this mod with a 0.2Ω build and it fired with no problems whatsoever.

Charging on this is a peace of cake. Literally plug it in and 3 hours later its fully charged and will last you a day easily.

I have one issue with the battery however and that is if you forget to turn it off by clicking the fire button 5 times and then put it in your pocket, it is very easy for it to fire inside your pocket due to a protruding fire button. This caught me out once or twice smelling the juice vapor and felling the heat against my leg.

Again just a small niggle that i can live with!



I now use this daily, the entire kit only cost £35 at The Ciggie Shop in Belfast. For that money where are you going to get a decent sub ohm tank with a battery? You cant! I cannot not recommend this enough. if you are looking for a cheap way to get into sub ohming or new to vaping then this is just the kit for you!

Well that just about wraps it up from me guys! Keep a look out on the site for more great reviews from the rest of the team!

Review by Sean (Shinx)