Primero by Vapergate

It’s time for another hardware review here at the Belfast Vape Bar. This product was for sent to us for the purpose of review from Vapergate, the same people who brought us the Alliance series of drippers, Mason series of drippers and of course the Dump Tanks. The folks at Vapergate has just released their latest innovation, the Primero RDA.

Vapergate list the following specs of their new RDA:

  • 3 interchangeable airflow post options
  • AFC deck ring
  • Gold plated grub screws
  • Solid copper 510 connection

The Primero is available in two sizes, 24 and 30mm and comes in a polished steel finish. This RDA is aimed at you flavour chasers out there. With its airflow located between the velocity style posts being drawn from the bottom.

The packaging is a little different from what we’re used to from Vapergate but includes most of the usual suspects (minus the Bobwire and Cotton Bacon).

The packaging includes:

  • X1 Primero 24mm RDA
  • 2 premiere acrylic drip tips included
  • T style torque wrench
  • Replacement grub screws and o-rings

Quote regarding the Primero RDA from the Vapergate website “Not the average dripper that’s for sure: center air flow and a sealed cap design. This is definitely a casual vape and not intended for massive cloud production“. This is a change of pace from the people who brought us some of the quintessential cloud chasing atomizers, it is also quite refreshing to see that the company has taken the flavour chasers out there into consideration.

Before Vapergate made hardware, they were first and foremost a juice manufacturing outfit. Releasing a piece of hardware that is aimed directly at flavour chasers appears to be a precise move on their part.

It’s time to take a look at the build deck of the Primero. As you can, there is something a little different in between those velocity-style posts. You’re correct, that is the airflow from being drawn in from the base and directed at the coils!

As mentioned previous, the Primero deck hosts velocity style posts with 2.5mm post holes which can support almost any build you throw at it. However, Vapergate recommends 24/26g standard kanthal builds. Smaller builds allow for less heat to build up inside the cap of the RDA and help enrich the flavour.

Airflow – Compared to the other RDAs from the Vapergate catalog, the Primero definitely has the smallest, which leads to the tighter and slightly more restrictive vape. By design and by no means a flaw. The airflow can be adjusted and stops at either side with just the right amount of resistance.

The airflow control ring can be removed for that more thorough cleaning.

Onto a build in the deck itself, the first few attempts weren’t anything worth talking about…

Although, with any new atomizer, there is always a period of reflection so to speak regarding builds and after a conversation with Yosh from Vapergate a fresh 24g build with 7 wraps around a 3.5mm jig and some fresh cotton lead to a substantially better vaping experience. When positioning the coils after screwing in the posts, make sure there is enough space between the coil and the airflow hole – failing to do so will lead to slight turbulence whilst vaping.

Due to the steel construction of this RDA, chain vaping will lead to heat building up inside the cap. Smaller builds are highly recommended. Designed for the casual vapers out there so this shouldn’t be a major con.

Please excuse the build, it’s been quite some time since we’ve worked with a thinner gauge of standard kanthal. The majority of modern tanks of RDAs take more brutish builds, the Primero favors a more elegant build which appeals to those who seek a combination of vapour production and flavour.

Flavour? This RDA stacks it! Freshly juice with some of the blue stuff from Vapergate and vaping at 60w really brings out that delicious blue raspberry. Neither a hot nor cold vape, making this ideal for an all day vape. The design of this RDA allows for so much juice without leaking. However, the top cap can be tricky at times to remove with taking off your mod.

For all of you mech users out there. The 510 pin on the Primero is hybrid compatible, both the 24 and 30mm both will sit rather nicely on a polished steel mech mod.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Vapergate Facebook page for upcoming developments…

Now for some pros and cons regarding the Primero RDA from Vapergate.


  • Innovative airflow
  • Great flavour
  • Sleek yet functional design
  • Hybrid compatible
  • Only one colour available


  • Polished finish = fingerprint magnet
  • Top cap can occasionally be difficult to remove
  • Coils placed too close to airflow causes turbulence

All that being said, would I go out and buy this RDA?

The market is oversaturated with dripping atomizers with massive airflow which are primarily designed for gargantuan builds, it’s great to take a step back and enjoy an RDA which caters to those of us who want the best of both flavour and vapour. In conclusion, yes I would buy this product.

Goon 24mm by 528 Custom Vapes

528 Logo

It’s been a while but the Belfast Vape Bar is back with another hardware review. Today we will be reviewing the extremely popular Goon 24mm RDA from 528 Custom. This RDA is a collaboration of Blueeyedgoon83 and 528 Custom Vapes who have teamed up to bring us this rather extraordinary atomizer.


  • Innovative two-post build deck utilizing clamps
  • Beveled top cap
  • PEEK insulators
  • Hybrid compatible 520 pin
  • Adjustable airflow form six 3mm holes

Let’s start off by looking at what’s included with the 528 Custom Goon 24mm RDA:

  • Goon RDA
  • Black delrin friction-fit wide-bore drip tip
  • Cloth pouch
  • x4 extra bridge post-screws
  • x2 extra deck o-rings
  • x2 extra airflow controller o-rings

This product was purchased from UK based vendors Vaping 101 for £54.49 which includes free postage within the United Kingdom and if ordered before 2pm, your order will be dispatched the same day.


The Goon is available in five different finishes, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Black and Titanium (limited edition) we opted for the black as it looks superb on the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 device.

Let’s start by looking at the outside of this RDA before talking about the innovative deck design. The Goon sports a six hole (3mm) air-flow design which can be adjusted via the top cap so the user can choose which is best for their build. With the airflow wide open across all six hole, the vape is very smooth and satisfying for those higher powered builds. Although, once the last air hole is closed off, it starts to re-open again on the other side which is not ideal for single coil builds.

Goon Review 012

Let’s dive down and check out that Goon deck that everyone is talking about! The posts have a clamp design which is perfect for almost every type of build you can throw at it. Note, this is not the first atomizer to use the clam-style deck but the Goon is the largest to date. The posts on the deck are gold-plated to allow for great conductivity. At their widest the clamps open to roughly 3.75mm which means you can throw some serious builds in the deck.

For cleaning, the Goon can be completely disassembled with ease. 528 Custom include two different tips with the Goon depending on your preference. We found that with heavier builds for higher wattages, the smaller tip heated up quickly so the thicker one is better. Using the thicker tip does however cover the 528 Custom Vapes logo on the top but this is a purely aesthetic con.

The Goon hosts a roughly 5mm deep juice well so you can get a nice amount of wicking in your builds without the need for excessive dripping. A lot of time has been spent in the initial design phase of this product as almost all of the bases have been covered for what makes a truly great RDA.

As mentioned in the product description above, the 510 pin protrudes and is hybrid compatible.

The build we used for testing of this product were flattened fused claptons reading at 0.16Ω running at 130w, airflow wide open and the flavour was phenomenal! The clamp design of the deck makes building in the Goon a breeze and allows for all manner of builds to be used.

Would we buy this product again? The price of the Goon starts at £50 for the brass/copper versions and up to £127.99 for the Limited Edition Titanium. For a product of this quality, it’s a solid yes from the Belfast Vape Bar team! Great clouds matched with flavour you would expect from that sticker price. Let’s end this review with some pros/cons of the Goon 24mm RDA by 528 Custom Vapes:


  • Clamp-style posts for large variety of build compatibility
  • Posts are gold-plated to improve conductivity
  • 5mm Juice well allows for sufficient wicking
  • Includes thin and thick tips
  • Aesthetically pleasing on your mod


  • Can leak if over-dripped
  • No 510 drip tip adapter
  • Spares parts are scarce

Mason Dump Tank 40mm by Vapergate

Time for another hardware review here at the Belfast Vape Bar. This time we have something rather large – 40mm, to be precise. Massive! Today we are reviewing the 40mm variant Mason ‘Dump Tank’ RTA by Vapergate. The Mason was sent to us by Vapergate themselves so that we could get a review up for you all before these go on public sale on the 21st August. So let’s get down to business and have a look.

Having a quick look over the packaging, Vapergate have gone with their good old, brick look. Although this time, in white – as the Mason normally comes in a black box. Flipping it over, you can see all of the specs and relevant information too.


  • 30mm Build Deck
  • 3mm Post Holes
  • 17ml Juice Capacity

Opening up the box, I’m greeted by the monstrosity that is the stainless steel Dump Tank. Along with the drip tip and spare glass, it’s all bundled up in padding layered with a nice, standout red felt. I have to say that the guys at Vapergate definitely know how to make their equipment stand out.

So let’s grab this Dump Tank and have a look over it. The first thing that is immediately noticeable is that this is a very heavy piece of kit. Scanning over it, all I can think is that it’s a piece of beautifully-machined excellence. I’m going to take it apart and we can look at the inside.

So as per usual we screw the top off and the build chamber barrel comes off and… holy build-deck batman. This thing has a 30mm, 2-post build deck, like the Mason Gemini. But with a 30mm deck, this means it’s time to build. Let’s have a look and see what I can do with this bad boy.

So for this, I’m going to use a DNA 200 along with some 20 awg Mad Rabbit, low-resistance wire – just to see how much fun I can have and to make sure that it chucks clouds for days. I’m going to wrap the coils around a 5mm bit, just so that I can get loads of cotton into the build to try and prevent leaking.

In the end, I went with 8 wraps and it lights up perfectly. I’m using the good old Cotton Bacon today. Although it’s already my go-to generally, Cotton Bacon has an affiliation with Vapergate themselves – so when you purchase a Mason, you’ll get a small packet with it.

One thing I’ve liked about the Mason series is the massive airflow. This monster is airflow city. If I’m honest, I’m just going to hit this at 150 watts in the hopes of not getting a dry hit. Although in saying that, it’s juiced up well – so all will hopefully be OK. With a DNA, it’s just all ‘go’ with no ramp up and no home – it’s incredible. At 150 watts, you’d obviously expect a seriously warm hit, but with all of the airflow you wouldn’t even notice.

So sod it, let’s try the full 200 watts…… Easy. The airflow on this makes vaping at extreme wattages like a casual walk in the park.

All in all, this is 100% a must buy if you can get over the sheer size of it. I’ll more than likely whip one of these out in any of my upcoming competitions.


  • Large juice capacity
  • Solid construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to build and wick


  • Drip tip restricts airflow
  • Hex screws would have been preferred

Mason Gemini II 30mm by Vapergate

Hello and welcome to another review from the Belfast Vape Bar. Today, I’m delighted to be reviewing one of the Mason Gemini series. This is Vapergate’s latest RDA line, which are available in two sizes of 24mm and 30mm.

Today’s review will be on the 30mm version of the Gemini Mason – the review for the 24mm will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for that.

The official blurb for this product is as follows:

From the makers of the Alliance V1 & V2, 28.5mm Bagboy’s, and the enormous 46mm Fat Boy, Vapergate brings you the Gemini Series Mason RDAs. The only difference in the Geminis and the original Mason RDAs are that the Geminis are a 2 post design. The original masons are a 3 and 4 post design. The two post, velocity style deck of the Geminis is currently available in 24mm and 30mm sizes, in both a black pewter and a stainless steel finishes. The concept behind the Mason series is simple: get back to basics.

And that’s what they have done!

Let’s see what’s inside:

  • 30mm stainless steel deck
  • Square insulated T post
  • Velocity-style post design
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Sample pack of Bob Wire (by Vapergate)
  • Bag of spare parts (O-Rings, screws, screwdriver)
  • Sample pack of Cotton Bacon’s Bacon Bits (by Wick N Vape)
  • A RED screwdriver (a lot of time went into sourcing these according to Vapergate)

With the RDA taken apart, you can see the more than spacious build deck that is an absolute breeze to build in. The juice well is a very deep well (7mm) – which is great, as this will allow for a lot of juice to be added to the coils and a huge amount of cotton to be used. The o-rings on the deck are nice and thick, which keeps the top cap on tightly. I have to say, the machining on this RDA is exceptional – as with all of the Vapergate products I’ve tried so far.

Note: The 510 pin on the Mason is copper for maximum conductivity. To top it off, the pin protrudes so it’s safe to run on a hybrid mod.

Now, I just want to take a second to put some emphasis on the accessories that come with Vapergate products. The sample pack of Cotton Bacon and 22g bob wire by Vapergate is fantastic and really adds to the value of their products. If you don’t already know, Cotton Bacon is a very nice cotton that is really good to intensify flavour. Bob Wire by Vapergate is a highly refined, nichrome-based material that aims towards face-smashing flavour.

The Mason RDA comes with both a delrin plastic and a metal wide-bore drip tip. This is great, because I personally don’t like metal drip tips – it’s always a bonus when an RDA already comes with the option. This also helps when it comes to heat dissipation for low builds.

Aesthetically, this is a stunning RDA that is definitely made for the cloud chasers among us. But if you aren’t a cloud chaser, don’t worry! Vapergate have got you covered when it comes to flavour, as this RDA is still superb on that front. The vapour production is insane on the Mason Series and the airflow is consistent – simple, but more than sufficient for cloud chasing.

Time to lay out the pros and cons of this RDA:


  • Huge build deck
  • Large post holes
  • Comes with two drip tips of different materials
  • Made with high-quality materials


  • I would prefer hex screws and not star-head screws

Would I buy this product?

100 times over I would buy this again. The build quality and contents of this RDA makes it a contender for being my all-time favourite RDA to date. Vapergate never fail to impress us here at the Belfast Vape Bar and we always look forward to the next instalment in their impressive series of products.

Shuriken RDA by Cthulhu Mod

Time for another hardware review! This is an RDA from Cthulhu – the Shuriken RDA.

“From the makers of the Cthulhu RTA, the Hastur RDA and the Hastur RDTA comes the Shuriken RDA.”

Featuring a patented dual-post deck with massive post holes (2.5mm x 2.8mm), the Cthulhu Mod Shuriken RDA makes building a breeze. With this RDA, you will easily be able to fit massive clapton coils (or whatever you choose) for great flavour and great clouds.


  • WIDTH: 22mm / 0.87 in
  • HEIGHT: 31.6mm / 1.24 in (with drip tip)
  • DEPTH of Juice Well: 6.52 mm / 0.26 in
  • Supports dual coil and single coil
  • Anti-snip design.

The packaging is a small, plastic box with a foam insert holding the RDA, the 510 adapter and the second airflow ring. On top of the RDA, you’ll find spare O-rings and an Allen key enclosed in separate packaging.

On first look at the RDA, you can see that it’s a very simple design with a plastic, wide bore drip-tip (just like the Hastur RDA). Cthulhu has kept it simple with nothing too fancy in the aesthetic design.

Now let’s have a deeper look.

Taking the cap off this RDA, the top cap feels very lightweight and almost flimsy as the metal is thin – but this will not affect the performance of the RDA. Looking at the deck, however, is where this gets unique. The build deck is a patented design, with one screw in the middle. I actually like this design as it grants enough room for bigger coils and makes for a pleasant building experience.

There are 2 different air-flow options on the RDA. It comes with 2 rings that slot over the top cap to provide either full or restrictive air-flow options. I prefer the lesser of the two, as it is just perfect for my style of vaping. This can also be set in a single-coil configuration.

Now to the performance.

The flavour from this RDA is exceptional as it has the smaller airflow option which is definitely
catered towards flavour-chasers. It gives off a very nice flavour but does not compromise on clouds too much. The stronger point of the two is definitely in favour of the cloud chasers, as I found the flavour is slightly muted with this installed.


  • Posts are a joy to work on
  • Deep juice well
  • Delrin top cap
  • 510 driptip adapter included
  • Two airflow rings included for added configuration options
  • Both dual and single coil


  • Airflow holes should be able to facilitate less than 4 holes on both sides
  • Top cap sometimes loosens itself – making the airflow ring spin
  • O-rings could be slightly thicker

Now for the big question would I buy this again?

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to say no – although this is just a personal opinion due to the quality of the build. I find it slightly too flimsy for my own preference. This won’t be the same for everyone’s opinion, and I can safely say that if you can look past that then this is a very well-performing RDA and for the cheap price of only £27.00 + postage, this will certainly fit into most budgets.

Goblin Mini v3 by UD

Hello, and welcome to another review from the Belfast Vape Bar. Today, we are reviewing the Goblin Mini V3 RTA from UD. We have been sent this item direct from UD for the purpose of review. Let’s not waste any time and jump straight in.

This is the description I found for the RTA:

“UD Goblin Mini V3 RTA Atomizer – SS is a new and updated atomizer by UD with 2mL e-liquid capacity. It featured with advanced airflow system, velocity deck and side velocity deck, top fill and juice flow control. As a potential best-seller, it provides and produces huge vapour and nice flavour.”

Box includes:

  • x1 UD Goblin Mini V3 Atomizer with velocity deck
  • x1 Side deck
  • x1 Insulator drip tip
  • x1 Spare Pyrex glass tube
  • x1 Accessory kit


  • Height: 33mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • RBA deck diameter: 16mm
  • Capacity: 2mL (Extension tube can be purchased separately for 4mL)
    Thread type: 510 thread

The Goblin Mini v3 is an impressive mini atomizer. To be honest, this is normally a no-go for myself – I have never been a fan of mini RTAs as I find they get very warm and generally don’t vape well. But – to my surprise – after prolonged vaping on the Goblin, I am impressed. The size of this tank is good and the airflow is still airy enough to get decent vapour production from. The build quality of this tank is nice and solid, made with 304 stainless steel and is well machined. I’m relieved to say that there’s no smell of machine oil at all.

As mentioned above, the Goblin RTA has a capacity for 2ml of liquid, with the option to buy and upgrade to make it 4 ml (which makes the tank TPD compliant).

The Goblin Mini v3 offers the top-fill option which is now the normal configuration and is definitely the better of the two. The juice channels are nice and wide, making it very convenient to fill with a dropper bottle as well as when using a needle bottle, which is a definite bonus.

This atomizer has a velocity-style deck – which makes building on this deck an absolute breeze. I went for a Clapton 4 wrap dual coil. This atomizer comes with a dedicated single-coil deck that just screws in place of the dual coil deck. This is a smart move, in my opinion, because it gives more space for a single coil setup.

Now, for the important question how is the flavour?

I have to admit, it is fantastic: I have nothing bad to say about the flavour. At 50w, this is the sweet spot for me. For this review, I am using Bubble Gang OG BUBBA (which has also been reviewed on the site) and… wow. I wish I had done that review using this tank! The flavour is so much more pronounced and it serves to compliment the tank very well.

This is definitely a flavour-chaser’s tank but despite that, it still produces nice clouds – and I’m all about that.

Would I go out and buy this atomizer?

I am happy to say that I would. This is a nice, compact atomizer that has really impressed me with the flavour and cloud production.

At the time of review, this item was on pre-order at the price of $37 + postage.

Aeronaut RDA by Aeronaut

Hello and welcome to another hardware review here at the Belfast vape bar, it’s time for another hardware review and don’t we have a treat for you. The Aeronaut RDA. The genius that made this RDA is also an aerospace engineer based in the United Kingdom. This is the company’s first release and I am rather excited about this one.

Key Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 316 + 304 stainless steel
  • Replaceable airflow control options
  • “Clamp” style post design
  • Adjustable centre pin (for safety, please adjust before use)
  • Leak-resistant design
  • 10mm Juice well
  • Milled-in negative post

The plastic box it arrived in is a hard plastic case with a nice, simplistic design on the front. No extravagant design. No bells and whistles.
Then you take it out…

What could these weird accessories be for?

The metal tubes fit into the holes on the RDA and act as different airflow options. This RDA is truly one of a kind.
The larger tubes insert into the top of the RDA and can create top air flow or no airflow so the RDA can be used as just bottom air flow. Or – for the real cloud chasers – just don’t insert one in the top and have enormous airflow.

The deck of the RDA, in my opinion – is where it gets interesting. This is the deck with the bottom airflow tube fitted.

This is the deck with the bottom airflow tube fitted. This is the first RDA I came across with the ‘clamp style’ posts. In this configuration, you put the legs of the coil under the two panels and screw it to clamp the coils in place. After toying with this RDA for a short while, I have to admit I found it hard to place a dual coil in the RDA – but in saying that, it definitely makes up for it in a single coil configuration. The pure size of the single coil that can go in this RDA is phenomenal! One really important aspect to mention here is that while using the RDA I had no leakage at all. I mean, zilch.

Now to the important thing – the flavour! I’ve been using this RDA for a few days now, testing different builds and liquids. This, to me, is one of my personal favourites for flavour and clouds. This RDA is definitely made for cloud chasing, but it does not compromise the flavour too much.

This is a game-changing RDA for the price of £39.99 + postage. This is a must-buy for any self-respecting cloud chaser and flavour chaser. The quality of this RDA is very nice. It is bold in the sense that it doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd too much; it is simple-looking and doesn’t need to rely on fancy advertising to make it a must-buy in the vaping community.


  • Exquisite Machining
  • Great price (£39.99 + postage)
  • Unique airflow
  • Plenty of clouds and flavour


  • Plain design
  • Can be confusing at first set up

Would I buy this again? Absolutely – ten times over. This RDA is my new go-to RDA and I highly recommend buying it. The numerous, different configurations for airflow makes this RDA an option for both cloud and flavour chasers.

Thank you for reading.

Mason RDA 30mm by Vapergate

Hello again from the Belfast Vape Bar! As many of you are well aware, I’m a huge fan of the Alliance series of RDAs and have used them for a substantial portion of the juice reviews I’ve written for this site. When I heard there was a new series of RDAs on the way, I had to have one.

Introducing the first of this new series, the 30mm version of the Mason RDA from Vapergate. As well as the 30mm version which we are reviewing today, there is also a 24 and 40mm variation which will also be reviewed soon.

Let’s start by checking out what’s included in the box:

  • 30mm stainless steel deck
  • Square insulated T post
  • Traditional three post (included in the spare parts bag)
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Sample pack of Bob Wire (by Vapergate)
  • Bag of spare parts (O-Rings, screws, screwdriver)
  • Sample pack of Cotton Bacon’s Bacon Bits (by Wick N Vape)
  • A RED screwdriver, a lot of time went into sourcing these according to Vapergate

With the 30mm Mason RDA broken down, one of the main features you will notice is the nice deep well (7mm) which allows for a huge amount of wicking for your desired build. The Mason arrives with the four post setup pre-installed but as mentioned above the three posts are included with the extras, the negative posts are milled out leaving even more space for coils and cotton configurations. The post holes are 3mm to support thicker wire builds, also to make things even better the insulator, post hole and post are squared so there will be no posts spinning on this RDA

*The 510 pin on the Mason is copper for maximum conductivity and to top it off the pin protrudes so it’s safe to run on a hybrid mod*

The airflow top cap for the Mason offers a large number of combinations so the user can configure it to their preference. For me I find that half of one of the airlow holes on the barrel closed provides the right airflow for the vape and flavour I like.

To quote Vapergate from the product page of their website “There are no clever air hole patterns. No vortex or swirling air flow. No bottom or top airflow. The Mason offers dual tiered, focus directed airflow straight to the coil with a continuously variable triple tiered air flow control ring” 

These guys are bringing RDAs back to it’s roots with a simple yet extremely effective design for both it’s performance and aesthetics.

The topcap comes with both a delrin cap as well as a matching stainless steel wide bore cap. Both consist mainly of delrin which works with the rest of the topcap to reduce heat acting almost like a heat sink.

Right, so we’ve talked about how awesome this RDA looks but it’s time now for a build and see how this brute vapes! Instead of throwing my usual default build consisting of 22g kanthal with 7 wraps, we reached out to a coil wrapping service based right here in Northern Ireland who goes by the of Runny Nose Vapes. We dropped him a message on Instagram and said that we were reviewing this RDA and needed something a little different than my conventional build. Something to show off those 3mm post holes…

Dual 7 Wrap fused Claptons reading at 0.25Ω A great build for this RDA, the flavour is on point and is more than up to the challenge for the cloud chasers out there!

With the build installed, we can now move on and discuss the airflow options available with the 30mm Mason RDA.

As mentioned above, included with this RDA is the topcap which controls the airflow to the coils. The tiered design allows for multiple airflow options to choose from by simply twisting the cap.

Time to discuss the pros and cons of this RDA.


  • Huge build deck for wicking
  • Large post holes
  • Great airflow options
  • Comes with multiple caps
  • Made with high-quality materials


  • Barrel is quite loose
  • Without the heat sink from the Alliance V2, the RDA can get quite hot
  • Juice can build up inside the topcap which causes a slight overflow once cap is replaced

Would I buy this product?

With there being so few cons with the 30mm variant of the Mason RDA, I’m going to say yes. The quality is on par with previous products from Vapergate, the large combination of airflow options available caters both for flavour junkies and cloud chasers and everything in between. The 3mm post holes allows for the larger builds. After speaking with the Founder of Vapergate, there is much more on the horizon for this series of atomizers and well worth the purchase!

Hastur RDTA by Cthulhu Mod

Following suit with the mythological deities from the science fiction genre, Cthulhu Mod have named their latest atomizer after the entity known as Hastur or The Unspeakable One, He Who Is Not to be Named.

We were sent this rebuildable dripping tank atomizer for the purpose of review direct from Cthulhu Mod and this product arrives with an authenticity checker which can be redeemed via their website:

At the time of this review the Hastur RDTA is available for pre-order at around the £30 mark, *Click Here* to find a vendor in your country that has the Cthulhu Mod products for sale.


The packaging for the “Hastur RDTA” is the same as the other products in the Cthulhu Mods line up with a sleek little plastic case. Clear on the front so you can see the contents, “scratch and snuff” authenticity code on the side and a table of contents on the bottom.

The Hastur RDTA package includes;

  • Hastur RDTA w/ velocity style deck
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Bag of spares, hex key etc
  • Replacement pyrex

Tank specifications:

  • Air holes align with coils
  • Big coil building deck(Dia. 15.5mm)
  • Top-side refill(Threading free)
  • Two juice well for easy wicking
  • 4 juice holes are under the juice well.
  • Velocity style posts(Dia. 2mm wire holes)
  • Bigger chimney and drip tip(comes with 510 drip tip adapter)
  • All parts are removable,easy to clean
  • 6.7ml capacity
  • Build deck can be accessed without draining the tank.
  • Adjustable 510 pin

The tank itself is constructed of 304 food grade stainless steel, a black version would have been nice, hopefully more colour options will be released in the near future. The Hastur is 67.8mm in length from the 510 pin to the edge of the drip tip, and houses what looks like a silver plated adjustable 510 connection.

On the base, you will also find the name of the tank and it’s serial number.

With this tank, you have the option to fill either from the bottom or with a top fill chamber which can be pulled up from the top of the pyrex. When using this however we found that the top fill has just a little too messy due to the necessary pressure required to push the liquid onto the build deck below. If you are using a juice bottle with a very small point and fill the tank slowly, you will have no problems.

For me when filling the tank, I actually used the smallest syringe from my homebrew kit when using the top fill. However just opening the tank from the bottom is much easier and faster to fill.

As we mentioned before, this atomizer has a velocity style build deck (15.5mm diameter) which we’re seeing a lot more of in vaping today. Personally I find this style of deck much easier to build on and offers host to many more styles of coil builds.

We have tried out a few styles so far (many more will be tested out) If anyone else buys this device and finds a build that really works for them, please share it on our Facebook page as it’s always great to exchange ideas. So in the photo below you’ll see a quick build of 24g kanthal on the Hastur build deck. This is a build that worked for me, there are many other possible combinations.

*Also, while typing up this review we threw in a 22g build kanthal reading at 0.25Ω and the tank performed much better*

As mentioned before, the Hastur RDTA has a capacity for 6.7ml of liquid! Making this one of the larger capacity tanks on the market. If you have bottles/drippers with a finer point, you will be able to use the top fill feature with ease.

We found that simply opening the atomizer and filling from the bottom was much easier and less time consuming.

At the tanks narrowest part by the 510 connection, it measures at 22mm but this is thanks to a cap that screws onto the bottom which secures the build deck to the rest of the tank. The tank tapers up from here and measures at 23.5 at it’s widest point.

Now that we have the Hastur built and wicked, we can have a vape and see how it vapes!

Let’s discuss some of the Pros and Cons for the Hastur RDTA.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Solid construction
  • Large build deck to accommodate larger builds than most RTAs
  • Good airflow


  • Top fill system needs some work
  • If not wicked correctly, will leak straight through air holes
  • Only available in stainless colour (cosmetic con)

Now it’s time to bring this review to a close and ask the all important question, would I go out and buy one of these atomizers?

The answer is a solid 10/10! The airflow and flavour are both phenomenal, to be honest, I’m not even that bothered about the slightly inconvenient top fill system as it can be filled just as easily from the bottom.

We have seen this device available for pre-order around the £30 but it’s worth it!

Wismec Venti Kit

Stevo here from the Belfast Vape Bar and today we have a little hardware review, thanks to the guys from our Featured Vendor Vaper’s Bounty we have the Wismec Venti Kit for review!

This product has been described as a beefed out Ego One Mini and after taking the initial look over the product it’s safe to say the above statement is very accurate!

The Wismec Venti Kit arrives in a standard cardboard box with all the specifications for the device on the rear.


1× Venti Mouthpiece
1× Venti Atomizer Tube
2× Venti Atomizer Head (1.0 /0.5ohm)
1× Venti Atomizer Base
1× Venti Battery
1× Wall Adapter(1A)
1× USB Cable
1× Manual

Product Info:

  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Length: 112.7mm
  • Color: silver
  • Liquid capacity: 5.8ml
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Thread type: 510 Thread
  • Rated resistance range: 0.15Ω-5.0Ω
  • Low voltage battery protection shutdown at 3.3V
  • High resistance detection; battery shutdown at 5 ohms or more

After reading through the product’s specifications, two things leaped off the box straight away. One being the massive 5.8ml capacity and the second being the 3000 mAH battery capacity, this just screams out “All day vape”. If I’m out and about all day, the last thing I want is for a mod to die!

This kit is ideal for anyone who is looking to start sub-ohming or if you’re just looking for a sturdy, well built device without all the bells and whistles.

With the 0.5Ω coil head installed (for the straight lung inhale) there is much better vapour production and is definitely this reviewers preferred coil. Flavour is ok but the airflow is still rather restricted, even with the two large air intakes on the tank.

The Wismec Venti Kit takes the same coils as the Joytech Ego One. This device has a Rated resistance range of 0.15Ω-5.0Ω and a spring loaded 510 connection allowing you to use a 30mm RDA.

*Please note that this device does not have variable wattage so please use the necessary precautions when building and build within the above mentioned range*

As mentioned before, the battery in this kit has a capacity of 3000 mAH, as there is no display on this device the remaining battery is shown through the LED. I have been using this device for nearly two days and the LED indication still hasn’t changed making this an ideal kit for all day use!

From flat, the battery takes roughly four hours to charge.

Just in case you forget to switch the device off in your pocket, the battery has a 10 second cut off.

One of the only downsides to this device is the rather restricted airflow (even with the described cloud chaser coil head). The airflow on the tank is quite large with it’s two large airflow holes on the base.

Controlling the airflow is also quite tight to adjust, also adjusting the airflow ring turns the same direction as loosening the tank so adjust carefully. Having the airflow ring turn the opposite direction would be a very welcome change!

With it’s stainless construction the Venti kit is quite heavy weighing 440g. Not necessarily a con but shows that the device will be able to sustain a few knocks and drops.

You can buy the Wismec Venti Kit right now from the Vapers Bounty website by clicking the image below for £45, yes there are cheaper kits available on the market but with the battery and tank capacity it’s competitively priced!

Vapers Bounty Logo

Now, let’s talk about some of the Pros/Cons of this kit and bring this review to a close.


  • Huge liquid capacity
  • Large battery for an all day vape
  • Sturdy construction
  • Charges through USB


  • Airflow is rather restricted compared to other tanks on the market
  • No screen to show battery life
  • Only two different coils available
  • Device is a little on the heavy side

Would I buy one of these kits?

Yes I would! For the pure convenience of the large tank and battery life and ease of use. This is definitely a great device if you’re on the go or if you’re like me and need a quick and easy vape when gaming 😛