Goon 24mm by 528 Custom Vapes

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It’s been a while but the Belfast Vape Bar is back with another hardware review. Today we will be reviewing the extremely popular Goon 24mm RDA from 528 Custom. This RDA is a collaboration of Blueeyedgoon83 and 528 Custom Vapes who have teamed up to bring us this rather extraordinary atomizer.


  • Innovative two-post build deck utilizing clamps
  • Beveled top cap
  • PEEK insulators
  • Hybrid compatible 520 pin
  • Adjustable airflow form six 3mm holes

Let’s start off by looking at what’s included with the 528 Custom Goon 24mm RDA:

  • Goon RDA
  • Black delrin friction-fit wide-bore drip tip
  • Cloth pouch
  • x4 extra bridge post-screws
  • x2 extra deck o-rings
  • x2 extra airflow controller o-rings

This product was purchased from UK based vendors Vaping 101 for £54.49 which includes free postage within the United Kingdom and if ordered before 2pm, your order will be dispatched the same day.


The Goon is available in five different finishes, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Black and Titanium (limited edition) we opted for the black as it looks superb on the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 device.

Let’s start by looking at the outside of this RDA before talking about the innovative deck design. The Goon sports a six hole (3mm) air-flow design which can be adjusted via the top cap so the user can choose which is best for their build. With the airflow wide open across all six hole, the vape is very smooth and satisfying for those higher powered builds. Although, once the last air hole is closed off, it starts to re-open again on the other side which is not ideal for single coil builds.

Goon Review 012

Let’s dive down and check out that Goon deck that everyone is talking about! The posts have a clamp design which is perfect for almost every type of build you can throw at it. Note, this is not the first atomizer to use the clam-style deck but the Goon is the largest to date. The posts on the deck are gold-plated to allow for great conductivity. At their widest the clamps open to roughly 3.75mm which means you can throw some serious builds in the deck.

For cleaning, the Goon can be completely disassembled with ease. 528 Custom include two different tips with the Goon depending on your preference. We found that with heavier builds for higher wattages, the smaller tip heated up quickly so the thicker one is better. Using the thicker tip does however cover the 528 Custom Vapes logo on the top but this is a purely aesthetic con.

The Goon hosts a roughly 5mm deep juice well so you can get a nice amount of wicking in your builds without the need for excessive dripping. A lot of time has been spent in the initial design phase of this product as almost all of the bases have been covered for what makes a truly great RDA.

As mentioned in the product description above, the 510 pin protrudes and is hybrid compatible.

The build we used for testing of this product were flattened fused claptons reading at 0.16Ω running at 130w, airflow wide open and the flavour was phenomenal! The clamp design of the deck makes building in the Goon a breeze and allows for all manner of builds to be used.

Would we buy this product again? The price of the Goon starts at £50 for the brass/copper versions and up to £127.99 for the Limited Edition Titanium. For a product of this quality, it’s a solid yes from the Belfast Vape Bar team! Great clouds matched with flavour you would expect from that sticker price. Let’s end this review with some pros/cons of the Goon 24mm RDA by 528 Custom Vapes:


  • Clamp-style posts for large variety of build compatibility
  • Posts are gold-plated to improve conductivity
  • 5mm Juice well allows for sufficient wicking
  • Includes thin and thick tips
  • Aesthetically pleasing on your mod


  • Can leak if over-dripped
  • No 510 drip tip adapter
  • Spares parts are scarce