Kendo Vape Cotton

Hey guys welcome to another review from Belfast Vape Bar. today we are looking at Kendo Vape Cotton. Have to say, I’ve had a fair few different cotton brands but Kendo is very different. I have been using the Gold Edition for a couple of weeks now and I have come around to it very quickly. Kendo have provided us with a few packets and they have a range three different sizes at the moment.

  • Gold Edition
  • Eco Edition
  • Original Kendo Cotton

Each of these packets come in different lengths eg. My Gold edition comes in a 39in (1m) length. In the packet the cotton comes as almost like a rolled up length and tears quite well.

Kendo give the following information on their product:

– 100% organic
– 100% organic
– Unbleached
– Heat Resistant
– Odourless
– Low Taste Retention
– Easy to Wick
– Superior Absorption
– 2x Longer Lasting
– Ready to Use
– No Boiling Needed

When they say it’s easy to wick they aren’t lying. My best advice on wicking this stuff is literally, tear off a chunk, rip it in half and go ahead and wick up your atomizer. Takes a few minutes to juice it up initially but it does mention that on the back of the packet.

Kendo Vape Cotton has to be one of the better cottons I have used, due to its ease of tearing and use. I found when you split it down the centre it manages to fit no matter the build. Have to say though the best part of this cotton…..minimal waste! People waste so much cotton after trimming and tearing. Due to it being in it’s rolled up state. Kendo cotton has won me over. Especially this gold edition packet. It’s so easy to manipulate for any coil.