“Passion Bomb” by El Diablo Juice

Welcome to another juice review right here at the Belfast Vape Bar! The folks at El Diablo Juice were kind enough to send out their entire line for us to review. Today we will be vaping their “Passion Bomb” flavour from their High VG line!

The blenders describe “Passion Bomb” as:

“Temptingly sweet and seductive, a bold mix of passionfruit and dragonfruit with a strawberry and apple twist. This crisp, fruity mix will leave you wanting more……”

Sounds absolutely divine!

For this review I will be using the following hardware:

Lid Up and straight away I was greeted with a sweet blend of the passion fruit and strawberry. Akin to a certain mixed fruit drink…. There is more to this juice lurking within, time for the taste test.

As mentioned before, I am using the Aromamizer RDA V2 as it’s still my go-to flavour chasing atomizer. The inhale made good on the promise of a delicious passion fruit flavour with the apple now showing it’s face in the background. There aren’t many juices on the market (that I have tried personally) with an apple flavour that isn’t too sweet or have that chemical taste but El Diablo have made the blend work.

El Diablo Juices are available in a 50/50 ratio with Nic strengths 3, 6, 12 and 18mg. The Max VG lines are only available in 3mg, the site doesn’t actually specify the exact ratio but judging by the consistency it looks like a 70VG/30PG mix. The sample reviewed is the Max VG variant.

Before the exhale I let the vapour rest for a moment to allow my taste buds to take in as much of the flavour as possible. If you have tried dragon fruit you’ll know that the taste is rather subtle but blends well with other flavours, that being said “Passion Bomb” is a great blend of dragon fruit, strawberry with the crisp apple and almost a slight fizz. Making the description of this juice spot on with more! This is definitely an all day vape for me.

All of the El Diablo Juice products are made in the UK and “Passion Bomb” is available in 10, 30 and 100ml bottles from the link below:


“Satori Sun Rise” by Rising Sun

Founded in the first quarter of 2016, Rising Sun have been working on their current line of flavours for quite a while, and they are finally happy with them!

“We believe our price point is one of our strengths as we deliver a premium product at an affordable price. Inspired by imperial Japan, we also see a strength in the branding of our product, we have over the top flavour descriptions and regular competitions to bring some fun into the juice.”

Today I will be reviewing “Satori Sun Rise” from the Rising Sun line, which is one of their best sellers at the moment.

For this review I’ll be using the following hardware:Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 80w

  • Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 66.6w
  • Steam Crave Aromamizer RDA Hex V2 w/0.2Ω dual build
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Rising Sun liquids are available in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine strength and 70VG/30PG and orders can be made by messaging their Facebook page:


2 x 30ml (60ml) – £12
4x 30ml (120ml) – £20
6x 30ml (180ml) – £30

I recently picked up the Steam Crave Aromamizer RDA Hex V2 from Bold Vape soon after getting the RDTA in a trade due to the fantastic build quality of these atomizers! A true flavour based atomizer is essential for getting to the core with e-liquids. With a fresh 0.2Ω dual coil build and some Kendo Vape Cotton we’re ready!

Rising Sun describe Satori Sun Rise as:

“The dragons have long been extinct in Japan. A group of monks, seeking to achieve enlightenment bring together sweet strawberries, cherries and other fruits into a potion with a smooth menthol afternote, hoping to keep the dragons away for good. Will you guess the special ingredient known to keep the beasts from our land?”

Sounds great.

Lid Up – I was welcomed with a sweet strawberry aroma, similar to that of a certain strawberry shaped sweet and subtle minty notes lingering the background.

The inhale greeted me with the sweet strawberry that was promised before, now paired with the slightest hints of cherry (normally not a cherry fan but blends well here). The smooth touch of menthol is what really makes this juice stand out. The first all day vape for me was “strawberry menthol” from a local b+m store, so to have a liquid like that again but with an enhanced flavour is awesome.

Would I buy this juice?

I’m going to say yes, the flavours are accurate to the blenders description and the prices are very respectable. 180ml for £30? Would be rude not to!

“Refresh” by Anon Juice

Hello again, Stevo here with another liquid review for the Belfast Vape Bar!

Say you have your favourite juice loaded up in an RDA with a tidy build, vaping away all day without a care in the world and suddenly you’ve noticed that the flavour has all but vanished…

You’re a victim of the dreaded Vaper’s Tongue!

Many of us have been there and it’s really not a pleasant experience. After some research into the topic, I stumbled across the article below on the E-Cigarette Direct Ashtray Blog

The Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, what causes it and how to cure it!

You’re not alone! The article above goes into great detail regarding what causes “Vaper’s Tongue” and provides a list of potential cures.

2. Use a stronger flavour – which brings us to today’s review.

“Refresh” which was kindly sent to us from Anon Juice for the purpose of review.

For this review I used the following hardware:

  • Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 80w
  • Vapergate Alliance V2 RDA w/0.2Ω dual build
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Anon Juice describes “Refresh” as “Unlock the jail, let the flavour escape, remove the veil, with the remedy vape.

Need we explain? Not telling the names, the aim of the game, is to use your brain…”

Definitely doesn’t give too much away there, so that leaves only one way to get to the bottom of the flavour!

The bottle design is similar to the rest of the Anon Juice line but this particular product comes in a white frosted bottle with a green variant of their logo. Also included on the label is all the necessary warning marks and list of ingredients.

Also on the label above the name it says “Vaper’s Tongue Remedy” well how about that!

“Refresh” is available in Nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6 and 12mg and has a ratio of 60VG/40PG making this more suited to a tank based atomizer but will run and of course be more flavourful in an RDA.

Lid Up – I was greeted with a fruity minty essence which I haven’t experienced in an e-liquid before…

Being a slightly heavier PG ratio than I would normally vape, a slightly stronger throat hit was expected from “Refresh” but the intensity of the flavour makes that of little concern! A remedy this definitely is for Vaper’s Tongue, minty flavours are highly recommended to combat the ailment.

“Refresh” at first was slightly tricky to pinpoint the precise combination of flavours as there is more than just the icy menthol. There is an underlying almost fruity taste lingering, perhaps the exhale will reveal more…

Exhale, MENTHOL! With a touch of what I’m guessing is lemon and maybe a touch of honey? It genuinely feels like I’m vaping a cough sweet in a yellow/gold packet… “Vaper’s Tongue Remedy” without a doubt, it certainly wakes up the taste buds for that first vape of the day!

Would I buy this? The fact that it’s available in a 100ml bottle, I’m going to say yes!

“Lemonada” by Anon Juice

Anon Juice Baner

Greetings folks, Stevo here from the Belfast Vape Bar with another juice review. The gentlemen at Anon Juice were kind enough to supply us with their for the purpose of review.

As many of you know, I’m an avid user of Pink Lemonade flavoured liquids and when I saw “Lemonada” I jumped at the chance to review it!

Blenders describe “Lemonada” as;

“Red berries turn pink, blend with tart, refreshment no drink, deep in your heart.”

Anon Juice liquids are available in 15ml and 100ml bottles in 0,3,6 and 12mg of nicotine strength. The designs are very striking with the brand name/logo standing front and centre (with the Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask) All the appropriate warning stamps are in place along with the nicotine strength. All of which are clear and easy to read.

“Lemonada” and the rest of the line have a 60VG/40PG ratio which makes this an ideal tank vape. However, you can feel free to use this in a dripping based atomizer as well. After speaking with the proprietor of Anon Juice directly, we were told that there is a strong possibility that the line will soon be available with a higher percentage of VG for all you cloud chasers out there!

For this review I will be using the following hardware:

Lid Up – Straight away you’re greeted with a rather zesty lemon aroma, the juice is called “Lemonada” so based on the blender’s description and the writing in pink so I assumed that this would be a pink lemonade flavour but from the initial whiff from the bottle, it seems like it’s going to be just a zesty lemonade…

Time for the inhale. With a fresh dual coil build on the Hastur RDTA reading at 0.2Ω with some Kendo Vape Cotton thrown in there, we’re good to go. The lemon is real with “Lemonada” a very refreshing citrus vibe on the inhale.

The exhale has the same awesome lemon taste which reminds me of a certain lemon flavoured cough sweet… Don’t get me wrong, it’s in no way a bad thing but the 40PG ratio does make the vape a tad harsher.

Would I buy this liquid? I’m going to say yes, for an all day tank vape “Lemonada” by Anon Juice is very enjoyable.

“Red Dream” by Hometown Hero

It’s time for another vaping trip to Austin, Texas with Hometown Hero Vapor.

From their line, we have reviewed “Witch Doctor“, “Rice Crispy Treat” and “Angel’s Breath” all of which our reviewers were extremely impressed with! In this review, we will be trying out one of their latest concoctions “Red Dream”. Just like the rest of the line, Red Dream comes in a 50ml bottle with a 70VG/30PG blend and in 3mg of nicotine.

Blenders Description:

“We have always been in love with the strawberry cream and kettle corn sold in bags at shopping malls all over the US. This flavor is dedicated to that mouth watering flavor and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

Kettle corn you say…..

A little google search was needed to be honest, this is something I’ve heard mentioned on American TV shows and have heard friends from the states talking about, but it’s not something I ever gave much thought to flavour-wise. So apparently kettle corn is just popcorn! Well I never.

For this review I will be using the following hardware:

  • Vapergate Alliance V2 RDA w/0.2Ω dual coil build
  • Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 80w

Lid-up and we are instantly welcomed with a sweet, almost buttery like essence with only subtle notes of strawberry lingering in the background…

The Alliance V2 has been freshly built with some Kendo Vape Cotton and we’re good to go! Time for the inhale, the strawberry has made it’s presence well and truly known. At first, I thought the pairing with kettle corn was a little unusual but strangely enough, it compliments the strawberry and makes for a delicious inhale. The strawberry is also rather creamy and not sickly, with other fruit or strawberry vapes in the past they have had chemical like aftertastes.

The exhale delights the taste buds with the same delicious sweet strawberry now with creamier notes. Also the kettle corn is more prominent, further emphasizing how well these two flavours work together. When I first read the description for “Red Dream” it sounded like your standard strawberry flavoured liquid with a bizarre extra thrown in, with 50ml vaped rather quickly I can safely say that is not the case!

Would I buy this product? This is definitely a yes! In fact, there is already more on the way 😉

“Angel’s Breath” by Hometown Hero

Manufacturers Description:

“Angel’s Breath eliquid by Hometown Hero is a very light menthol version of our most popular flavor, Angel Tears. Angel’s Breath is notorious for being vaped by people who claim to hate menthol, and then make this their all day vape. Basically it’s menthol, watermelon and berries.”

Hometown Hero are an Austin, Texas based juice company, where everything is bigger and better. They’re proud to hold that stereotype and wear it like badge of honour on their bottles by only supplying big boy 50mls; but for 30ml bottle prices.

For this review, however, I’ll be using my Koopor Plus 200w with the Mutation X V4 RDA on top. I have a quad coil build coming in at a cool 0.2ohms. On top of this, for the last week I have been running this juice through a tank with the same results as below.

I want to get the only negative out of the way first. In my humble opinion the bottle top needs a bit of work as it’s ever so slightly leaky. I could have a dud cap, but I’ve found that having this bottle in my pocket causes mild leakage, nothing serious, but worth noting.

The bottle design is truly fantastic and a true example to anyone looking to start creating juice. Each bottle has some uniquely beautiful artwork created by local artists – for every bottle sold Hometown Hero provides the artist with a cut of the profits. Supporting the local community is a touch of class and often overlooked. Everything you need is on the bottle. Blend percentages, nicotine level, warnignsigns and even the Twitter handles of the artwork designers.

A quick note: When visiting the product page of their website, Hometown clearly posts this paragraph front and centre.
“Our eliquid is made in an ISO certified laboratory and uses only the absolute best quality USP/EP, kosher certified, pharmaceutical grade nicotine, VG and PG. All of our ingredients are made in the USA and no cost is spared when making our eliquid safe and full of flavor for our family. All HH eliquids are 70% VG and 30% PG (70/30) and we only offer one size, 50ml. Nicotine levels of 0mg, 1mg, 3mg, 6mg and 9mg are available. No food coloring is used in our products and all are certified by an independent lab to be Diacetyl free.”

This shows a high degree of care in their product and a true understanding of what the customer needs and wants from a premium juice.

On opening this big, beautiful bottle of berries and watermelon you find that the melon really is the dominant smell, it’s not sickly though. There’s none of that overpowering sugary sweet smell you tend to get with melon juices. There’s no sign of the menthol just yet and the berries are lurking about in the background somewhere.

Taking a pull of this juices and you instantly get the berries and delicate menthol coming through. The menthol is seriously subdued, it’s almost like a flavour enhancer, rather than an outright flavour, this is very intelligently mixed. The watermelon is perfect and soon comes through after the initial blast from the berries.

Exhaling is just as smooth as the inhale, the flavour doesn’t change much at all, which is a treat. Nothing but silky smooth watermelon and a slight tinge of menthol. Cloud production is great for a 70/30 blend.

I’m left with a really nice, cool menthol taste mixed with a touch of watermelon. For myself, who doesn’t normally like menthol, it’s a perfect juice… Genuinely.

I have adopted this juice as my all day vape and have already been in contact about buying more. At $20 for 50ml of arguably the best juice I’ve ever tasted to date, I think it’s a true bargain and I would urge anyone to give this 10/10 juice a try.

“JumbleBerry Crumble” by Hodges Homebrew

Hey guys welcome to another review by Shakey at the Belfast Vape Bar. Today we’re taking a look at one of the newest Liquids from Hodges Homebrew. Jumbleberry Crumble.

They describe it as:

A magical mash up of the ripest berries and and topped with sweet golden crumble, not forgetting the side of custard that should accompany any great British desert

Well let me tell you they hit the nail on the head.

So let’s get down to it. Taking a look at the bottle Hodges have one of the best bottle designs on the market. The beautiful square bottle, the colourful and well printed labeling with all the warnings and signs that you need to show you it’s a good premium liquid. The logo for this line is very nice, it is literally all the berries exploding out of the bottle with the nice bold text to go with it. Lets face it though as sexy as the bottles are everybody just wants the juice so let’s get into vaping this rich berry pie and custard.

Anyone who has tried Hodges Homebrew know that any of their custard flavours are in my opinion one of the hardest to beat, so having your flavour accompanied by it makes it so so appealing.

Opening the bottle I’m instantly greeted by sweet berries and all the crust with it. No custard scent though which is disappointing, maybe its just my taste buds.

Today I’m using my

RX200 at 80 watts
With a .25 ohm clapton build
On the phenotype L RDA

Squeezing the juice onto the cotton its not too thick of a liquid. Being a good 70VG/30PG job I’m looking forward to the clouds. First hit of the liquid was all crust, no beating around the bush it was all crust but you always have to give it a few hits to get full flavour. So I took my second hit and there she blows! All the berries just boom smashed in the face. We have crust and custard mainly on the inhale and berries on the exhale. All I could think to myself was wow this is great! A solid liquid that you just cant tire of so 100% all thumbs up here.

I am very impressed Mr Shirley.

So for flavour I’m giving “JumbleBerry Crumble” a solid 9.5 for flavour

For Cloud production it gave off a nice large cloud. Not your typical cloud chucking liquid but good none the less 7.5

Have to hand it to Paul and the guys at Hodges they know what to be at when they design the labels, so for presentation I give it a 10 not many bottles like these.

“Jizmoglobin” by Gwar Fluids

Manufacturer’s Description:

”A creamy blueberry blend with notes of nut and custard. Each bottle of Jizmoglobin is freshly harvested by Skulhedface herself..”

Statistics: Gwar Fluids “Jizmoglobin” by Mount Baker Vapor. Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg strengths, Available in 30ml bottles , 50%PG/60%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini w/ RBA+, 8 wrap, 26 AWG Stainless Steel 0.40Ω coil mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini @ a range of wattages between 15 to 30 Watts.

To quote The Insidious Soliloquy Of Skulhedface and sum up my approach to reviewing liquids “How inquisitive, and delighting”, we will be having a look at Jizmoglobin in this article.

Also, this needs to be pointed out right off the bat, not a fan of the blue colour? Well, The fellows over at Mount Baker Vapor offer Jizmoglobin in uncoloured and coloured forms, as they do with Bloodbath.

The initial curious sniff at the freshly opened bottle greets the user with a bright fruity, almost tart cranberry scent. It’s refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. This is layered with a creamy, warm custardy scent, setting this liquid up to be an absolute pleasure to taste.

Now, I must admit this right off the bat, a fresh tankful of this liquid in the tank is very unpleasant, it’s offensively synthetic tasting and if I had stopped there, It would be a very scathing review of this liquid. However, I didn’t stop there thankfully, I left this liquid to sit and steep for a while and after this, I was rewarded with a fresh cranberry taste, a surprising nuttiness on the retrohale and the entire experience is laced with the smooth custardy flavour.

Towards the end of the thankful, I am reminded of the offensive synthetic taste of this liquid however it doesn’t kill the entire flavour of this liquid. It remained enjoyable and smooth to puff away on, it didn’t catch at the back of my throat during large lung hits like most fifty/fifty mixes and remained enjoyable, although I don’t think I could enjoy this as an all day vape, the synthetic taste is the killer for me.

“Bullets Addiction” by Bullet juice

Hello again ladies and gents

Today I received a new juice to review for you!

Let’s get started!! The liquid this time is Bullets Addiction made by Bullet juice. Blenders description of this juice features a delightful fusion of blackcurrant and lemon mint. A refreshingly sweet vape that will awaken your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Once started, most struggle to put this down.

From observing the site this blend comes in 10ml,30ml,50ml,100ml quantity’s and nicotine strengths available are 0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg,18mg with a 70vg/30pg ratio. The sample I have for review is 10ml with a 3mg nicotine strength.
The label on this bottle is simplistic looking but will be down to the size of the bottle trying to make everything readable and uncluttered, but manage to get their signature logo on there which really pops out and grabs your attention! And by that, I mean the glossy red lips with sparkling teeth biting a bullet!

The hardware I’m using for this review is my Wismec RX200 and Uwell crown on the 0.25 coil and varied wattages.

Lid Up – The lemony mint profile of this really shows itself, reminds me of opening up a bottle of that old lemon cough syrup used to have when struck with a sore throat! No sign of the blackcurrant scent anywhere.

Inhale – First few inhales and the throat hit is very strong and quite off putting for me to vape. The mint base in this sample is too strong in my opinion and with that bitter lemon showing itself I can’t enjoy it and it stays like this even at low wattages I tried it on.

Exhale – After that throat hit inhale, the exhale is actually refreshing and soothing! I’m getting a great taste of blackcurrant almost as if you’ve just poured a nice cold glass of squash and downed it. The exhale is so much better!

Conclusion – Would I buy this? No, I wouldn’t as the inhale for me on this sample is too potent and uncomfortable, if the lemon and mint were slightly diluted it would make it more pleasurable in my opinion. Also took a tank of a new juice to lose the taste on the coil. Sorry bullet juice but I have to be honest, your Bullets milk is perfect though

Thanks for reading the review and thanks to Bullet juice for providing me with this sample!