“Refresh” by Anon Juice

Hello again, Stevo here with another liquid review for the Belfast Vape Bar!

Say you have your favourite juice loaded up in an RDA with a tidy build, vaping away all day without a care in the world and suddenly you’ve noticed that the flavour has all but vanished…

You’re a victim of the dreaded Vaper’s Tongue!

Many of us have been there and it’s really not a pleasant experience. After some research into the topic, I stumbled across the article below on the E-Cigarette Direct Ashtray Blog

The Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, what causes it and how to cure it!

You’re not alone! The article above goes into great detail regarding what causes “Vaper’s Tongue” and provides a list of potential cures.

2. Use a stronger flavour – which brings us to today’s review.

“Refresh” which was kindly sent to us from Anon Juice for the purpose of review.

For this review I used the following hardware:

  • Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 80w
  • Vapergate Alliance V2 RDA w/0.2Ω dual build
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Anon Juice describes “Refresh” as “Unlock the jail, let the flavour escape, remove the veil, with the remedy vape.

Need we explain? Not telling the names, the aim of the game, is to use your brain…”

Definitely doesn’t give too much away there, so that leaves only one way to get to the bottom of the flavour!

The bottle design is similar to the rest of the Anon Juice line but this particular product comes in a white frosted bottle with a green variant of their logo. Also included on the label is all the necessary warning marks and list of ingredients.

Also on the label above the name it says “Vaper’s Tongue Remedy” well how about that!

“Refresh” is available in Nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6 and 12mg and has a ratio of 60VG/40PG making this more suited to a tank based atomizer but will run and of course be more flavourful in an RDA.

Lid Up – I was greeted with a fruity minty essence which I haven’t experienced in an e-liquid before…

Being a slightly heavier PG ratio than I would normally vape, a slightly stronger throat hit was expected from “Refresh” but the intensity of the flavour makes that of little concern! A remedy this definitely is for Vaper’s Tongue, minty flavours are highly recommended to combat the ailment.

“Refresh” at first was slightly tricky to pinpoint the precise combination of flavours as there is more than just the icy menthol. There is an underlying almost fruity taste lingering, perhaps the exhale will reveal more…

Exhale, MENTHOL! With a touch of what I’m guessing is lemon and maybe a touch of honey? It genuinely feels like I’m vaping a cough sweet in a yellow/gold packet… “Vaper’s Tongue Remedy” without a doubt, it certainly wakes up the taste buds for that first vape of the day!

Would I buy this? The fact that it’s available in a 100ml bottle, I’m going to say yes!

“Red Dream” by Hometown Hero

It’s time for another vaping trip to Austin, Texas with Hometown Hero Vapor.

From their line, we have reviewed “Witch Doctor“, “Rice Crispy Treat” and “Angel’s Breath” all of which our reviewers were extremely impressed with! In this review, we will be trying out one of their latest concoctions “Red Dream”. Just like the rest of the line, Red Dream comes in a 50ml bottle with a 70VG/30PG blend and in 3mg of nicotine.

Blenders Description:

“We have always been in love with the strawberry cream and kettle corn sold in bags at shopping malls all over the US. This flavor is dedicated to that mouth watering flavor and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

Kettle corn you say…..

A little google search was needed to be honest, this is something I’ve heard mentioned on American TV shows and have heard friends from the states talking about, but it’s not something I ever gave much thought to flavour-wise. So apparently kettle corn is just popcorn! Well I never.

For this review I will be using the following hardware:

  • Vapergate Alliance V2 RDA w/0.2Ω dual coil build
  • Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 80w

Lid-up and we are instantly welcomed with a sweet, almost buttery like essence with only subtle notes of strawberry lingering in the background…

The Alliance V2 has been freshly built with some Kendo Vape Cotton and we’re good to go! Time for the inhale, the strawberry has made it’s presence well and truly known. At first, I thought the pairing with kettle corn was a little unusual but strangely enough, it compliments the strawberry and makes for a delicious inhale. The strawberry is also rather creamy and not sickly, with other fruit or strawberry vapes in the past they have had chemical like aftertastes.

The exhale delights the taste buds with the same delicious sweet strawberry now with creamier notes. Also the kettle corn is more prominent, further emphasizing how well these two flavours work together. When I first read the description for “Red Dream” it sounded like your standard strawberry flavoured liquid with a bizarre extra thrown in, with 50ml vaped rather quickly I can safely say that is not the case!

Would I buy this product? This is definitely a yes! In fact, there is already more on the way 😉

“Witch Doctor” by Hometown Hero

I am in love with this packaging. When you are working your way through a 50ml bottle of e-liquid, there’s plenty of time to get familiar with the presentation of the bottle itself – and this particular bottle by Hometown Hero (featuring artwork by Corathao and Skeez181) is a real joy to admire every time I pick it up. As well as providing recognition for their local artists, Hometown Hero donate a percentage of their profits to those who have created the art on their labels – as well as donating to a US charity (DAV.org) which supports disabled veterans.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Hometown Hero is a veteran-owned manufacturer that operates on the ethos of getting people off cigarettes by providing quality e-liquids at hugely affordable prices. At present, their flavours are available for only $20 (around £14.50) per 50ml bottle – which is outstanding for a premium e-liquid. As yet, they are not available to purchase within the UK or EU. I sincerely hope that this changes soon, as they are stocked in retailers across the US – as well as in other countries, such as Russia and Thailand – and this is definitely a line that you want to have available for purchase on your doorstep.

Hometown Hero’s liquids are all available as 50ml bottles and at a VG:PG ratio of 70:30. Their nicotine strengths range from 0mg to 9mg and all flavours have been certified as being free of Diacetyl.

Today, I’m reviewing ‘Witch Doctor’ – a chocolate and tobacco flavour, described as ‘the best tobacco essence’ with a ‘hint of light milk chocolate’. I’ve been trying this out over the past week (at a strength of 3mg) and have already worked through half of the bottle – it is that delicious.

Before I took on this e-liquid to review, I had yet to find a chocolate flavoured e-liquid that I could manage for more than a few draws. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a vape that leaves a sickly aftertaste – and I often find that chocolate flavours are much too strong and artificial for my liking. As for the tobacco base – this is actually my first e-liquid that is tobacco flavoured. When first coming off cigarettes, I always shied away from vaping something that I felt would never come close to the ‘real thing’. In recent times, I’ve never come across a tobacco e-liquid that I have really wanted to try – until now.

So it was with much trepidation that I first decided to vape ‘Witch Doctor’, as I really didn’t think that it would be my cup of tea. You can imagine my delight when my initial assumptions were proven wrong. The inhale provides a soft, tobacco flavour that is far superior to any analog, with the exhale releasing the sweet – yet subtle – chocolate that just seems to provide the right amount of balance. There is no sickly after taste with this. Better still, there is no hint of artificial milk (you know the taste that I mean – the one normally found with hot chocolate vapes that just tastes wrong). ‘Witch Doctor’ is downright delicious; mellow enough to be enjoyed as an ADV, but with flavours that are pronounced enough to fully appreciate and explore.

I can’t find fault with this e-liquid – and I certainly admire the ethos of Hometown Hero, who are undoubtedly one of the most ethical and best-intentioned manufacturers that I have come across. The only thing that I would request – and this is also on behalf of our readers – is that the product line is made available within the UK so that we can avail of these products with fast, local shipping. In the meantime, I will have to order more of this particular flavour from the US, as I just can’t get enough of it right now.

“Red Cluster” by The Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey

Manufacturers Description:

GM 24/7 was created for long term vapers as alternative to the higher priced imported juices. This blend has a very creamy buttery base with a small twist of red berries no added sweeteners and carefully blended ratios make this extremely palatable and a great all day vape.

This big bottle of beautiful berries is something out of the ordinary for juices at this price range. With a whopping 120mls coming in at a cool £25 you get a lot of liquid to drip ’til you drop.

I’ll be using my Smok Micro R80 with my Mutation X V4 RDA at around 0.3ohms. I found this juice rocks best at low wattages so my range is between 25w and 50w.

I have here a 10ml bottle of Red Cluster which is a 70/30 blend – which, on first sniff, is fantastic. I get a genuinely fruity smell off this juice, not the more common, sugar packed, syrupy fruit smell we’re more used to seeing from juices.

Packaging is basic, but this is to be expected when the aim of this juice is to be a more cost effective alternative to expensive imports. Like my mother says, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. That being said, hazard warnings, blend information and best before date are all on there – albeit small.

On the inhale this juice is great, really properly fantastic, I do genuinely love it. It’s creamy, smooth, sweet, but not sickly. A melody of mixed berries bounces around your mouth without being obscene. The flavour profile reminds you of something, but you’re not quite sure until the exhale.

I find me wanting to exhale slowly to savour the flavour, and it becomes clear. What we’re dealing with here is a liquid drumstick lollipop. That creamy, raspberry/strawberry mix is unmistakable. This juice brings me back to the local corner shop as a kid when sweets were actually delicious and value for money at the same time.

You’re left with a smooth flavour that really is perfect for all day vaping. That huge 120ml only bottle is making sense. Similar juices to this that I’ve tried have left me with a dry mouth, but not this. The flavour lurks about and fades into the background without drama.

This juice is a real crowd pleaser, a true all day vape. I’d like to see a little better packaging, but the aim of this juice is to provide flavour and nothing else, and they’ve hit the nail on the head.

Normally I would asked the question, “would I buy this juice?” but on this occasion I feel the question needs to be:

Why would you not buy this juice?

“Mauna Kea” by Adirondack Vapour

Well! What do we have today?

This time it’s a max vg juice from old yank ville USA!

Let’s get started!! This liquid is named Mauna Kea from Adirondack Vapour located in upstate New York.

Adirondack description – A wonderful mix of fresh strawberries, a subtle hint of dark chocolate, and a wisp of sweet mint make up Mauna Kea. It is finished with a smooth cream to really round everything out.

This liquid comes in 30ml, 120ml and 250ml servings with only the 30ml’s come in a glass bottle. Nicotine strengths are 0mg, 1.5mg 3mg,6mg and only come in max VG ratios! Sounds good to me already! The nicotine strength on my sample is of 0mg content.

Onto the bottle, it’s your usual glass bottle as it’s the 30ml version and has a good sturdy feel to it, almost as if it’s a thicker glass. Labeling is pretty much basic and easy to read, all your usual information is there with the warnings and contents etc. Really digging the mountain backdrop it hosts on the label.

The hardware I’m using for this review is my Uwell Crown and the workhorse sigelei 150w, this thing really refuses to give up or give me a problem!

Lid up – I’m getting a rich smooth chocolate smell with a mild mint backing it up. The texture of this juice Is crazy thick and the pipette really struggles to absorb any of it making it annoying when trying to fill my tank but then it is a max VG ratio! The way round it which I only found out recently by a fellow reviewer is to warm the bottle up and the liquid gets thinner which made it a lot easier when using the pipette!

On the inhale – The chocolate in this product really intensifies and shows itself without the usual burnt taste you get off other chocolate samples I’ve tested! Win! No sign of the strawberry and mint that’s advertised in the description but that could change on the exhale…

Onto the exhale – Yeah hmm a huge amount of vapour! Flavour wise it has changed completely and now my taste buds are going crazy with a rich cream smooth strawberry taste, almost mouth watering! Also after a few seconds you start to get the chocolate and mint finishing this vape off leaving me want to go for more!

Conclusion – Would I buy this? Yes I would as this is the first juice that has contained chocolate and managed to perfect it! Full 30ml has disappeared in the space of a few hours, it’s that good! Also the cloud production is crazy but sure you’re going to get that with it being a max vg formula and not hindering the taste.

The only downside is  filling up the pipette, it would probably be easier if they changed it to plastic squeezable bottle. Maybe this is why the 120ml and 250ml comes with that feature. All in all a must have juice you should carry in your arsenal!

We hope you enjoyed the review and don’t forget to check the other reviews on the site.


“Crave” by Decadence E-liquid

“…Decadence is about savouring deeply rich, bold flavors and letting my passion for that come through for everyone to enjoy.” – James Davitt (Proprietor)

Today I am doing a review of ‘Crave’ by Decadence E-Liquid, a gourmet flavour from their bespoke collection. As you can immediately appreciate from the design of the bottle and packaging, this is a classy brand that clearly tailors its range towards those with a taste for finer flavours.

Firstly, I’d like to share a bit about the company as there is limited information available online whilst their website is preparing to go live. For me, the ethos of the manufacturer holds just as much importance as the quality of the end-product itself; this probably stems from the ethical practices that come with vaping – something that you become acutely aware of when distanced from the tobacco industry.

The key aim of Decadence is to provide unique, quality flavours within a market that is fast becoming saturated with mass-produced, gimmicky tastes that lack creativity or original thought. To a smoker seeking to enter into the world of vaping, the choice of flavours can be intimidating. Worryingly, there is a disproportionate amount of cheap, unfulfilling flavours that would send any would-be vaper running back to the consistent taste of their usual tobacco brand.

Thus, companies such as Decadence seek to provide high-quality mixes that remain consistent in both quality and taste. What is really special about Decadence, however, is that James – the brains behind the operation – has spent most of his life working as a chef. Experimenting with flavour is truly his forté, and his range of e-liquids echoes the honest flavours that one could expect from the professional taste palate of an experienced chef.

There are only a small range of flavours available by Decadence – and this signifies the time and effort that James has spent in crafting the flavours that he deems to be of the quality expected of a company such as his. Each of the flavours available has been made in tribute to something that holds particular meaning to him, and ‘Crave’ is no different. James describes Crave as a tribute to his upbringing in New York city, hailing fond memories of ice cream parlours, candy shops and cream sodas. It is a testament to him that he takes inspiration from his roots and generously shares the flavours that he loved as a boy with an audience of vapers who will also hold a nostalgic love of these authentic tastes.

I have been using Crave over the past week at a nicotine strength of 3mg. It is a 30:70 PG/VG ratio and this e-liquid, as with the rest of their range, is available in a 30ml bottle. The flavour is described as ‘a cotton candy cream soda bursting with fruit flavours that pop in your mouth.’ I’m not normally a fan of fruit-based e-liquids, but I chose this one as I was intrigued by the cotton candy cream soda profile.

After consistent use of this e-liquid, I am hooked on the depth that this flavour offers. On a warmer inhale, the cotton candy flavour is wonderfully authentic, with underlying tones of caramelised sugar. The exhale brings overtones of fruitiness, providing a refreshing contrast that compliments the sweetness of the cotton candy. Without these fruit tones, there would be a danger of this flavour becoming overbearing in its sweetness. However, Decadence have reached a perfect balance between the sweet flavours of the cotton candy cream soda and the tartness of the fruit.

You can clearly taste that this is a tribute towards the flavours loved throughout one’s childhood. With the smell and flavour of ‘Crave’, I was transported back to memories of fairgrounds and warm summer evenings. Before trying this e-liquid, I assumed that the title of ‘Crave’ related to the indulgent meaning of the brand name ‘Decadence’. After a week of vaping this, I’ve changed my mind.

To me, this makes one crave the innocence and simplicity of one’s childhood days and is a most nostalgic and thought-provoking flavour. There is nothing gimmicky here – only authentic, honest and true flavour. Each vape brings a depth that allows you to explore the different tastes that present themselves and I have yet to tire of this juice.

I have still to try the other flavours available by Decadence, but I am so excited to do so. James has created something unique with ‘Crave’, and his sincerity as a creator comes through strongly with this product. If the work that has been put into crafting this is anything to go by, the rest of the range will be something to truly appreciate. Decadence E-Liquid is not only of the highest quality with real honesty in its ethos, but is a range that will be truly fascinating to explore. I cannot wait to try more.