Disrupter by Innokin


Welcome to another hardware review by Foxy.

My last review was on the newest Sub-Ohm tank from Innokin (iSub Tank). I mentioned in the review that Innokin had been quiet for quite some time and that they used to be the hard-core innovators in their prime…..

Well Innokin are back and it looks like they’re here to stay. This review is of the brand new Innokin Disrupter mod.

Disrupter 2

There wasn’t much hype around this mod and personally the only reason I am aware if its existence is because of one Facebook post by a friend in America. My work got the Disrupter mod in a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one to play around with to get a real feel of the device and its functionality.

My first impressions of the Disrupter mod were as expected. It looks great and feels great to hold, the mod is made out of a mixture of alloy metals with stainless steel screws and 510 connection. I think most manufacturers have learned to use only stainless steel for their 510 connections thanks to the errors made by Eleaf on the iStick 20w which used a base metal for the threading that over time wore away to nothing thanks to all the threads on tanks and attys being themselves made out of stainless steel.

Disrupter 1

The Disrupter actually feels like the DNA30 Hana mod from back in the day, with its smooth curved edges and solid construction being designed to provide the user with a comfortable device that can be held all day or slipped in and out of pockets with ease.

The screen if the Disrupter is very informative with a start-up display action similar to the Evolv DNA board. To wake the device up all you need to do is click the fire button 3 times in quick succession otherwise the screen will show “OFF Click 3x ON”. Once powered on the screen will show the user very detailed real-time information about the resistance of the coil, battery life and once fired it will show voltage going to the coil. Initially once you first power the mod up the display will be set to right handed use. This can be easily changed to flip screen mode by pressing and holding down on both arrow buttons for approx 3 seconds.

Disrupter 3

Innokin have taken a strange step with regards to the battery on the Disrupter…… I have never seen anything like it before in all my years as a vaper and reviewer. Typically I would be accustom to charging 18650 batteries for most if my mods or even using a micro usb to charge a built in Li-On battery which would be on the likes of the iStick range (100w excluded). But the Disrupter mod really has Disrupted this way of life by providing us with a mod that takes its own specific battery pack which slides and locks securely into place using a rail on the back if the device. I’m not too sure if this is a good thing or bad as it means that if you go camping for example, you would need a stack of mod specific battery packs and/or a micro-usb external power bank.
Charging the Disrupter mod really is a breeze, it’s great to see that unlike other technology industries all the charging ports seem to have adapted the same idea which is to use Micro-USB rather than specific cables to increase revenue after the initial point of sale. Charging from empty to full takes just over 2 hours and the battery will easily last a full day (25w) thanks to the 2000mAh battery. Another cool feature of the battery is that you can vape on the device whilst charging ***Care should be taken whilst doing this as the charging ports tend to be delicate and prone to malfunction once damaged***

Disrupter 4

As mentioned in my iSub review, Innokin were rather quiet for a while…… From mass producing mods with variable voltage and wattage up to 15W to taking a 6 month break and going back to the drawing board. Now Innokin are back after releasing the CoolFire 4 (40w device), iSub Tank and the Disrupter mod which can handle 50w of vaping power. You can fire the Disrupter from 6 watts right the way up to 50 watts simply by pressing and holding your left OR right arrow key for 2 seconds. The screen will then flash and allow you to increase or decrease the wattage according to your personal preference. If you prefer a variable voltage option you can of course choose to make the mod a VV device…. Again, all you have to do is press and hold both the fire button and either of the arrow keys for 3 seconds.

Disrupter 7

So down to the important part of the review….. Would I buy the Innokin Disrupter 50W mod as a vaper rather than a reviewer???
Yes, I have to say that I would indeed. The Disrupter mod is one of those devices that is unique in each and every way whilst managing to stay in the Sub £50 range. It’s a very durable device made from metal and has a crystal clear screen which I feel would maybe be of benefit to those who are visually impaired. The threads are buttery smooth and charging this device couldn’t be any easier unless Innokin themselves arrived once a day to offer you a charging service. It would however have been good if Innokin added a larger battery capacity rather than the 200mAh that comes as standard.

That’s pretty much it from me chaps, thanks for reading and I’ll be back again soon with another hardware review.