VS6 Digi Camo ACU by Vapesox

Stevo here with another review for the Belfast Vape Bar. THis time we’ve got something a little different!

Which will be the first Accessory type product we’ve actually reviewed. The folks at Vapesox were kind enough to send us out a few of their products to review and some to giveaway to you guys ūüėČ

I have the VS6 Digi Camo ACU today for review.

I first seen the Vapesox products whilst doing some research on the Tuglyfe box mod where you receive a Tug branded pouch with the mod. Personally I’m not a fan of carrying my mods and liquids in my pockets as they can easily get scratched or you can sit on them! -_-

A carrying solution is definitely something I have looked into for quite some time, especially when using the larger box mod devices.

  • Weight -3 oz
  • Dimensions – 3.5 x 5.25 in
  • Material –¬†Cordura¬© Nyco Fabric & Elastic

The Condura material is also widely used in military settings due to its high durability, abrasion resistance and that it also offers anti-static protection. Making this more than ideal material for vape gear.

This particular Vapesox is ideal for my current set up, it holds the Koopor Plus perfectly with an RDA just poking out the top and the front pouch for either a tank and two bottles of liquid or two bottles.

Note that 100ml bottles will take up then entire front pouch as you can see below.

The placement of the loop for the carabiner appears to favour those of you who wish to have your Vapesox pouch on your right hand side, being left handed this is a minor con for me. An additional loop on the other side might be something they’ll add to future products.

The carabiner itself is fairly low quality unfortunately, I will be replacing it with something more durable for long term use. If you’re carrying an expensive vaping set up the last thing you want is for the carabiner to break!

Perhaps a belt loop on the back of the product as well so that your mod isn’t always dangling…

This particular Vapesox is available to buy now and is currently on sale on the Vapesox website for the reasonable-ish price of $24.99/£16.64 *Note* there is a rather hefty International shipping fee to the UK which puts the total to £34.

A few vendors in the UK are planning on stocking these products and once we receive word, this review will be updated with links to their stores.

Now to bring this review to a close, would I buy this product? For a while I was on the fence but after using the VS6 Digi Camo ACU for a few days I will say yes. It is however a shaky yes, will need to see if this carabiner holds out first.