“Hammer of God V2” by Vaperz Cloud

Welcome back to another hardware review by Foxy.

In this review we will be talking a step back in time when mechanical mods were the hardware to own! This review is of the genuine Hammer Of God Box Mod made by VaperZ Cloud.

I have been itching to get this review started but as you can imagine I have to form an orderly queue when it comes to reviews so as everyone gets their fair share of the limelight! The Hammer Of God or HOG for short is one of those devices that everyone will look at and say Oh My God it’s huge! Now moving onto the actual mod itself =P

So I have been looking at the HOGs for quite some time now and I finally found them for sale in the UK at Evolution Vaping for £135.00 for the box only without batteries. I placed my order on a Tuesday and by the Thursday the HOG was in my hands and ready to chuck clouds!

As most of you will know by now both through your own experiences and through my reviews of mechanical mods on the BV Bar like the #TugLyfe review I uploaded a few weeks ago, clones of high end hardware are EVERYWHERE ! With this in mind the Hammer Of God has also been cloned too. Now, the version I am reviewing is the Version 2 HOG so I will obviously explain the differences between the V1 and V2 later in the review.

The clone will be lighter in weight which is instantly noticeable! The firing button will be made from metal rather than delrin which is on the genuine, the internal battery tabs on the clone will be made from copper and do not adjust whereas the genuine are silver plated screws at the base surrounded by delrin and are screw to adjust. At the top of the clone there will NOT be an outer circle for your tank to sit flush whereas the genuine has approx. .5MM of a cut-out for this reason.

The presentation of the HOG is somewhat minimalistic in terms of a retail package. Mine came with a basic cardboard box containing the mod itself, a certificate of authenticity card and nothing else. Some packages were sent out containing a flat head screwdriver as well I believe?

The HOG is powered by four 18650 batteries which run in parallel/series mode! This means is that you essentially get double the battery life of a series mod and still get an estimated 8.4V of power sent to your coils. Personally, I have noticed quite a significant voltage drop on the HOG. When my batteries are fully charged, I get a maximum voltage output of 8.1-8.2V rather than the 8.4V which is suggested. This might not sound like much of a drop but once I attach my RDA (Genuine Temple) with as 0.2Ohm dual coil 20AWG build inside I only manage to get 7.3V if I’m lucky! This is where the main issue lies with the voltage drop for me… 1 Volt is a massive drop especially if you enter a cloud comp against someone with a regulated device, as 1 Volt could in theory equates to around 100W depending on your build of course.

On most mechanical mods the 510 connection is manually adjustable and this is also the case with the HOG! You will need a flat head screwdriver to adjust the connection and so far I haven’t had any issues with fitting RDAs or tanks onto the connection at all. The threads on the 510 are stainless steel so I would suggest only using Tanks/RDAs that have stainless steel threads too.

To remove your batteries to charge them all you need to do is lift off both the plates on the mod. The plates will be where the HOG logo is on both sides. To lift them off you must do this via the bottom of the plate where there is a little lip for your finger nail to slide under. The doors are held securely in place via 4 magnets and I was surprised to see that the magnets although small do hold the doors securely in place and there is no chance of them popping off accidentally.

Once the battery doors are off you need to unscrew the connections via the base of the HOG, this should be done with ease as they are held in place via a delrin insulator which may possibly be prone to abuse. Once your batteries are out you will see on the “Chassis” that there is a sticker to indicate the polarity of the batteries, I strongly suggest that you do not remove this sticker as there is no chip in this device for safety in case of a short. To re-insert the batteries just follow this process but in reverse whilst ensuring that when tightening the battery post that you do is gently and take extra care not to over tighten as this will damage your batteries and also the threading on the connections.

When the manufacturer said this was a mechanical mod they certainly were not lying! I took off the plastic panel to reveal the inner mechanism of how the HOG fires and I was pleasantly surprised to see a fully mechanical switch. When you press the fire button the switch moves along and makes contact with the base of the 510 connection to complete the circuit. However, I feel that this is where the voltage drop is due to the amount of material used to manufacture the parts needed within the firing mechanism.

There is quite a lot of internal wiring on the HOG too. You will see a nice black wire screwed into the main frame of the HOG to ground the circuit, there is also wiring running to a LED display which will show you the current voltage going to the Tank/RDA when fired! Without having your 510 connection in use you will see your current battery voltage minus the voltage drop when you press the fire button.

With all mechanical mods there is no protection in terms of a circuit breaker if the fire button is pressed for too long. With this in mind there is a very secure fire button lock to prevent accidental misfires during storage or transportation. To utilise this lock all you have to do is turn your fire button clockwise and it will not fire, to release the lock just turn the button anti-clockwise.

Moving onto the finish of the HOG. As I mentioned above about the battery panels, there is a very deep engraved logo featuring the Hammer Of God lettering and a really funky Nordic logo with a gold flake inlay. The rest of the device is in black with a finish that doesn’t seem to scratch or peel. You can buy the Hammer Of God mod in both silver and black.


  • Rare item with limited suppliers
  • Real head turner
  • Solid construction
  • Fully mechanical
  • Accurate volt meter
  • Locking mechanism on fire button
  • Fits all 510 attachments
  • Good battery life


  • Heavyweight
  • Huge voltage drop
  • Locking ring too nimble

So overall what are my opinions on the Genuine Hammer Of God box mod manufactured by Vaperz Cloud? As I mentioned in my introduction, I have been looking for a genuine HOG for quite a while and I’m afraid to say that I am actually rather disappointed with the overall performance of the device. The voltage drop is in my opinion unacceptable especially for a device claiming to be a real game changer. If it wasn’t for the voltage drop I would have given the HOG a 10/10 as apart from the voltage drop I haven’t had any issues.

The question now though as to whether I would go out and buy this mod again if I lost my own one…. I have to be honest and say no! Whilst I love the HOG with all my heart, the voltage drop is far too much for me to be happy with so I would not replace the HOG. However, this being said…. It’s still going to be in my top 5 mods to own in a lifetime! It’s a rare and unique device, I could guarantee that anyone you show the HOG to will instantly want a go on it as they will rarely have seen the real thing in the flesh!