Coil Master Kit V2


Welcome back to another accessory review by Foxy.

In this review we will be having a look at the updated Version 2 Coil Master kit which was sent to the BV Bar free for the purposes of review. We not so long ago reviewed the MK1 Coil Master Kit and we were rather impressed overall with the generous package sent to us will the V2 kit be the same??

Just like the version 1 the V2 comes in a delightful little hard case which is opened and closed by a zipper. The whole outer package reminds me of the old CD cases we all had for transporting our CDs and console games when we were out and about.

On opening the case we are presented with a similar setup to the V1 which includes Wire snips, Pliers, 2 screw drivers, ceramic tweezers, precision tweezers, 10Ft of 24AWG wire, an Ohms meter, stainless steel scissors and of course your coiling jig!

The main differences I guess between the versions is that the V2 now includes kanthal and cotton and a few upgrades to the tools inside. The V1 came with a universal screwdriver set and the V2 now contains only two screwdrivers which isn’t an issue for me as I only have 2 hands anyhow.

The scissors are in my opinion the real USP for the V2 kit, to operate them all you need to do is pull both legs apart to reveal the rather sharp blades. To close up again you just need to do the same but in reverse! (Be very careful when closing as the mechanism is rather stiff and could lose its direction in a split second)

The wire cutters are actually really high quality and very sharp too! The operating mechanism is supported by a spring which will assist the cutters to open again after you have snipped your wire. A lot of people within the industry use nail clippers to cut their wire…. This actually limits the builds you can do due to the angle of the blades which will move your coil and damage your build. With the snips provided in the Coil Master V2 you will be able to cut very close to the connection posts without any overhanging wire to catch your cotton or cause a short!

The pliers provided within the kit are somewhat crap! The package I received for review contained pliers which were covered in gritty machine oil and my pliers did not close properly at the nose! SO I cannot really continue with the review of the pliers for this reason.

Moving onto the ceramic tweezers! This is what I have been so excited over with this kit. Ceramic tweezers arew in my opinion an essential when it comes to coil building perfection! The tips of the tweezers are as the name suggests ceramic and the handle is made from stainless steel. The tweezers make a proper connection along the entire ceramic tip which will allow you to adjust your coil as you are pulsing without getting a short or popping your coil! In my opinion the ceramic tweezers alone make this kit worth the money!

In the kit you also get a nice little spool of Kanthal, In this case it is 22 Gauge wire which ironically is all I use for my builds! You will get approx. 10FT of wire which is more than enough to do 20-30 coil builds on the coiling jig which I will talk about in a moment! Once the wire on the spool is finished you will be able to reuse the spool again to add your own preference of wire onto.

In addition to the ceramic tweezers you are also graced with some precision tweezers too. They are almost hooked at the end and I would only think that these are therefore used to pull your cotton through your coil and for neatly tucking the cotton under as well.

The two screw drivers are a nice addition to the kit but I feel it somewhat limits the user to what the kit can do. In the MK1 Coil Master Kit you had a universal screwdriver kit which simply took little HEX attachments. In the V2 you get just 2 options of either a flat head or star screwdriver.

The Ohms meter which comes in the kit is actually pretty damn accurate! It has to be said that this is the most accurate Ohms reader I have tried to date and even beats the Eleaf meter for accuracy. The Ohms meter sits proud boasting a 510 connection and doesn’t need any other attachments to make it work unlike the Eleaf meter that I had used up to this point! The meter is powered by 2X AA batteries which you will need to purchase separately.

The coiling kit is where the fun really begins! Typically I would use a 3mm precision screwdriver to wrap my coils but not any more! The coiling jig makes everything much easier to do with the average coil taking less than 30 seconds to wrap. All that is left to do is attach the coil to your RDA and give it a quick pulse!


  • Comprehensive kit
  • Good quality tools (Excluding pliers)
  • Accurate Ohms reader
  • Packs away for easy storage.


  • Machine oil on pliers
  • Foam insert not so secure
  • High retail price
  • Limited on screw head adjustment thanks to screwdrivers

Overall would I say I was happy enough with this kit to go out and buy one myself? Er… Maybe, I find that although the Coil Master Kit V2 contains all the tools I would need to build a coil, I tend to sway more towards using my own kit from before with the exception of the coil kit which I do use daily for my builds. Maybe if the price was below the £20 mark I would be more confident in making a purchase but not with an RRP of £30.