Dragon’s Breath by Crilly Wizard

Manufacturer’s Description: ”A third instalment from the Crilly Wizard’s den, Dragon’s Breath is a warm, dark, and spicy potion of exceptional depth and complexity. Benefitting from an extended period of maturation, this Oak cask steeped liquid is supplied fully rounded, highlighting the exotic blend of fine tobacco notes, underpinned with a rich coffee aroma. When independent of nicotine content, Dragon’s Breath exhibits a spiced peppery throat hit, which adds to the elegant bitter-sweet aroma to complete a potion fit for Uther Pendragon himself!”

Statistics: Dragon’s Breath: Seethe Reserve by Crilly Wizard, Available in 0mg, 5mg, 10mg and 15 mg strengths, Available in 30ml and 100mls bottles, 75% VG, 10% Distilled Water, 15% TFA and FA flavourings only in a PG base

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Dotmod Petri RDA, dual 8 wrap 22AWG Kanthal coils totalling 0.25Ω l mounted on the Wismec RX2/3. Vaped 30 to 80 Watts.

Something different comes from the Druid behind the masterful creations that are Pipe Potion No. 1 and Pipe Potion No. 2. While boasting a blue wax seal and matching label,  I assure you that the presentation fits right in with the other liquids in from Crilly himself. The same attention to detail has been shown with this entry, hand stamped wax seal, leather thong tied around the neck of the bottle. Once again making it a feast for more than just your sense of taste.

The bottle note reveals a beautifully subtle mixture of flavours that constitute this offering from the Crilly Wizard. Light woodsy tobacco notes, the oakiness from the White Oak barrels the Crilly is famed for steeping his batches of nectar in with a light spiciness to top off the bottle note, similar to cardamom or  nutmeg. As with Crilly’s other liquids, the bottle note is an experience in its self and one I had to tear myself away from.

The initial puffs of this liquid present something I have found with no other liquid. Coffee notes that borders on perfection. A rich, deep, and  well-brewed espresso, cut just at the right time to bring out the light earthiness and bitterness characteristic of a well-brewed shot. This beautiful coffee note is accompanied with  delightfully spicy tobacco notes, reminiscent of Yenidji, Latakia and Perique while lacking the typical sour aroma from Oriental Tobaccos. A deep lungful of this delightful liquid gifts the vaper with a peppery exhale, an almost aniseed flavour as it passes through the sinuses and a room note that is an absolute pleasure to experience.

Spending an afternoon with this liquid is an absolute reward in itself.  A flavour that doesn’t fall flat, the delicate, warm and spicy notes of this liquid remind me of a good spiced rum. Warm, inviting, intoxicating and utterly indulgent. Curiosity lead me to sample both at once and once again, I find myself astonished at how complimentary a good liquid can be. A tot of fine rum and a measure of Dragon’s Breath is a combination that  simply has to be experienced.

This is a liquid that is an absolute delight, meeting and exceeding the expectations set by the previous two offerings from The Crilly Wizard. This is a liquid that I could easily return to, time and time again. Relishing in its complexities and revelling in the delicate combination of flavours. The Druid from County Tyrone in Nothern Ireland has once again outdone himself. I cannot even begin to hesitate in recommending this liquid. It’s an absolute joy to sample and if you’re seeking a liquid that offers you something complex and an opportunity to explore a masterfully crafted liquid, you’ll find it here.

“Pipe Potion No.1” by Crilly Wizard

Manufacturer’s Description: “An Oak Cast matured Potion of decadence giving subtle aftertastes of Tennessee Whiskey, which round out a finely balanced triple-tobacco blend on the inhale. Although suited to being an all day vape, this potion excels as a dessert flavour or just for those times when something extra special is called for…”

Statistics: Pipe Potion No. 1 by The Crilly Wizard, Available in 0mg, 5mg, 10mg and 15 mg strengths, Available in 30ml and 100mls bottles, 75% VG, 10% Distilled Water, 15% TFA and FA flavourings only in a PG base

Vaping statistics:  0mg strength, vaped on both a Uwell Crown tank with Uwell RBA, 0.47Ω Stainless Steel coil mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini at wattages between 15 to 30 Watts and the Tuglyfe  dual 18650 box mod by Flawless with the Velocity RDA equipped with dual coils measuring at  0.25Ω.

So, something new has emerged from the forests of Northern Ireland, where the Crilly Wizard himself has sat painstakingly brewing a new flavour. As those who are familiar with my review of the wizard’s other flavour, Pipe Potion No. 2 will know how positively I reviewed it. In fact, I loved it so much I purchased the larger bottle with no second thoughts. So Pipe Potion No. 1 has quite the standard to meet.

On first receiving the sample to review, I was once again surprised at the time taken in regards to the presentation of the Wizard’s concoction. Leather thong around the neck of the bottle, the hand stamped wax seal on the child resistant cap. As with the presentation of Pipe Potion No. 1, yet again proves that the blender has taken the time and effort to package the liquid invitingly. After carefully removing the cap and taking my first careful sniff of the scent that escaped the bottle, I was greeted with a rather subtle sweetness that was lavished with the sweet, charred scent of the whiskey mentioned in the manufacturer’s description. After sitting with it for a moment, I am positive I could smell almost syrupy sweetness to the liquid.

Once I had tore myself away from the bottle note, I indulged in the ritual of wrapping new coils for the Velocity RDA, wicking them and ensuring they were well saturated with the amber nectar that was the Pipe Potion before taking my first taste. In the regulated box, I was greeted with the warm, almost charred taste of the Tennessee whiskey on the inhale that mingled perfectly with a smooth, delicate mixture of tobacco flavours that the blender had opted to use, the exhale greeting me with a simply beautiful warmth on the throat. The retrohale greets you with a luxurious sweetness, leaving me with a pleasant first impression.

While trudging my way through journal articles and programming, I spent some quality time with Pipe Potion No. 1 in the Uwell Crown.  I found myself in the same situation as I did with Pipe Potion No. 2. I couldn’t chain vape it like other flavours. I was forced to take my time and savour every moment, and I did exactly that. On lower wattages, the flavour didn’t really present much, a soft blend of tobacco notes with a tender sweetness. However on higher wattages the flavour gets into it’s stride, almost with the same intensity as I experienced on the RDA.

After leaving this liquid to spend some time in my desk drawer while I worked on completing university projects, the flavours mellow slightly but retain their individuality resulting in a simply indulgent interaction of flavours. A liquid I simply cannot put down.

Overall, I find myself in the same position as I did after sampling Pipe Potion Number 2. Pipe Potion No. 1 meets and exceeds the expectations this reviewer had and is nothing short of a credit to it’s blender. Definitely a flavour that has to be tried, even if you aren’t a fan of tobacco flavours or Tennessee whiskey and as such, The Crilly Wizard’s e-liquid offerings are a range that I can passionately and highly recommend. This liquid gets a solid ten from me.

“Witch Doctor” by Hometown Hero

I am in love with this packaging. When you are working your way through a 50ml bottle of e-liquid, there’s plenty of time to get familiar with the presentation of the bottle itself – and this particular bottle by Hometown Hero (featuring artwork by Corathao and Skeez181) is a real joy to admire every time I pick it up. As well as providing recognition for their local artists, Hometown Hero donate a percentage of their profits to those who have created the art on their labels – as well as donating to a US charity (DAV.org) which supports disabled veterans.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Hometown Hero is a veteran-owned manufacturer that operates on the ethos of getting people off cigarettes by providing quality e-liquids at hugely affordable prices. At present, their flavours are available for only $20 (around £14.50) per 50ml bottle – which is outstanding for a premium e-liquid. As yet, they are not available to purchase within the UK or EU. I sincerely hope that this changes soon, as they are stocked in retailers across the US – as well as in other countries, such as Russia and Thailand – and this is definitely a line that you want to have available for purchase on your doorstep.

Hometown Hero’s liquids are all available as 50ml bottles and at a VG:PG ratio of 70:30. Their nicotine strengths range from 0mg to 9mg and all flavours have been certified as being free of Diacetyl.

Today, I’m reviewing ‘Witch Doctor’ – a chocolate and tobacco flavour, described as ‘the best tobacco essence’ with a ‘hint of light milk chocolate’. I’ve been trying this out over the past week (at a strength of 3mg) and have already worked through half of the bottle – it is that delicious.

Before I took on this e-liquid to review, I had yet to find a chocolate flavoured e-liquid that I could manage for more than a few draws. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a vape that leaves a sickly aftertaste – and I often find that chocolate flavours are much too strong and artificial for my liking. As for the tobacco base – this is actually my first e-liquid that is tobacco flavoured. When first coming off cigarettes, I always shied away from vaping something that I felt would never come close to the ‘real thing’. In recent times, I’ve never come across a tobacco e-liquid that I have really wanted to try – until now.

So it was with much trepidation that I first decided to vape ‘Witch Doctor’, as I really didn’t think that it would be my cup of tea. You can imagine my delight when my initial assumptions were proven wrong. The inhale provides a soft, tobacco flavour that is far superior to any analog, with the exhale releasing the sweet – yet subtle – chocolate that just seems to provide the right amount of balance. There is no sickly after taste with this. Better still, there is no hint of artificial milk (you know the taste that I mean – the one normally found with hot chocolate vapes that just tastes wrong). ‘Witch Doctor’ is downright delicious; mellow enough to be enjoyed as an ADV, but with flavours that are pronounced enough to fully appreciate and explore.

I can’t find fault with this e-liquid – and I certainly admire the ethos of Hometown Hero, who are undoubtedly one of the most ethical and best-intentioned manufacturers that I have come across. The only thing that I would request – and this is also on behalf of our readers – is that the product line is made available within the UK so that we can avail of these products with fast, local shipping. In the meantime, I will have to order more of this particular flavour from the US, as I just can’t get enough of it right now.

“French Tobacco” by Simple Vape Co.

Manufacturers Description:

A warm and rich flavour full of texture with nutty undertones and hints of chocolate, caramel and mild spice. Developed with the help of expert tobacconists to deliver a strong sense of flavour and a satisfying draw. Steeped for longer to instil extra body and a long-lasting taste.

As a former smoker of roll ups, I was far too excited to get my mitts on this tobacco offering from the Simple Vape Co.

I’ll be using my Smok Micro R80 with the Little Boy RDA for this test drive, running 50w and 0.2ohms, so nothing strange or startling.

Firstly, let me talk about the packaging; this bottle is classy. It really does scream of that London culture we Northern Irish so desperately try to emulate. A black bottle, black label, with minimalist white text oozes decorum and a touch of the special.

On opening the bottle I instantly get a tobacco hit, it fills the room within seconds – it’s very, very strong. If any chocolate is in there it’s well and truly diluted and overpowered. If this is how the French take their tobacco I’d rather stay in Norn Iron.

On the inhale this juice is unsettling. I can barely describe it without coming across as overly harsh, but I assure you, it’s not pleasant. I love relating flavours to the things we all love – but this time it has to be something we hate.It’s a damp, burnt out, pipe tobacco type flavour that reminds you of that old man in the corner of the pub puffing away on some horrid concoction. He’s probably wearing tweed and has a wife with a beehive for a haircut.

The exhale doesn’t get much better, the flavour is that strong we barely have any room for the juice to develop.

This is the first, and hopefully last, time I have to cut a review short. After 3 or 4 minutes of tasting I’ve had my fill. Job done. Game over. I lose.

This juice is only going to appeal to a very small minority of people, which is disappointing at best. The Simple brand is arguably the most visually attractive I’ve came across, but this elixer doesn’t quite match up.

“CaRnY4” by G2 Vapor

Manufacturers Description: Based on the classic RY4 (vanilla, caramel & tobacco) updated for the modern palate with notes of caramel treats

Butterkist Toffee Popcorn, sticky toffee pudding and proper homemade honeycomb ice cream – any of these could pop into your head when vaping this offering from G2; but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s get a bit of info about the manufacturer. The launch of G2 Vapor was far from premeditated. For G2’s founder, it happened out of necessity. Early in the days of vaping when most liquids where coming out of China, he was lost in the endless search for quality e-liquids. Staying true to his upbringing of there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you put your mind to it, he started to “DIY” for personal use.

Months of studying, testing, mixing, trials, and errors resulted in the creation of two flavors: G2™ and caRnY4™. Excited to finally have juice that was better than the hundreds of e-liquids he had tried before, Clinton sent some samples out to his close friends. Almost immediately the demand exploded, with his friends loving the juice, telling their friends, and creating a domino effect of demand.

Fast forward to now, with me sat on my sofa, pumping arguably far too much juice into me – but I can’t help it, this RY4 blend is too moreish to put down.

Aesthetically the bottle is bang on. My only criticism would be a lack of safety/hazard logos, and possibly an explanation of the RY4 flavouring. To the uninitiated and n00bz alike that could very helpful.

When opening the bottle you get a proper, Mike Tyson-esque uppercut of caramel which is truly fantastic. A slight tint of vanilla makes sure the liquid does exactly what it says on the tin – “vanilla caramel”

I’m using my Smok R80 Micro with the TFV4 Micro tank and STC coil, running between 50w-80w @ 0.3ohm. The juice is 3mg which I believe is max VG, any other strength is 60VG/40PG.

I tried this juice in temperature control mode, but it wasn’t exactly flavorsome. Switching to wattage and I get a completely different experience.

On the inhale I get smooth caramel and vanilla, which can only be likened to a homemade honeycomb ice cream that goes down far too easily. Not much tobacco if any, I really don’t care, but it’s worth noting there’s not much of it in there.

Exhaling the flavour changes, a lot. I’ve moved from a sultry smooth caramel, to a hard hitting, all dancing sticky toffee pudding type flavour. It’s a proper “sat with a coffee, a tank of juice and watching the world go by” vape. It’s almost like those little caramel waffles you get in most coffee shops.

After the exhale I have been left with a little tiny bit of tobacco and vanilla aftertaste that is crying out to be accompanied with another hit of that delicious caramel. It’s definitely moreish, it’s definitely a brilliant flavour all round. The only issue I would have is the lack of tobacco. The juice is top notch as it is, but if you’re looking for a more obvious tobacco flavour caRnY4 falls just short.

Would I buy this juice? Absolutely without a doubt, it wouldn’t be a show stopper, but it’s exceptionally close and definitely one I need to have in my cupboard at all times.

“Carny 4” by G2 Vapor

Welcome to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at another juice from G2 Vapor called “Carny 4”

I have been having a great time recently vaping and reviewing the fruit range from G2 and so far I haven’t had a bad experience yet. Will this one finally be the end of the road for G2? Find out as we get down and dirty with Carny 4.

The presentation of the bottle is your typical USA juice manufacturer style. The label is colourful and features a caramel drizzle oozing onto the Carny 4 name. The glass is a clear bottle with the usual black lid and dropper pipette.

On opening the bottle I am greeted with a somewhat overpowering smell of tobacco which really isn’t to my liking for a start! Obviously as a reviewer I cannot base my own preferences against the product as everything is subjective.

For this review I will be using the IPV4-S with the Atty3 RDA running a dual coil 0.18Ω build and my wattage set to 73W.

On the inhale I am greeted with a “clean” tobacco taste… what I mean by the word clean is probably best described as crisp or fresh tobacco taste. The longer I hold the vapour in for I notice a smooth vanilla essence starting to develop.

On the exhale the vanilla completely vanishes and is almost instantly replaced by a salted caramel which comes from the back of the nose and remains there until you have fully exhaled. Strangely on my next inhale of air I get a little hint of the initial tobacco flavour from my nose again which was a delightful surprise.

Moving on to the important question of whether I would buy this juice once my review sample is finished. In this case purely down to my own personal taste I would have to say no. If however I was a tobacco lover I certainly would buy more as the flavour profile is perfectly blended but just not to my own specific tastes.

“Bravura” by Black Note

Blenders’s Description: ” Air-cured and naturally fermented, Bravura begins with the smooth, rich undertones of the finest red burley, using a centuries-old process to achieve deep, earthy notes with a subtle hints of fruit. Result is a complex, full-bodied vaping experience reminiscent of the world’s premium tobaccos.”
Statistics:  Bravura by Black Note., Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg,  18mg and 24mg strengths,  Available in 7.5ml bottle (as part of Black Note’s “The Notebook” collection  or 30ml single bottle, 50%PG/50%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.5Ω  coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini @ 15 and 30 watts.

Now, before we begin, a quick explanation of what perique tobacco actually is. To my knowledge. Perique is an exotic tobacco hailing exclusively from St. James Parish, Louisiana. The tobacco is fermented in an old Cajun style learned from the Native Americans to create a uniquely fragrant and nicotine punch tobacco. Perique is the strongest of tobacco leafs available, at least as far as I know, with 5% changing the entire complexity of a blend. It is more of a condiment for most blends, being too strong to smoke alone, but is still easy to find if one’s palate is refined. Perique is also known for its pungent aroma.

With that little lesson over and done with, the bottle note of this particular flavour of e-liquid is non-existent. I couldn’t pick up any traces of a scent even after sitting with it for a moment, this liquid definitely keeps its cards close to its chest.

Just a word of warning. This is an absolutely pure and unadulterated tobacco flavour. If you aren’t a tobacco fan, I highly recommended not reading onwards. Feel free to have a gander through the rest of the Belfast Vape Bar. As characteristic of a Perique mixed with Burley as indicated in the manufacturer’s description, it’s quite a full bodied, powerful flavour. The retrohale offers you a very smokey, almost burnt taste on the way out. Higher wattages offering a slight fruitiness.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue through the rest of the tank with this liquid, it is quite a pungent flavour and is definitely better sampled in small intervals. In a dripper this liquid comes into its own and it retains the full flavour it’s advertised with, the higher wattages rewarding you with an even fruitier flavour.

Another important thing I feel must be pointed out is the presentation of this liquid. Due to it being sent to me as part of The Notebook, the presentation is fantastic.

So, at the end of this review what have I learned about this liquid? Well, It’s a very pure tobacco flavour and this sort of intensity is comparable to Marmite. You are either going to love it or hate it.

– It’s like Marmite, you are either going to love this liquid or hate it.

“Pipe Potion No.2” by Crilly Wizard

Manufacturer’s Description: “An oak cask matured potion of distinction, imparting complex bitter-sweet and woodsy tobacco flavours, with a coffee note and subtle candied floral fruit overtones. Giving a full bodied, yet well-rounded aromatic flavour, this is a sensual vape for all discerning e-cigarette or e-pipe users, equally suited to morning coffee or evening whisky alike….”

Statistics: Pipe Potion No. 2 by Crilly Wizard , Available in 0mg, 5mg, 10mg and 15mg strengths, 30ml bottle, 15%PG/85%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.5Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini at 15 and 30 watts.

Now, I must admit this right at the start, as all bias’s should be. I am not one for tobacco flavours, I never have been when it came to vaping. Coming from a pipe smoking background, I have never been able to find a tobacco flavour from any company that adequately replicates the complexity of flavours that a good tobacco could convey. That is, until now.

Also worth note is the presentation of the sample I had received to review, clearly the druid behind this concoction has taken time and put effort into it. The little strap of leather wrapped around the neck of the bottle, a laminated card with a description of the flavour and a note, from the druid to myself, which detailed the process taken to produce such a liquid, the maturing in oak casks, the small batch sizes and even recommending how to approach the liquid and it’s flavours.

Removing the cap from the phial greets you with a subtle array of flavours, a woody, almost smoky scent coming from the time spent in oak casks, a tinge an almost syrupy sweetness, a slightly bitter-sweet topping of tobacco that reminds me of a good cavendish tobacco, just finished slightly with a floral note.

The first few puffs of this liquid were simply pleasant, a warm, smoky flavour of a choice cavendish style tobacco, a slight floral note as the flavour passes the sinuses on the retrohale, the exhale presenting a warm, oaky smoke sort of flavour on the exhale. Sitting with it, the flavour opens up., touches of sweetness, bright notes of what could be likened to a well made coffee.

As I sat and slowly puffed my way through the tank, the flavoured continued to develop, a little bit of a tart sweetness tinging the end of each puff ever so slightly and lingering on the lips, the flavour remains a pleasant mixture of subtle complexities, each little flavour complimenting one another and mingling perfectly.

It is important to note that this is not a flavour to rush through, this is a flavour to sit and savour, as you take your time with it, you will find yourself revelling in the beautiful thick, white clouds of vapour that hang around the room pleasantly, tenderly scenting the air around you with the pleasant scent of this liquid.

One last point I need to make. It isn’t often that I am presented with an opportunity to say this, but this e-liquid is capable of being a compliment to other flavours. If you are sitting with a cappuccino or a fine single malt, you will find yourself being able to enjoy the combination of the flavours, as opposed to tasting one negatively affect the other. It isn’t often that you find an eliquid capable of this.

So, My final thoughts on this liquid are this. Coming from someone who isn’t a fan of tobacco flavours, it is nothing short of sheer perfection, it’s a beautifully fragrant mixture of subtle flavours and nuances that compliment both each other and what you may be pairing it with during your down time. Pipe Potion No. 2 is nothing short than a credit to the druid that created it and I cannot discourage anyone using this as an all day vape, if I had a little keg of this in my office, I would gladly be vaping this regularly. I will be picking up a fresh phial of this very soon.

Description Accuracy: 10
-The description provided on the laminated card perfectly sets up the expectations for this flavour and is highly accurate.

Flavour Intensity: 6
– This isn’t an intense flavour, it is a beautifully subtle mixture of gentle nuances that work together to make the final product.

Vapour Production: 9
-This eliquid is capable of producing beautifully thick, airy clouds of vape that are an absolute pleasure to have lingering in the air afterwards.

Overall: 10

– Yes, It is just that good.
*All Day Vape*