“Atty3” by Wofofo

Time for a hardware review from Shinx! We are looking at the Atty³ RDA by Wotofo this time round!

I picked this up for £25 after a recommendation by a fellow reviewer Odinson.
Wotofo started a while ago making clones of other RDAs but have now established a good name in the vaping industry! They make some great RDAs at the moment including the infamous Troll RDA as well as the Freakshow, the Sapor and this the Atty³ (Cubed)

With my wallet a little lighter, I was a happy man with a lovely gloss black box with a lime green hefty chunk of metal staring out at me.
Now you may see that while the box says lime green I actually have a silver Atty³, why is that? Keep reading below to find out.

In side the box you are greeted by a great looking RDA with a little bit of card stating what you get inside. The contents of the box are as follows.

x1 Atty³ (Cubed) RDA
x1 Delrin Wide Bore Chuff Cap
x1 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
x1 510 Drip Tip

You also receive replacement o-rings, screws and the infamous “Bluedriver”

First impressions are good! Fantastic quality and everything looks like its been made out of top quality materials.

I have noticed that the 510 connector on the base actually has a screw on it? Why is this? Well you can actually unscrew this bit by bit until the atty lines up perfectly with your box mod! Great for you guys out there suffering with OCD!

After screwing this down onto the mod, I pulled the top cap off to have a look at the deck. Looks great! No sharp edges and everything is as it should be! This is a four post RDA and i find these to be a little bit easier to build on.

Air flow with this RDA is impressive! You get 2 air holes on each side totalling to 4. The more air flow the better i say! You also have complete control over the airflow by turning the chuff cap or 510 drip tip what ever you have on it to have basically any amount of airflow you want, it is 100% fully adjustable!

Paint finish on this RDA was quite good when i first got it. But after owning it for a few days i noticed a few bits of the paintwork chipping off. Now i can’t say for the other colours of this dripper but mine was the not the best quality in the paint department.
I did actually break out the sandpaper and sanded the atty down to a lovely brushed steel finish and polished it up to a mirror shine. Wotofo does offer this dripper in a silver finish as well as blue, white, black and the green one I originally had.

Putting a build on the Atty³ is a doddle! I have never used a RDA that was as easy to build on as this one! The Juice well is very deep and the posts are quite long allowing it to accommodate clapton coils and larger wraps etc.

Coils wrapped, it was time to build this thing! I find that this dripper is easier if you are putting vertical coils in it (but that’s just me). The leads must go into the negative post and the other into the opposite positive post. There is quite a distance between each of the posts and the leads can end up being very long from the wraps themselves which can head to a lot leg very easily. But work with it and you will find it easier each time!
I do not like one thing about this RDA though and that is the screws. I find they are too short and require a lot of tightening to stop the leads from moving around. Also when you are tightening i find the wire tends to twist and pull the coil out of alignment, but an easy fix for this is to hold a scredriver in the middle of the coil while tightening to stop it moving. This is a small niggle i can live with!

Wicking it up is simple just like any other RDA, if you are running verticals wicking it is easier than you think as there is quite a deep juice well which allows you to get your tweezers in to grab the end of the cotton and pull it through.

So what’s the flavour and cloud production like on this atomizer? Well I have a vertical dual coil 0.2 build in it at the moment and the wicking material of choice is some organic Japanese Muji cotton.

Juicing it up is easy, either pull off the airflow control section or just drip the liquid through the wide bore chuff cap.

Currently running this on my Smok XCube II at 60w with full open airflow and I’m impressed! Tons of flavour and cloud! I had to have more! 80w clouds were insane and flavour was intense!! The vapour was still cool though and I love a cool vape! I decided to take this up to what the build could comfortably handle which was 100w. Juiced it back up again and fired it. The clouds this RDA produces are silly big! The flavour was still there to my surprise! It was starting to get quite hot though so I backed off a bit.

I recommend using the build I currently have in this RDA running it at around 70w as you can get a cool vape with tons of flavour and thick dense clouds.
The juice I was using was Tiger Fire by Button Junkie which is a 70/30 mix so this is a typical juice ratio.

I find after a while that the screws will need to be tightened every so often this isn’t that big of an issue though.

The 510 drip tip adaptor is a nice addition to this kit along with the 510 drip tip itself. I find it gives a little bit more flavour but a little bit more of a hotter vape. It will accommodate any 510 drip tip I’ve tried so far which was a TFV4 drip tip, tugboat RDA drip tip and a 2puffs hybrid wide bore drip tip.

One thing I neglected to mention is the design itself…..personally I love it. It perfectly lines up with my X Cube II and I mean perfectly!! Its like it was made for this mod.

The logos are embossed into the body itself and are quite deep, not one bit of paint from the logos came off while I was sanding the paint off the surface. It also houses double o-rings on the base to stop the base itself turning while on the mod and stops juice from overflowing the juice well and leaking out.

There isn’t really much more I can mention! So over to my verdict on this piece of hardware.

Would I buy one of these again if I ever lost it?? You bet your ass i would it is by far the best RDA i have used and built on! Yes it may have its small niggles but this is overshadowed by the positives this piece of hardware has to offer!
In fact i am planning to buy another one of these in black to match the black Smok XCube II i will be getting shortly! This is my go to dripper every single time and i recommend it to everyone!


  • Great easy to use Build Deck
  • Design
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Inclusion of a 510 Drip Tip and 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • Flavour and Cloud Production


  • Paint Finish on my particular RDA
  • Post holes are a little bit too far apart
  • Screws could be a little bit longer

Well that about wraps it up from me!

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