Mason RDA 30mm by Vapergate

Hello again from the Belfast Vape Bar! As many of you are well aware, I’m a huge fan of the Alliance series of RDAs and have used them for a substantial portion of the juice reviews I’ve written for this site. When I heard there was a new series of RDAs on the way, I had to have one.

Introducing the first of this new series, the 30mm version of the Mason RDA from Vapergate. As well as the 30mm version which we are reviewing today, there is also a 24 and 40mm variation which will also be reviewed soon.

Let’s start by checking out what’s included in the box:

  • 30mm stainless steel deck
  • Square insulated T post
  • Traditional three post (included in the spare parts bag)
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Sample pack of Bob Wire (by Vapergate)
  • Bag of spare parts (O-Rings, screws, screwdriver)
  • Sample pack of Cotton Bacon’s Bacon Bits (by Wick N Vape)
  • A RED screwdriver, a lot of time went into sourcing these according to Vapergate

With the 30mm Mason RDA broken down, one of the main features you will notice is the nice deep well (7mm) which allows for a huge amount of wicking for your desired build. The Mason arrives with the four post setup pre-installed but as mentioned above the three posts are included with the extras, the negative posts are milled out leaving even more space for coils and cotton configurations. The post holes are 3mm to support thicker wire builds, also to make things even better the insulator, post hole and post are squared so there will be no posts spinning on this RDA

*The 510 pin on the Mason is copper for maximum conductivity and to top it off the pin protrudes so it’s safe to run on a hybrid mod*

The airflow top cap for the Mason offers a large number of combinations so the user can configure it to their preference. For me I find that half of one of the airlow holes on the barrel closed provides the right airflow for the vape and flavour I like.

To quote Vapergate from the product page of their website “There are no clever air hole patterns. No vortex or swirling air flow. No bottom or top airflow. The Mason offers dual tiered, focus directed airflow straight to the coil with a continuously variable triple tiered air flow control ring” 

These guys are bringing RDAs back to it’s roots with a simple yet extremely effective design for both it’s performance and aesthetics.

The topcap comes with both a delrin cap as well as a matching stainless steel wide bore cap. Both consist mainly of delrin which works with the rest of the topcap to reduce heat acting almost like a heat sink.

Right, so we’ve talked about how awesome this RDA looks but it’s time now for a build and see how this brute vapes! Instead of throwing my usual default build consisting of 22g kanthal with 7 wraps, we reached out to a coil wrapping service based right here in Northern Ireland who goes by the of Runny Nose Vapes. We dropped him a message on Instagram and said that we were reviewing this RDA and needed something a little different than my conventional build. Something to show off those 3mm post holes…

Dual 7 Wrap fused Claptons reading at 0.25Ω A great build for this RDA, the flavour is on point and is more than up to the challenge for the cloud chasers out there!

With the build installed, we can now move on and discuss the airflow options available with the 30mm Mason RDA.

As mentioned above, included with this RDA is the topcap which controls the airflow to the coils. The tiered design allows for multiple airflow options to choose from by simply twisting the cap.

Time to discuss the pros and cons of this RDA.


  • Huge build deck for wicking
  • Large post holes
  • Great airflow options
  • Comes with multiple caps
  • Made with high-quality materials


  • Barrel is quite loose
  • Without the heat sink from the Alliance V2, the RDA can get quite hot
  • Juice can build up inside the topcap which causes a slight overflow once cap is replaced

Would I buy this product?

With there being so few cons with the 30mm variant of the Mason RDA, I’m going to say yes. The quality is on par with previous products from Vapergate, the large combination of airflow options available caters both for flavour junkies and cloud chasers and everything in between. The 3mm post holes allows for the larger builds. After speaking with the Founder of Vapergate, there is much more on the horizon for this series of atomizers and well worth the purchase!