“Mauna Kea” by Adirondack Vapour

Well! What do we have today?

This time it’s a max vg juice from old yank ville USA!

Let’s get started!! This liquid is named Mauna Kea from Adirondack Vapour located in upstate New York.

Adirondack description – A wonderful mix of fresh strawberries, a subtle hint of dark chocolate, and a wisp of sweet mint make up Mauna Kea. It is finished with a smooth cream to really round everything out.

This liquid comes in 30ml, 120ml and 250ml servings with only the 30ml’s come in a glass bottle. Nicotine strengths are 0mg, 1.5mg 3mg,6mg and only come in max VG ratios! Sounds good to me already! The nicotine strength on my sample is of 0mg content.

Onto the bottle, it’s your usual glass bottle as it’s the 30ml version and has a good sturdy feel to it, almost as if it’s a thicker glass. Labeling is pretty much basic and easy to read, all your usual information is there with the warnings and contents etc. Really digging the mountain backdrop it hosts on the label.

The hardware I’m using for this review is my Uwell Crown and the workhorse sigelei 150w, this thing really refuses to give up or give me a problem!

Lid up – I’m getting a rich smooth chocolate smell with a mild mint backing it up. The texture of this juice Is crazy thick and the pipette really struggles to absorb any of it making it annoying when trying to fill my tank but then it is a max VG ratio! The way round it which I only found out recently by a fellow reviewer is to warm the bottle up and the liquid gets thinner which made it a lot easier when using the pipette!

On the inhale – The chocolate in this product really intensifies and shows itself without the usual burnt taste you get off other chocolate samples I’ve tested! Win! No sign of the strawberry and mint that’s advertised in the description but that could change on the exhale…

Onto the exhale – Yeah hmm a huge amount of vapour! Flavour wise it has changed completely and now my taste buds are going crazy with a rich cream smooth strawberry taste, almost mouth watering! Also after a few seconds you start to get the chocolate and mint finishing this vape off leaving me want to go for more!

Conclusion – Would I buy this? Yes I would as this is the first juice that has contained chocolate and managed to perfect it! Full 30ml has disappeared in the space of a few hours, it’s that good! Also the cloud production is crazy but sure you’re going to get that with it being a max vg formula and not hindering the taste.

The only downside is  filling up the pipette, it would probably be easier if they changed it to plastic squeezable bottle. Maybe this is why the 120ml and 250ml comes with that feature. All in all a must have juice you should carry in your arsenal!

We hope you enjoyed the review and don’t forget to check the other reviews on the site.


“Earl’s Indulgence” by Decadent Vapours

Manufacturer’s Description: ”A delightfully soothing fusion of black tea and bergamot with delicate notes of blossom and citrus.

Statistics: Earl’s Indulgence by Decadent Vapours., Available in 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8% strengths, Available in 15ml bottles , 40%PG/60%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Smok TFV4  with TFV4 RBA, Dual 5 wrap Kanthal coils resulting in  0.5Ω ,mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini @ 15 and 30 watts.

Now, admissions out of the way right at the start. I’m not a tea man, I’m more of a coffee fella. This being said, the initial bottle note of this particular liquid had an interesting warmth and earthiness to it, reminiscent of an Earl Gray tea. There were slight tinges of bitterness to it, the bergamot peeking through, floral notes teasing through occasionally.

However, the opening puffs of this particular liquid prove to be bitter tasting, almost burnt, as if you had left your tea stewing for too long. The burnt taste becomes overpowering after a few moments. The retrohale offers no respite from this taste, it remains overpowering to the point of offensiveness.

Unfortunately, the liquid does not improve towards the rear of the tank and this disappoints, although credit where credit is due, the bergamot highlights that poke through the burnt taste are an absolute pleasure to experience, while it isn’t as sour tasting as a lemon, it is definitely more bitter than a grapefruit. Despite this, it’s present in such small moments that it doesn’t add into the unpleasant taste of this liquid.

I was unable to finish a thankful of this and despite not being a fan of tea and associated flavours, I was actually disappointed, the flavour seemed to set itself up well on the bottle note and was a flavour I was genuinely wanting to be pleasant, one I could sit and puff away on while reading a book in order to feign some degree of sophistication and it just simply did not deliver.

“Pixy” by Timebomb

How’s it going guys, hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and a happy new year.

Gilters back with another juice review.

Today I shall be looking at my second liquid from Buckshot Vapors line known as…

“Timebomb – Pixy”

Time Bomb’s design carries over the full line showing off these wonderful looking punk style skeletons with tattoos (I love skulls) with a nice bright vibrant design which is very clear and easy to read, including all usual safety markings and ingredients.

3mg 60vg/40pg

A magical grape flavoured sugar sensation. “Purple Pixy Stix”

So this liquid I’ve been looking forward too for a very long time I would say I’m slightly addicted to grape in general from the very fruit itself to aloe vera and grape juice, so lets to get stuck in and crack this bottle open.

Straight away my eyes have lit up like a little child on Christmas day this liquid is insane, the aroma of a nice sweet grape fruit juice is making me want pour it straight into my mouth, this won’t last long if it tastes as good as it smells.

Today I shall be using my new Aromamizer rdta dual vertical 22g at .23Ω paired with the X Cube II at 70w.

On inhale I am genuinely blown away, this liquid is devine just a straight up pure grape juice with a slightly candy sweetness, I’ve personally never had a purple pixy stick or any pixy stick but if it’s like this I need some in my life NOW.

On exhale the grape is every bit as good if not better and even sweeter than before I’m literally sitting here licking my lips it’s that damn good.

Vapor production is up there with max vg liquids, specially when I’m using a tank and it’s producing vapor this well.

Throat hit for a 3mg liquid is bang on the mark but I’d maybe even go up to a 6mg.

So as I’m sure you can all guess this liquid gets my seal of approval 110% my favourite like by a clear mile or two. It’s a pity I’ve none left hint hint if anyone wants to get me more, if you haven’t tried “Pixy” and you like a strong sweet liquid, you need this in your life. I nearly cried after I finished it.

“Crave” by Decadence E-liquid

“…Decadence is about savouring deeply rich, bold flavors and letting my passion for that come through for everyone to enjoy.” – James Davitt (Proprietor)

Today I am doing a review of ‘Crave’ by Decadence E-Liquid, a gourmet flavour from their bespoke collection. As you can immediately appreciate from the design of the bottle and packaging, this is a classy brand that clearly tailors its range towards those with a taste for finer flavours.

Firstly, I’d like to share a bit about the company as there is limited information available online whilst their website is preparing to go live. For me, the ethos of the manufacturer holds just as much importance as the quality of the end-product itself; this probably stems from the ethical practices that come with vaping – something that you become acutely aware of when distanced from the tobacco industry.

The key aim of Decadence is to provide unique, quality flavours within a market that is fast becoming saturated with mass-produced, gimmicky tastes that lack creativity or original thought. To a smoker seeking to enter into the world of vaping, the choice of flavours can be intimidating. Worryingly, there is a disproportionate amount of cheap, unfulfilling flavours that would send any would-be vaper running back to the consistent taste of their usual tobacco brand.

Thus, companies such as Decadence seek to provide high-quality mixes that remain consistent in both quality and taste. What is really special about Decadence, however, is that James – the brains behind the operation – has spent most of his life working as a chef. Experimenting with flavour is truly his forté, and his range of e-liquids echoes the honest flavours that one could expect from the professional taste palate of an experienced chef.

There are only a small range of flavours available by Decadence – and this signifies the time and effort that James has spent in crafting the flavours that he deems to be of the quality expected of a company such as his. Each of the flavours available has been made in tribute to something that holds particular meaning to him, and ‘Crave’ is no different. James describes Crave as a tribute to his upbringing in New York city, hailing fond memories of ice cream parlours, candy shops and cream sodas. It is a testament to him that he takes inspiration from his roots and generously shares the flavours that he loved as a boy with an audience of vapers who will also hold a nostalgic love of these authentic tastes.

I have been using Crave over the past week at a nicotine strength of 3mg. It is a 30:70 PG/VG ratio and this e-liquid, as with the rest of their range, is available in a 30ml bottle. The flavour is described as ‘a cotton candy cream soda bursting with fruit flavours that pop in your mouth.’ I’m not normally a fan of fruit-based e-liquids, but I chose this one as I was intrigued by the cotton candy cream soda profile.

After consistent use of this e-liquid, I am hooked on the depth that this flavour offers. On a warmer inhale, the cotton candy flavour is wonderfully authentic, with underlying tones of caramelised sugar. The exhale brings overtones of fruitiness, providing a refreshing contrast that compliments the sweetness of the cotton candy. Without these fruit tones, there would be a danger of this flavour becoming overbearing in its sweetness. However, Decadence have reached a perfect balance between the sweet flavours of the cotton candy cream soda and the tartness of the fruit.

You can clearly taste that this is a tribute towards the flavours loved throughout one’s childhood. With the smell and flavour of ‘Crave’, I was transported back to memories of fairgrounds and warm summer evenings. Before trying this e-liquid, I assumed that the title of ‘Crave’ related to the indulgent meaning of the brand name ‘Decadence’. After a week of vaping this, I’ve changed my mind.

To me, this makes one crave the innocence and simplicity of one’s childhood days and is a most nostalgic and thought-provoking flavour. There is nothing gimmicky here – only authentic, honest and true flavour. Each vape brings a depth that allows you to explore the different tastes that present themselves and I have yet to tire of this juice.

I have still to try the other flavours available by Decadence, but I am so excited to do so. James has created something unique with ‘Crave’, and his sincerity as a creator comes through strongly with this product. If the work that has been put into crafting this is anything to go by, the rest of the range will be something to truly appreciate. Decadence E-Liquid is not only of the highest quality with real honesty in its ethos, but is a range that will be truly fascinating to explore. I cannot wait to try more.

“Zephyr” by Decadent Vapour

Manufacturer’s Description: ”A refreshing and revitalising concoction of bittersweet lemon, lightly tangy botanicals and fizzy sherbet

Statistics: Zephyr by Decadent Vapours., Available in 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8% strengths, Available in 15ml bottles , 40%PG/60%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.45Ω coil mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini @ 15 and 30 watts.

The bottle note of this particular liquid is absolutely enjoyable, reminding me exactly of a lemon sherbet, even down to the imparted fizziness. There was an odd floral note that just poked through the overall scent.

The first initial puffs are also absolutely enjoyable, a bright, lemony taste topped with a light fizziness. Although, this is where it becomes a bit of an odd one. Throughout the entire taste os this wierd flowery taste, like having huffed a bouquet of flowers and while it isn’t entirely unpleasant, it isn’t exactly enjoyable either.

Continuing through the tankful, the retrohale is greeted wiith a slight candied flavour to it,  almost as if there was some syrup added into the mix. Towards the end of the tank, the flavour doesn’t really evolve or impart anything new, however it doesn’t become unpleasant or offensive.

Overall, Zerphy is an enjoyable liquid to puff away at, especially if you are a fan of lemon sherbert but the weird floral notes put me off from enjoying it as an all day vape.

“Monk’s Brew” by Valhalla Vapes

Welcome folks to another review by Shinx! This time we have some goodies from Valhalla Vapes, who have kindly sent us their entire line for review!

Today we are trying out “Monk’s Brew” which has been described by Valhalla as

A small castle was built on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in 1550. After this, secret brews from recipes were founded and put to use by Vikings that have become popular through out the world. A blend of berries with dark hidden secrets not to be revealed

The bottle itself as before is nicely designed with a Norse inspired label with the tagline “A horde of liquids from Valhalla Vapes. E-liquids forged in war!” Also included on the label, all safety info as well as batch number, best before date, nic level (which in this case is 0mg) and VG/PG ratio which in this case is 70/30.

Upon opening the bottle I’m greeted by what I think is Red Berries with maybe a hint of Blueberry thrown in? It’s more of a fresh juice than a sweet one.

Hardware I’m using for this review is the Joyetech Evic VTC Mini set at 75w and the Troll RDA By Wotofo with a 0.35ohm dual kanthal build.

My initial inhale at 75w is not that nice, I can’t really place my finger on it! It tastes like red wine to me. Now I know that sounds weird but that’s all I get off It and is not enjoyable whatsoever!

The exhale is the same as the inhale, still that same taste and has actually given me quite a sore head after vaping it for 5 minutes. I had to put the eVic down and re wick it. One of the worst juices i have ever tasted!!

I cannot recommend this juice at all as It just isn’t for me! I found it sickening from the first inhale to the last.

Cloud production as with any Valhalla Liquid is the same.

So would I buy this juice when my 10ml bottle runs out? Definitely not! I was nearly physically sick from the taste and is truly one of the worst vapes I’ve tried to date.
I don’t know whether I got a bad batch or something but from first impressions this is one I will not be trying again…