“Zephyr” by Decadent Vapour

Manufacturer’s Description: ”A refreshing and revitalising concoction of bittersweet lemon, lightly tangy botanicals and fizzy sherbet

Statistics: Zephyr by Decadent Vapours., Available in 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8% strengths, Available in 15ml bottles , 40%PG/60%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.45Ω coil mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini @ 15 and 30 watts.

The bottle note of this particular liquid is absolutely enjoyable, reminding me exactly of a lemon sherbet, even down to the imparted fizziness. There was an odd floral note that just poked through the overall scent.

The first initial puffs are also absolutely enjoyable, a bright, lemony taste topped with a light fizziness. Although, this is where it becomes a bit of an odd one. Throughout the entire taste os this wierd flowery taste, like having huffed a bouquet of flowers and while it isn’t entirely unpleasant, it isn’t exactly enjoyable either.

Continuing through the tankful, the retrohale is greeted wiith a slight candied flavour to it,  almost as if there was some syrup added into the mix. Towards the end of the tank, the flavour doesn’t really evolve or impart anything new, however it doesn’t become unpleasant or offensive.

Overall, Zerphy is an enjoyable liquid to puff away at, especially if you are a fan of lemon sherbert but the weird floral notes put me off from enjoying it as an all day vape.

“Kasai” by Cloud Vapor

Hi Folks! Shinx here today we are testing a liquid from a French Company called Cloud Vapor. We were kindly given the entire line for review while down at VapeFest Ireland 2015, so thank you to them!
The liquid we are reviewing today is called “Kasai” so what’s the description of it?

“Cinnamon, vanilla biscuit and pastry cream: a spicy and authentic recipe. Discerning gourmets probably recognize the famous cake with cinnamon Danish.”

Now cinnamon has to be one of my all time vapes! So this one looks sounds promising!

Opening the bottle, I am hit with sweet pastry notes with the unmistakeable smell of cinnamon lurking in the background.

The juice I’m testing today is 3mg and a 70VG/30PG. So it’s an ideal clouding juice for tanks and drippers alike! All safety warnings are present, including the companies address and batch number etc.

For today’s testing I am using a Joyetech eVic VTC Mini with a Atty3 from Wotofo using a triple twisted dual coil coming out at 0.5ohms.

On the inhale the sweet pastry notes are beautifully mixed with the cinnamon and vanilla giving a subtle smooth vape with not too much sweetness and just the right amount of cinnamon to not make it too sickening.

On the exhale the sweet cream is yet again mixed in with the cinnamon which really takes my breath away and reminds me of the cinnamon danish swirls which I love so much! Throughout my vaping experience with this liquid I was certainly not disappointed and it was a smooth satisfying vape throughout!

Cloud production with this juice is excellent and at 75w on my twisted build sent out billows of clouds with the sweet aroma of the vanilla and cinnamon in the air!

So would I buy this juice when this bottle is finished? Yes I certainly would! I have yet to find a vape that is sweet and not too sickly. This truly is an ADV for me as I refuse to get sick of it! It is truly that good! If you like these kind of flavours then I suggest you get online and buy some of this juice now! You will not be disappointed.

Really is as close to a perfect 10 for me, and that’s saying something!!

“Pheonix Tears” by Shijin Vapor

Merry Christmas everyone, Gilters back for another juice review.

Today I’m going to have a look at the liquid line by Shijin Vapor based in California (rather confusing at first as I immediately assumed cheap Chinese rubbish).

So when I first seen this liquid line, I was immediately blown away with it’s presentation box and somewhat unusual bottle designs having a pump system rather than the widely known pipette dropper bottle.

The liquid I have with me here today is known as…

“Pheonix Tears” 3mg

Freshly baked cinnamon sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry cream that will be refreshed with every hit (like jumping into the waters on a hot Summer day.)

Pheonix Tears comes with an 85vg/15 pg blend which is more my style of ratio. The bottle at first I was rather impressed, having that oriental feel to its including the phoenix taking main stage on the design. All the usual markings are easy to read as you would expect.

This bottle has surely been aimed at vaper’s that use drippers over tanks, 2 pumps and your done (no pun intended) but on a more serious note this bottle leaks ridiculously BUT I have seen recently noticed online that these liquids are now available with the favoured pipette system (highly recommend over the pump style).

Time to get pumping, today’s setup is my XCube II set at 100w on the Atty3 rda at 0.21Ω

Smell test on this liquid is nothing like it’s description I’m getting a sweet creamy Banana and strawberry scent, strange I know.

On inhale, God that throat hit is insane for being 3mg let alone I feel like a floating now after three good long pulls, the flavour is a nice rather sweet cream with a subtle strawberry hint.

Exhale has now turned into more of a strawberry milkshake with that creaminess just mixing at the tail end of exhale. The strawberry is for sure bringing out the sweetness in the liquid making this a delightful vape but no cinnamon to be seen anywhere.

So the main question, would I buy this again. Yeah I sure would my bottles now empty after an hours use, though it would have to be in a dropper style bottle and 0mg as that nic is head blowing strong.

“Sweet Tiger” by Cloud Vapor

Manufacturer’s Description: ”Sweet Tiger is the indispensable juice for all gourmands ! A unique recipe strawberry shades coated in a slightly vanilla cream for a “smooth ” effect guaranteed.”

Statistics: Sweet Tiger by Cloud Vapor., Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12 and 18mg strengths, Available in 20ml bottles , 50%PG/50%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.45Ω coil mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini @ 15 and 30 watts.

On the label, this liquid seems to be a pretty sweet deal. Straberries, vanilla and cream are a dream team of flavours. Removing the lid  (Which, it is worth noting is NOT child proof) greets the reviewer with a beautifully juicy, almost tart, strawberry flavour.

However, the opening puffs at this liquid were anything other than beautiful.  They were burnt tasting, smokey and a wierdly synthetic or chemical taste to it and unfortunately it doesn’t get any better from there, especially since the bottle note was so pleasant.

Although, to add another fault to this liquid’s list of them, due to it being fifty/fifty, the vapour production isn’t something to write home about either, the same strange chemical flavour from the bottle hangs in the air and stays on the lips on the exhale.

At the end of this,  unfortunately this is a liquid that I cannot recommend, it’s highly unpleasant and unfortunately just not one I can enjoy nor suggest someone sample.

“Dream Cream” by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Hey peeps Gilters back for another juice review.

This time round we shall be looking at the wonderfully presented line by..

“Charlie’s chalk dust”

These liquids are like no other that I’ve came across to date having what can only be called as an exquisitely finished “matt black/matt white” bottle design, love at first sight comes to mind.

The full line up of liquids have kindly been gave direct from the palms of Charlie’s themselves to us at Belfast Vape Bar whilst attending Vapefest Ireland, and today I have in my hand..


Sounds lush, let’s tuck in and open this bottle. Straight away I get this wonderful creamy,milky fudge but no notes of cinnamon.

So today I shall be using my X cube II at around the 40-50w mark using my TFV4 Mini with the single clapton build deck coming out at 0.6Ω.

Charlie’s Dream Cream is a delectable blend of rich vanilla cream topped with notes of full-bodied fudge, along with delicate hints of cinnamon to finish.

On inhale I get a wonderfully nice and rich creamy vanilla, throat hit is so smooth being 3mg personally I think 6mg would take away that smoothness behind the vanilla.

With the exhale, things begin to mix around and this may sound strange but it almost becomes a BUTTERY vanilla fudge and is certainly a delight, now unfortunately I can’t seem to find any of that cinnamon lurking in the background as I’m rather partial to a subtle cinnamon vape. In saying that the cinnamon isn’t there and this liquid is still magnificent. Two thumbs up.

So as always it comes down to one thing, would I purchase this liquid? Yeah I sure would but the only thing I would say to the guys at Charlie’s Chalk Dust, make a line with max VG equivalent and people will come screaming for more, but don’t let this put you off this divine liquid.

“Bomb Pop” by Decadence E-Liquids

Stevo here with another liquid review, it’s been quite a while since I’ve reviewed something personally  but I’ve got something special to review for you guys! Whilst at Vape Fest Ireland we met so many awesome players in the E-Cigarette Industry who were sporting their wares for the eager punters.

At the Republic of Vape booth we got chatting with a blender who is also the proprietor of Decadence E-Liquids. After an enjoyable lengthy discussion about his superb line of liquids and the vaping industry itself, we were graced with his entire line of liquids for review here at the Belfast Vape Bar so be sure to look them up right here!

We were also given a unicorn bottle of something he’s been working on and now that it’s available for pre-order we can now tell you all what we thought of it.

Bomb Pop is described on Republic of Vape as:

A 150ml bottle filled with sweet and refreshing bursts of Cherry, Lime and Blue Raspberry with a lovely, cool popsicle undertone

The presentation of Bomb Pop is simple and straight to the point, an image of a bomb pop popsicle proudly standing front and centre.

After speaking with the Blender, the official release bottles meet UK health and safety regulations as well as including a childproof lid.

For this review I will be using the Koopor Plus mod with the Alliance V1 RDA freshly built with a dual 0.25Ω set up, judging by the nice thick consistency in the bottle this will definitely be a dripping juice! (70/30 VG Heavy)

Lid up and the crisp sweetness of the blue raspberry is the first aroma to waft from the bottle with subtle lime notes lingering in the background. Expectations are high for the particular liquid based on the quality of the Decadence line of products.

The inhale graces the taste buds with the blue raspberry and lime once more with very slight hints of the cherry. More akin to that of a soda than a popsicle so far…

On the exhale is feels as if my senses are in overload! The flavour of Bomb Pop is so intense that it actually leaves you craving more. The cool popsicle has finally shown itself and blends perfectly with the fruity combination. Personally I haven’t had a Bomb Pop popsicle but if this is what they taste like…..DAMN! I may need to make some enquiries and get the freezer stocked.

Now, would I buy this liquid? I Can safely say that I will be purchasing this as soon as it’s available! As mentioned before, this liquid is available for pre-order on the Republic of Vape website and I cannot stress enough that you pick up 150ml of this liquid asap!

We can do better than just link the store, here is a 10% discount code for this product courtesy of Republic of Vape. We like to take care of you guys!



NB. This is a rather fitting code for the Belfast Vape Bar if I do say so myself.

“Beserker” by Valhalla Vapes

Hey everyone Gilters back and it’s time for another liquid review.

Today we are looking at another liquid from Valhalla Vapes own line.


On hot summers days, the Vikings loved a naughty treat after searching forests they would raid Beehives to find their sweet treat, Honeycomb, sweet & crunchy a true sweet natural treat.

Sounds delightful.

On opening the bottle I’m somewhat grossed out, smelling slightly dirty and sweaty. Definitely not what was expected when you read honeycomb hoping for a nice sweet sugary smell, I’m a little put off before I’ve even dripped.

Today’s setup

X Cube ll – 70w
Royal hunter RDA
Dual coil @ 26g 0.32Ω

So here’s hoping and let’s drip this bad boy and hope this liquid vapes better than it smells that’s for sure.

So on inhale yet again same as before with my previous review of Valhalla Vapes I get pretty much nothing at all here. I’ve played around with wattage up/down to see if I get any change but nope, nothing, I’m seeing a trend here.

On exhale I’m getting some slight floral notes with a very very small hint of honey, not much happening here at all, rather disappointing if I’m honest.

As I’m sure it’s not hard to tell this has been a disappointment, from start to finish it’s fell short that’s for sure.

The only one good thing for this liquid is that it can produce clouds but would I purchase this liquid again, most certainly not, the smell alone had me put off.

“Carny 4” by G2 Vapor

Welcome to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at another juice from G2 Vapor called “Carny 4”

I have been having a great time recently vaping and reviewing the fruit range from G2 and so far I haven’t had a bad experience yet. Will this one finally be the end of the road for G2? Find out as we get down and dirty with Carny 4.

The presentation of the bottle is your typical USA juice manufacturer style. The label is colourful and features a caramel drizzle oozing onto the Carny 4 name. The glass is a clear bottle with the usual black lid and dropper pipette.

On opening the bottle I am greeted with a somewhat overpowering smell of tobacco which really isn’t to my liking for a start! Obviously as a reviewer I cannot base my own preferences against the product as everything is subjective.

For this review I will be using the IPV4-S with the Atty3 RDA running a dual coil 0.18Ω build and my wattage set to 73W.

On the inhale I am greeted with a “clean” tobacco taste… what I mean by the word clean is probably best described as crisp or fresh tobacco taste. The longer I hold the vapour in for I notice a smooth vanilla essence starting to develop.

On the exhale the vanilla completely vanishes and is almost instantly replaced by a salted caramel which comes from the back of the nose and remains there until you have fully exhaled. Strangely on my next inhale of air I get a little hint of the initial tobacco flavour from my nose again which was a delightful surprise.

Moving on to the important question of whether I would buy this juice once my review sample is finished. In this case purely down to my own personal taste I would have to say no. If however I was a tobacco lover I certainly would buy more as the flavour profile is perfectly blended but just not to my own specific tastes.

“White Bull” by G2 Vapor

Welcome back to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

For this review we will be looking at “White Bull” created by G2 Vapor.

As you will know already by now I have reviewed some of their range already and I was most impressed with their flavour profiles. White Bull is one that I have been a tad excited to try as I think the name may indicate that the flavour is somewhat similar to that of a popular energy drink which is known worldwide!

The presentation of the White Bull is different to that of the rest of the range by G2. The glass that the liquid is contained in is brown in colour to help protect the juice from any light thus preserving the juice from getting its delicate flavour profile damaged and spoiling the vaping experience!

On opening the bottle I am greeted with a nice creamy vanilla smell which I have to say does smell a little too sweet for me. It smells a little like the vanilla syrup that one would put into a latte… in saying that though, is there really a sickening vanilla out there?

For this review I will be running the iStick 100W with the Turbo RDA on top using a dual coil 0.32Ω build and airflow fully open.

On the inhale I am greeted with a Banana flavour from the first second of my puff! I mentioned above that the smell of the juice seemed a little too sweet, I am delighted to say that this is not the case at all! Banana based juices need to have that little bit of sweetness to them otherwise I would end up with what’s known as vapers tongue!

On the exhale is where the mix gets really interesting! The juice starts to bring back memories of when I stayed in Canada and one of my Canadian family members made fresh banana bread for us! Yummmmmmy! I could easily class this as an all-day vape for someone and it certainly would be for me!

I have to ask myself the most important question of the review now which is would I buy more of this juice once my review sample is done? I have to say that I would yes! My childhood memories are precious and to find a juice that helps me relive my childhood is just what I have been looking for!