Hastur RDTA by Cthulhu Mod

Following suit with the mythological deities from the science fiction genre, Cthulhu Mod have named their latest atomizer after the entity known as Hastur or The Unspeakable One, He Who Is Not to be Named.

We were sent this rebuildable dripping tank atomizer for the purpose of review direct from Cthulhu Mod and this product arrives with an authenticity checker which can be redeemed via their website:


At the time of this review the Hastur RDTA is available for pre-order at around the £30 mark, *Click Here* to find a vendor in your country that has the Cthulhu Mod products for sale.


The packaging for the “Hastur RDTA” is the same as the other products in the Cthulhu Mods line up with a sleek little plastic case. Clear on the front so you can see the contents, “scratch and snuff” authenticity code on the side and a table of contents on the bottom.

The Hastur RDTA package includes;

  • Hastur RDTA w/ velocity style deck
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Bag of spares, hex key etc
  • Replacement pyrex

Tank specifications:

  • Air holes align with coils
  • Big coil building deck(Dia. 15.5mm)
  • Top-side refill(Threading free)
  • Two juice well for easy wicking
  • 4 juice holes are under the juice well.
  • Velocity style posts(Dia. 2mm wire holes)
  • Bigger chimney and drip tip(comes with 510 drip tip adapter)
  • All parts are removable,easy to clean
  • 6.7ml capacity
  • Build deck can be accessed without draining the tank.
  • Adjustable 510 pin

The tank itself is constructed of 304 food grade stainless steel, a black version would have been nice, hopefully more colour options will be released in the near future. The Hastur is 67.8mm in length from the 510 pin to the edge of the drip tip, and houses what looks like a silver plated adjustable 510 connection.

On the base, you will also find the name of the tank and it’s serial number.

With this tank, you have the option to fill either from the bottom or with a top fill chamber which can be pulled up from the top of the pyrex. When using this however we found that the top fill has just a little too messy due to the necessary pressure required to push the liquid onto the build deck below. If you are using a juice bottle with a very small point and fill the tank slowly, you will have no problems.

For me when filling the tank, I actually used the smallest syringe from my homebrew kit when using the top fill. However just opening the tank from the bottom is much easier and faster to fill.

As we mentioned before, this atomizer has a velocity style build deck (15.5mm diameter) which we’re seeing a lot more of in vaping today. Personally I find this style of deck much easier to build on and offers host to many more styles of coil builds.

We have tried out a few styles so far (many more will be tested out) If anyone else buys this device and finds a build that really works for them, please share it on our Facebook page as it’s always great to exchange ideas. So in the photo below you’ll see a quick build of 24g kanthal on the Hastur build deck. This is a build that worked for me, there are many other possible combinations.

*Also, while typing up this review we threw in a 22g build kanthal reading at 0.25Ω and the tank performed much better*

As mentioned before, the Hastur RDTA has a capacity for 6.7ml of liquid! Making this one of the larger capacity tanks on the market. If you have bottles/drippers with a finer point, you will be able to use the top fill feature with ease.

We found that simply opening the atomizer and filling from the bottom was much easier and less time consuming.

At the tanks narrowest part by the 510 connection, it measures at 22mm but this is thanks to a cap that screws onto the bottom which secures the build deck to the rest of the tank. The tank tapers up from here and measures at 23.5 at it’s widest point.

Now that we have the Hastur built and wicked, we can have a vape and see how it vapes!

Let’s discuss some of the Pros and Cons for the Hastur RDTA.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Solid construction
  • Large build deck to accommodate larger builds than most RTAs
  • Good airflow


  • Top fill system needs some work
  • If not wicked correctly, will leak straight through air holes
  • Only available in stainless colour (cosmetic con)

Now it’s time to bring this review to a close and ask the all important question, would I go out and buy one of these atomizers?

The answer is a solid 10/10! The airflow and flavour are both phenomenal, to be honest, I’m not even that bothered about the slightly inconvenient top fill system as it can be filled just as easily from the bottom.

We have seen this device available for pre-order around the £30 but it’s worth it!