“Cyclone” by Sense

Welcome back to another hardware review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at the new Sub Ohm tank by Sense called “The Cyclone”

Most of you will have heard about the Herakles tank which was released by Sense earlier this year. It was a great alternative to the likes of the Arctic tank and the Aspire Atlantis tanks which really flooded the market. The Herakles tank was in a league of its own thanks to its coil design and solid build quality.

I got the Cyclone tank free for review by the chaps at The Ciggie Shop in Lisburn and they currently are the only store in the Greater Belfast area with stock of this fantastic tank (as far as I am aware). The retail price is £37.50 and with that you get a fantastic tank along with replacement glass and a spare coil, which I will talk about later in this review.

The Cyclone comes very well presented in an acrylic box and cardboard outer sleeve which features what I thought was just a random design…. Again, later in this review we will see how everything about this tank system seems to fall into place. On the back of the packaging you will be able to see that there are multiple patents which I believe are Approved patents for appearance, Cyclone system and a structure patent. I have never seen so many patents on a tank before across the whole industry. Normally it will be the likes of the coil design which will be patented rather than the device itself.

The coil which comes installed in the Cyclone is a 0.6Ω vertical parallel build which is capable of firing up to 150W straight from the box. You have two airflow options and in my opinion you are going to need them! I filled my tank with juice and let it sit for around 30 mins on my Sigelei 150TC mod and when I went back to it I had no juice in the tank and my mod was soaked! Turns out that this was a mistake on my part as there is a ring that needs turned to separate the two chambers for filling to prevent the coil flooding thus resulting in leakage.

To fill the tank you must first prime your coil. To do this all you need to do is put a few drops of juice onto the top of the coil and in the cut outs on the side, Once the juice is absorbed I personally repeat the process a few times more just to make sure it is primed properly before filling my lungs with deliciousness.

I mentioned above about the different little extras you get in the package… This includes a replacement glass and coil which to my surprise was a 316 stainless steel coil. Now, personally I like the sound of stainless steel as 316 is surgical/food grade metal however with a stainless steel coil there is a whole range of chemicals added to the steel to make it “clean” however if you look at the chemical composition of stainless steel you will see that some of the chemicals react to heat and in some cased with electrical currents. For me personally as a reviewer I will use the 316 coil as I cannot sit here and type a review basing my review on the unknown so we will see later on how the coil performs.

The tank sits rather tall on my device coming in at 77mm in height and just over 23mm in width so if you are running the likes of the IPV4 or a smaller device you will have a little bit of an overhang. The 510 pin is made from copper which will ensure you get full power with minimal voltage drop whilst vaping.

The drip tip is made from stainless steel but you have the option to CAREFULLY lift off the steel sheath to reveal a white delrin drip tip which will remain cooler for much longer. The tank itself is made from Pyrex glass at the top and the lower tank is Pyrex also but is encased in a stainless steel cage to give added protection for your coil and glass if vaping at 150W.

To fill the tank you first must select the fill position at the top of the bottom glass section. Then just under your drip tip you need to unscrew to reveal two holes for your liquid to be poured into. The tank holds a whopping 5mls of juice which will last at 100W for around 50 lung hits.

You will also notice on the tank that there is dual airflow options, this means that while vaping at 50W you will be able to get great clouds by closing off the top airflow setting and once you go above 70W for example you can open the top again to cool the vapour down whilst set to higher wattages.

One thing that I have to say in this review is that although my Sigelei 150TC is set to 150W and my IPV4S is set to 120W the true vaping experience I have had cannot be above 93W. This is down to the resistance of the build being so high that you need to generate over 9V of power yet the Sig and IPV are maxed out at 7.2V

Overall the tank does perform very well and I cannot find fault with it apart from when I first filled it wrong. The cloud is there and flavour is one of the nicest I have had yet from a tank. I mentioned above about the image on the box… This image appeared to be some sort of fan system which I thought would be similar to that of the Turbo RDA but I was quite wrong… What this is as you can see in the photographs is a little circle of cut metal to reduce spit back and to form a swirl of vapour when inhaled directly to the lung thanks to its perfect angles.


  • Great build quality
  • Top fill
  • Multiple coil options
  • Stainless steel coil included
  • Range of coils available


  • Dedicated Drip Tip
  • Unregulated/DNA200 chip needed for 150W
  • High resistance kanthal coil

So would I buy this tank if I lost my review sample? I have to be honest and say I would only buy it for the stainless steel coils. The main drawback for me is that it is impossible to achieve 150W on most devices out there at the moment unless they are operated using a Lipo battery which is a relatively new concept to the vaping industry. I like that it is top filled but it is far from convenient to fill the tank in such a manner in my opinion.