“Cinnsanity” by 5150 eliquids

Welcome back to another Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at “Cinnsanity” by 51.50 liquids in the US of A.

We have had the pleasure of reviewing nearly the entire 5150 range of juices and we are yet to be disappointed by them. Will Cinnsanity be the same? Only time will tell!

I have started to notice over the past few months that US liquids are coming in bottles containing 16ML of juice rather than the 15ml which used to be the case. I although this is a strange thing to see, I have to admit that I really like the idea! Not only are you getting an extra 1ML of juice but you are also able to see that the manufacturer wants you to have a little extra without incurring any further cost!

The presentation of the bottle is pretty cool too. The label is perfectly clear with their company logo being in solid black which appears to be a human face wearing a gas mask! This style of logo really appeals to me as it directs us towards a futuristic time when the world is almost apocalyptic. The only issue I have with the label is that here in the UK it is outlawed as there is no warnings for under 18 sales, No toxic symbols, no batch number, no manufacturing address and no hazardous symbol.

On opening the bottle I am greeted with a nice sweet caramel smell which is almost similar in smell to that of a caramel latte which I am addicted to lol. The liquid is a deep golden brown colour which makes me think even more so that this will be a caramel vape!

For this review I will be running the Troll RDA on the iStick 60w with a 0.41Ohm dual coil build and wattage set to 60W with airflow fully opened.

On the inhale I am getting a Cinnamon taste with a little something else underlying within the mix that reminds me of a review I done a while back for another company! As I hold the vapour in I notice that this secondary flavour tastes more and more like fresh toast that develops further the longer I hold the vapour in.

On the exhale the toast flavour really comes to light and once again mixes with another underlying flavour which I can only describe as a biscuit or cereal taste? Either way it has to be said that the whole flavour profile really ticks all my boxes! I love cinnamon, I love toast and I love cereal.

Flavour: 8/10
Cloud Production: 7/10
Presentation: 3/10 The presentation has to be marked down due to UK law otherwise it would have been a good 7/10

So now I have to ask myself if I would buy this juice once my review sample is finished? Yes I probably would. All the reviews for 5150 have been positive and this one is just yet another positive review! If this was for sale within the UK with the correct legible labelling I certainly would purchase it.

“Cornbread” by Craft Vapery

Another review by Shinx here! This time we are reviewing another liquid by Craft Vapery called “Cornbread” Another one of Craft Vapery’s liquids was reviewed on the site by Foxy and that one was called “It’s Toast“, Now that got a positive review so how does good old Cornbread hold up?

Here’s the description of this juice by Craft Vapery themselves.

Classic, quintessential, and wholesome, this is a good ol’ fashioned, freshly baked cornbread topped with rich honey butter and injected with a dose of the American Dream.
Picture picnic tables, bonfires, and Fourth of July fireworks bursting across the summer sky: this is the good life, plain and simple.

First of all can I say I love the design of this bottle!!! I’ve never seen anything like it yet. Very colourful and the colour on the bottle does match the colour of the liquid which may be a coincidence!

It is stated on the side of the bottle that it is “Crafted With Love In Los Angeles, CA”, also the website which is www.craftvapery.com

All safety information and warnings is given and for example the VG/PG ratio of this juice is 60/40 and the MG strength is 3MG. Looks like we are going to get full on flavour with this one!

For this liquid I’m using the below setup.

Mod: Castigador Dual 18650 Parallel Mech Mod
RDA: Troll RDA by Wotofo. Dual Clapton build coming out at 0.3 ohms.

So lets get into it and open the bottle!!

Oh yummy yummy, it smells like honey! This bombards you with the sweetest most authentic honey smell I have ever had the pleasure to smell! Hints of butter are present also.

Excited I Juiced it up, now lets vape it and see how it tastes!

The inhale I am greeted by a strong cornbread taste with note of spices in there. The spices throw me off a bit and I can’t detect what they are. For me this ruins the initial inhale, I do have confidence in this liquid though so lets see how the exhale fairs out?

On the exhale is when this juice really comes to life and really shows you what it has to offer! The initial inhale of the spicy cornbread is very smoothly mixed together with a sweet but not too sickly honey taste and while holding the vapour in my mouth and exhaling through the nose the aspect of butter is thrown into the mix and is truly delightful!!

Cloud production with this juice is another positive from me! Plenty of dense clouds from my Troll RDA.

Not a bad juice at all! But would I buy this juice when this review bottle is finished?
Yes as a matter of fact I would! I love what Craft Vapery has done with this liquid by creating a unique mix which i haven’t seen anyone else do on the market yet and while I wasn’t quite excited at the aspect of the flavour when I first heard it, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised!!!

Whats the final scores then?

Flavour: 9/10
Cloud production: 8/10
Presentation: 9/10

“Marshy Marsh Mallow” by Vapemeister

Welcome to another review by Shinx! This time we are reviewing a juice from the guys at Vapemeister in Bangor, who kindly supplied us with their Mixology range for the fellow Belfast Vape Bar’ians to try out!

So a big thanks to Phillip over at Vapemeister!

Today we have Marshy Marsh Mallow. Nice original name I like it! Also having a look at the bottle it’s nice plain and simple! Translucent black with the Vapemeister logo and the name of the liquid in front of it. Nicely designed!

Also stated is the nic strength which in this case is 0mg and that this is MAX VG. Very interesting! I asked Phillip himself to get the actual VG ratio of the line.

All of our max VG are full content VG. They only contain 15% of concentrated flavour and 85% of VG.

No distilled water, no PG or anything else. Any nicotine used in the new VG range is also VG based. So there’s no chance of PG unless any contained in the flavour concentrates.”

Straight from the man himself!

Now, to take full advantage of this juice I decided to break out my new toys with a truly awesome build in the RDA! Details are below.

Mod: Paragon Mechanical Mod with a Samsung 25R Battery.
RDA: Velocity RDA full open airflow. Quad coil Clapton build coming out at 0.15ohms.

Opening the bottle I am hit with the childhood smell of toasted marshmallows! This I’m going to like!

Juiced up, I took a deep inhale. Glorious is all I can say! The sweetness of the marshmallows respond to the heat generated by the burning liquid and gives it the authentic taste of a marshmallow roasted by the camp fire.

On the exhale the flavour is very much the same. Nice clean and simple I like that in a liquid! No elaborate flavours present!

What’s cloud production like?

Oh my word this juice is a cloud chasers dream!! On the build I have in my Velocity, I literally cleared the room out! Thick dense fog! Like something you would see in a crappy Horror B Movie! Being a massive cloud chaser myself, I love this juice just for what it can do for Cloud Production!

Final Verdicts then? Would I buy this juice when the bottle I have here is finished??

Yes of course I would! Just for Cloud Production alone this juice is a must have! Flavour is top notch also! Great Job by the guys over at Vapemeister!

Presentation: 9/10 Nice simple design nothing crazy and that’s the way I like it!

Flavour: 9/10 Camp fire roasted marshmallows…..Awesome

Cloud Production: 10/10 What else can i say the best juice I’ve tested for this so far!!

Well that about wraps it up from me! Stay tuned to the BV Bar for the latest and greatest reviews!

“Str8Jacket” by 5150 e-liquid

Well! What do we have today?
We have another review by myself on another premium e liquid and I’m buzzing!

Let’s get started!! This liquid is called “Str8jacket” by a company called 5150 who are based in California and use top of the line ingredients!
This liquid comes in 16ml,32ml and 120ml servings and 0mg,3mg,6mg and 12mg nicotine strength. The one I’m reviewing is 3mg strength

Onto the product itself! The labeling on this bottle is slightly different to the Anti-venom which is a full on label covering 80% or so of the bottle making the information easier to read but leaving enough bottle of the rich golden colour the liquid shows off!

The hardware I’m using for this review is my newly acquired stingray mech mod which this review has been done on and Velocity RDA with a dual 6 wrap 24 gauge coils reading 0.2ohms (my favourite build) and natural cotton!

Lid up – Smooth and subtle sweet custard hit, I was expecting a good strong custard essence but it’s just not there. It’s not going to knock your socks off in terms of cutting edge fragrances but it may be for the better.

Inhale – That smooth flavour from 5150 is there again, The butterscotch gives you a good buttery sensation with a almost liquor throat hit. Beautifully smooth but not a sign of custard anywhere even after few inhales!

Exhale – The rich sweet taste of the oh so famous branded custard we all know overpowers my taste buds and then leaving a un-sickening after taste which iv had with a few other custard Vapes iv tried but I think its down to the butterscotch. Well thought out!

Conclusion – A really good smooth sweet vape! The butterscotch and custard have a chance to be separate entities and then come together to form that final mix which is managed superbly making it a good ADV
I could easily vape this all day and when you buy some of this liquid I guarantee you will not be disappointed! From both of the 5150 liquids I have now reviewed they are a top quality brewer earning the premium liquid title!

Clouds: 7/10

Hope you enjoyed this review and helped in your decision to purchase this fine number! You will not be disappointed and enjoy!

Fog machine

“Mozart” by E-liquid France

Welcome to another review by Shinx. This time we are reviewing a liquid from eliquidFrance called “Mozart” now Mozart has been described as A captivating blend of Red Fruit, Love Apple, Grenadine, Liquorice and Ice Mint created By E-Liquid France in the Nieul Sur Mer region of France.
Quite an interesting flavour combo there! Now the bottle we have is a 6mg strength with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

The bottle itself is nicely designed in a 20ml bottle with a glass dripper incased in a lovely high quality label designed with a picture of Mozart himself on it and all the usual safety warnings etc.

Cracking the bottle open and taking a smell i am hit with the smell of cool fresh mint with a slight hint of liqourice. Now i must say i am not a fan of liquorice but hopefully the other ingredients this juice is bombarded with will make things just a little better!

For this liquid I am using a tank based atomiser with this being a 50/50 ratio liquid.

Mod: Smok XCube II set in TC mode at 500 degrees fahrenheit
Atomiser: Smok TCT Pro 0.15Ω Nickel coil.

So what’s this blend like?

On the inhale the cool mint flows in and hits the back of my throat with a nice sensation. Shortly after I got the tiniest hint of grenadine with the fruity aspects of the apples coming in shortly afterwards. Quite nice actually! Haven’t got the liquorice flavour yet!

Upon exhaling a subtle hint of liquorice is present but it is not overbearing and not too strong that it actually spoils the other flavours. It’s a very smooth exhale packed full of minty goodness with an after taste of fruit left behind in my mouth. I would tend to say the “Red Fruits” in this is Raspberries not too sweet but not too tart!

Looking Good!!!!

So what’s cloud production like? Setting my XCube II to 90w on the Normal Draw setting and taking a deep inhale cloud production aint the best to be honest…but hey! It’s a 50/50 blend juice so I’m not expecting it to break any records!

All in all not a bad juice! I was expecting to hate it with the liquorice being present but to be honest it only adds to the flavour and makes it better!

So would I buy a bottle of this juice when my review bottle is finished?? Sadly no….I find it to be too harsh on the throat but that’s maybe with it being 6mg and a 50/50 mix. Now if they made it in a 70/30 or 80/20 mix in a lower nic strength then yes I would seriously consider buying this!

What are the scores for “Mozart” by eliquidFrance then?

Flavour: 7/10

Aroma: 8/10

Design: 9/10

Cloud Production: 6/10

Well thats it from me!! Stay tuned to the Belfast Vape Bar website for some more AWESOME!!! reviews from the

“Vulture Punch” by Button Junkie

Yet another review by Shinx here! This time we are reviewing “Vulture Punch” made by the guys over at Button Junkie which is a subsidiary of ecigwizard.com

He sits…waiting by the cauldron. A sinister, winged sentinel watching over the bubbling brew of thick, creamy custard. He can almost taste the sweet, ripe strawberries and smell the vapour of caramelised brown sugar with Madagascan vanilla. The vulture knows it won’t be long until his cunning concoction is unleashed on taste-buds everywhere!

Craftily created in the UK, Button Junkie is an outstanding e-juice range. Available in 15 & 30ml glass bottles, complete with a dripper nozzle top. Button Junkie is available exclusively through Ecigwizard within the UK and Ireland. The blend ratio is 70% VG, 30% PG, with unusual blends you won’t find anywhere else – a must have for all you Button Junkies out there!

I must thank Graham who runs the shop in the Buttercrane in Newry for supplying me this bottle of juice for review along with another flavour called Tiger Fire also by Button Junkie. Call in and say Hello if you get the chance!

Now back to the juice in question! The description has gotten me very interested!! Strawberries and Custard? I think I’ve died and went to heaven after hearing this! 2 of my favourite flavours to have in a liquid!
Any vape that has a custard in it is going to get a thumbs up from me so how does this hold up?

First we are going to talk about the artwork and design of the bottle in general. The bottle itself looks very familiar and after looking through my box of liquids i found another like it. Turns out Button Junkie uses exactly the same bottles as Red Vape. Are they part of the same company or is it just a coincidence? Anyway onto the labelling, on the front we have fantastic artwork of a crazy vulture cooking up some juice! along with the writing it really stands out! On the back we are told its a 70/30 juice and this bottle in particular is a 3mg strength. All safety warnings are present etc.

For the purpose of this review we are using the Smok XCube II set at 80w along with the Velocity RDA Clone by Tobeco with Dual Clapton Coils in it reading at 0.25Ω.

So upon opening the bottle I’m hit with the glorious smell of ripe Strawberries along with the creamy smell of the Custard and the distinct smell of the Vanilla hiding in behind the other two aromas.
Sounds great so far!

Juicing up my Velocity and setting the XCube II to 80w we are ready to go!

On the inhale the creaminess of the Custard is the first thing that hits you pair that along with the ripeness of the Strawberries and the sweetness of the Brown Sugar this really is a taste sensation! I didn’t want to let go of the vapour in my mouth!

Upon exhaling the Vanilla pops its head up and mixes with the Strawberries to create yet another awesome flavour combo which simply is to die for! I really am impressed with this juice!

What’s cloud production like? Being a 70% VG juice that kind of says it all really! Tons of Cloudage and real thick dense vapour. The smell is quite pleasant too.

What’s the verdict on this juice would I buy it again after my review sample is finished? Well put it this way I had the bottle nearly finished in a day. In fact i had to add some VG to it to make it last just that little bit longer! What I’m trying to say is YES I’m going as soon as I can to go and buy another couple bottles of this tasty juice!

This is truly another All Day Vape for me!

What’s my final scores on “Vulture Punch” by Button Junkie?

Flavour: 9/10

Aroma: 9/10

Design: 8/10

Cloud Production: 8/10

Well that wraps it up from me again! Stay tuned to the Belfast Vape Bar website for the latest and greatest reviews!!

“Hammer” by Boilermaker

Welcome to another review by Shinx. This time we are reviewing “Hammer” by Boilermaker coming to us the whole way from the state of Michigan, USA
Heres a little bit of info about Boilermaker themselves.

Our mission at Boilermaker Vapor is to create e-liquids that symbolize the strength and fortitude of “Blue Collar” America.

We are committed to creating e-liquid flavors that bring to life the core values that speak to the heart of our nations working class: Quality, Ingenuity and Passion.

Our e-liquids are carefully crafted to provide our vapor customers with flavor experiences that are characteristic of these values. Our commitment is to produce e-liquids of the highest standard of quality, a quality only an “American Born” e-liquid company can meet.
Here at Boilermaker Vapor, we cherish our American Heritage and the responsibilities that come with it, always remembering to “NEVER FORGET WHERE WE CAME FROM”

Quite a nice little spiel from Boilermaker there! I love it! Now, a huge thank you to Boilermaker for sending us their entire line in 30ml bottles. So far we have reviewed Vise, Chisel, Anvil and Rivet. This is one of the final liquids from their line we have to review!

On to the juice itself presentation is excellent! Old fashioned style label with Boilermaker’s fantastic logo on the front. Clearly states VG/PG ratio and Nic strength and in this case its a 50VG/50PG ratio and a 3mg strength.

On the rear of the bottle is a more clearer description of what Hammer is all about.

Powerfully built for making lasting impressions, the loudly accentuated, hard-hitting HAMMER is one you’ll never forget. Thundering in magnanimous layers of crisp vanilla, savoy butternut, and hazelnut toffee. This flavor-dominated, taste-bud pulverizer will blow you away! Sounds yummy! Lets crack ‘er open!!

Now this being a 50/50 based liquid I decided against a RDA and moved to one of my favourite tanks! The Smok TCT Pro!

Mod: Smok XCube II set in temp mode at 500 degrees Fahrenheit
Atomizer: Smok TCT Pro Ni200 Coil 0.15Ω

Juice smells very nice. Strong Vanilla with hints of a nutty toffee.

On the inhale I was greeted by a influx of an awesome vanilla with strong taste of nutty toffee! I wouldn’t call it sweet its more savoury.
Holding the vapour in the mouth for a few seconds the vanilla is more prominent in this juice. Its really very enjoyable.

Impressed so far! What’s the exhale like?

On the exhale the butternut rears its head and mixes beautifully with the vanilla and the sweet hazelnut toffee! An excellent juice for all you sweet sugary lovers out there! The butternut and hazelnuts mixes so well with the savoury vanilla then the toffee comes in to hold everything together with a mild sweetness. Not too strong or sickly.

What my final verdict on this juice then? Would i buy it when my review bottle is finished? Personally yes. While i do like this liquid i do not find it to be an all day vape because after a tank of it i found it to be too overpowering on the throat with it being a 50/50 juice. If this was a 70/30 juice I would gladly vape it all day!
This is the only complaint i have.

What’s the scores then?

Flavour: 8/10 can be quite sickly if you were to vape it all the time

Aroma: 9/10 Vanilla with hints of hazelnuts and toffee.

Design: 9/10 Great design! Love the retro thing Boilermaker have went for!

Cloud Production: 6/10 Being a 50/50 juice this is more for flavour so don’t expect anything ground breaking.

Trust in Shinx when I say this is a pretty good juice and if you have the chance to try it, do so!

“Joyride” by Conviction

Welcome to another liquid review by Foxy.

Today we will be having a look at another juice made by the fantastic Conviction!

Before I start this review I have to say that there is actually 2 of us doing the typing…… my soon to be wife has fostered a little ginger 5 week old kitten who is currently either running across my keyboard or crying to be cuddled lol. So if there is any random typos you can blame scruff lol.

This review is for “Joyride” which I cannot wait to open and inhale! As you know by my previous conviction review I instantly fell in love with “Peelout” and if the last review is anything to go by is it any wonder I can’t wait to vape this stuff.

For the purposes of this review I am using the IPV4 with the Turbo RDA and in addition to this I will be using the Innokin iSub-G tank on the iStick 30w whilst at work.

First let’s get into the dripping experience and then I will come back to this review after work when I’ve vaped all day using a tank.

On opening the bottle I am instantly greeted with the smell of my favourite chocolate spread…. I’ll give you a clue, it starts with nut and ends in tella. There is slightly more of a nutty smell than chocolate but only time will tell when I vape it.

On the inhale I get the perfect note of a really light white chocolate. Imagine if you could get white chocolate whipped until its nice and light like a fluffy whipped cream….. This is what I get! As I hold the vapour in I can get a mild hint of hazelnut which gets stronger by the second until I exhale to get something I didn’t expect to find with “Joyride”.

The exhale the white chocolate flavour has completely vanished and all that remains is a hint of hazelnut and a surprising fruit undertone which after closer inspection is actually blood orange. I never thought the day would have come where I would be vaping on blood orange but today it has and I can’t see why it hasn’t been used before.

I mentioned above that I would fill up a tank and take it to work for the day and see how this juice vapes as an all-day vape. Firstly I have to say that the coil I am using has been in use for about 5 tanks of juice prior to this but the flavour seems to be unaffected by this.

On the tank I would typically do mouth to lung hits rather than direct lung hits. This is for two reasons. Firstly, I cannot blow big clouds in the factory as no doubt I will be responsible for vaping being banned in the work place lol. Secondly, using a tank for mouth to lung hits gives me the best throat hit rather than direct inhales. The Conviction range are all 70/30 VG/PG so with the 30% PG it will illuminate the chances of a dry hit on my coil occurring. On the inhale there seems to be a more intense flavour hit whereby I get both white chocolate and hazelnut on the same breath but when held in for a period of time the flavour diminishes and reappears again on the exhale with that surprising blood orange flavour.

Presentation: 10/10

Cloud production: 8/10

Flavour: 10/10

So will I buy this juice once my review sample runs out? Yes indeed I would. The flavour combination may not be perfect for me but it will make a great vape none the less.

“It’s Toast” by Craft Vapery

Welcome to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at “Its Toast” by Craft Vapery.

I have been looking forward to this review for quite a long time as I had a taste on arrival and then had other reviews in the pipeline to do so this one had to wait.

The presentation of the bottle is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The label contains just 2 colours being pink and white…… I personally like this as it makes the writing clearer without taking anything away from the brand. On opening the bottle I was greeted with a strawberry smell which pleases me to no end as it reminds me of my favourite sweets, giant strawberries by Haribo.

For this review I will be using the KangerTech Subox battery and the Wotofo Atty cubed with my typical 0.28Ω dual coil build set to the 50w maximum for this device.

On the inhale I got a delicious strawberry flavour which tickles the back of my nose and just at the end of the inhale I got a very intense taste of toast which was just perfect! On holding the vapour in for a while the toast flavour vanishes and the strawberry starts to make an appearance again.

The exhale I got the much anticipated taste of the toast coming back in the most delightfully intense way possible with the flavour really hitting me on the tongue and the nose respectively.

The PG/VG ratio is 40/60 PG/VG which isn’t ideal for me as I am not a big fan of PG at all. However when used in a dripper I find that the vapour produced is almost as good as an 80/20 VG/PG mix and I have absolutely no side effects from my PG allergy too.

Presentation: 7/10

Flavour: 9/10

Cloud production: 8/10

So would I buy more of this juice once I have finished this review sample? Yes, and this will be sooner than I would have thought as I have been vaping this delicious juice from before I even started this review lol.

“Venus” by Space Jam

Welcome back to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at “Venus” by Space Jam USA.

This is my first Space Jam liquid review that I have had the pleasure of tasting and I have to say that I am not disappointed at all.
I picked this juice up from Vape Hunter (www.vapehunter.co.uk) here in Belfast for just £10 for a 15ml bottle which all in all is a very competitive price for a USA liquid here in not so sunny Northern Ireland
The Space Jam brand is one of the big boys in the industry which in my own opinion are only towered over by one other US brand which use slightly more VG in their juice range.

For this review I will be using the Sigelei Elite 2 tank on the IPV4-S mod in temperature mode with a 0.15Ω Ni-200 coil set to 20J and 420 degrees. The reason I am using this juice in a tank is purely for the PG/VG ratio of 50/50 which would work better in a tank with a high temperature to replicate using a dripper.

The label on the bottle oozes Space Jam from top to bottom with their signature out of this world design, you can probably tell by now that Venus is named after the planet Venus in our solar system just like the rest of their lines they all have a story behind the name.

On opening the bottle I was greeted with a rather strong smell of peanuts…… Which in my opinion should have a warning symbol for persons suffering from a nut allergy.

On the inhale I am getting a perfect mixture of marshmallow that tastes like I have just roasted it over an open fire mixed with a subtle hint of peanut butter which really starts to make an impact the longer I hold it in.

On the exhale I get a delicious taste of caramel with maybe a hint of Nutmeg? After my vaping experience is over there is a lovely lingering aftertaste of the initial toasted marshmallow which tends to become more flavourful as the seconds pass.

Flavour: 9/10
Cloud production: 5/10
Presentation: 7/10

So would I buy this juice once my sample bottle is finished? Yes, Space Jam are one of the biggest and most trusted US juice manufacturers known within the industry and with that in mind they spend big bucks to provide us with a great vaping experience.