Texas Tuff Cotton Review

Hey guys and welcome to another review from myself Shakey. Today we are doing a little wicking review and the company of choice is Texas Tuff.

What can I say this stuff is amazing. Now it took me a while to get around on how to use this stuff but once you eliminate the fresh cotton taste at the start, this stuff is ready to go and does not disappoint. To do this I used the juice and burn technique and after you do this a few times I have to say there isn’t much wick about that can beat it. Personally, I’m a very fussy person when it comes to wick but I would rank this in my top 5 I’ve used to date.

As raw and natural as it gets! Lasts up to three times longer than the other forms of wicking on the market, with high heat resistance suitable for extreme conditions of sub-ohm vaping for a clean rich flavour experience and huge dense cloud production with maximum absorbency.

To be fair to these guys they’re clued in and I dunno if it’s the cotton or the way it’s cared for in the factory but the only downfall with this stuff is the amount of excess cotton that comes off when wicking the coils. It almost seems like a waste. But all in all, a very very good product and I really hope to see more stuff come from them.