“Angel Tears” by Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero juices are hand crafted in Texas. The brand was born out of a need for better tasting, better quality e-liquid. This is our fifth review of this brand. The first four were very impressive so it’s clear they have achieved their initial goal and that “Angel Tears” has a lot to live up to!

This e-liquid is available in 0,3 and 6mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

“Angel Tears e-liquid by Hometown Hero was created as a homage to what is arguably the best snow cone flavour ever, Tiger’s Blood. We think we nailed it and it is the most popular flavour in the Hometown Hero lineup.

Tigers’s Blood consists of Watermelon, Berries and Coconut”

My setup is as follows –

  • Dotmod Petri (double airflow cloud cap)
  • Dual flat twisted – 3mm – 9 wraps – Coming out at 0.30Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 100w

This juice comes in a 50ml plastic bottle. The only way you could describe the label is beautiful. In fact, Hometown Hero has chosen local artists to produce the images that adorn their packaging. The image on “Angel Tears” was created by @Deathfox. The nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio is clearly shown as well.

Opening the bottle releases the immediately identifiable watermelon scent. A sort of warmth can be detected underneath the watermelon but I can’t pick out what it is.

Inhale –  All I can really taste here is the watermelon. Again there is a mystery depth to it that I can not identify.

Exhale – As I expected, Watermelon takes centre stage at this point. There is an additional sweetness that I assume comes from the berries, and that warmth that has been reluctant to show itself, is more easily recognised as coconut. The aftertaste is primarily watermelon.

In conclusion –  I may sound negative as I continue my conclusion but the very very short version is that this is a nice juice. I think watermelon is a very tricky flavour. It strongly resists mixing with any other flavour and prefers to drown it out altogether. I’m afraid this is also the case here.

Hometown Hero have done a good job with a tricky flavour, in that you can make out other layers that haven’t been completely squashed by the watermelon but they are very subtle. The flavour is so strong that it is almost impossible to remove without rewicking or changing coil. This seems to be the case with any juice that is watermelon based.

The vapour production in good and your clouds will smell lovely. It’s a great juice that suffers from the usual issues found with flavours this strong. If you can see past that, you won’t regret buying “Angel Tears”


“Fruits of Spitalfields” by Garage Vape Co.

Garage Vape Co. is a British juice manufacturer who currently have 5 e-liquids in their range. I will be reviewing 2 of these starting with “Fruits of Spitalfields”.

It is available in 3 and 6mg nicotine. For this review I am using 3mg. It is described as ‘max VG’ which is usually 80-90%.

Garage Vape Co. describe this juice as ‘The fruits of Spitalfields market’.My

My set up is as follows:

  • Dotmod Petri (double airflow cloud cap
  • Dual 7 wrap 3mm flat twisted by ‘Demon Killer” – 0.29 ohm
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

This juice comes in a 15ml glass dropper bottle. The label is fairly attractive and kind of reminds me of a cider bottle. It has an old world, farmyard type feel to it. I particularly like the bulldog pulling the cart, very novel.

When I opened the bottle, the first thing I noticed was that this smells quite similar to Wick Liquor’s “Contra”. I have previously reviewed this and really liked it so I’m looking forward to trying this one.

Inhale –  ‘Fruity’ would be the best word to describe this. I think I can pick out lemon at this point.

Exhale – This is very fruity, sweet and quite intense. It’s quite a difficult juice to describe due to so many flavours hitting you at once so you can’t pick out what they are individually. It has similarities with “contra” taste wise as well but it’s like a slightly overwhelming version of it.

In conclusion –  This juice isn’t to my taste. It matches it’s description but then the description doesn’t give us much to go on. I think it is over flavoured and there isn’t a great balance between these flavours. The vapour production is great however so it isn’t all bad.


“Mambo” by El Diablo

I have received three flavours from El Diablo to review. I’ve chosen to do “Mambo” first because on trying the three, this is the one I was most looking forward to vaping again.

The maker of El Diablo juices was initially interested and passionate about cooking. They have now used that same passion in the creation of their juice line.

For this review, I am using the max VG version of “Mambo” which is only available in 3mg.

A 50/50 version is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg.

The description of this juice is really interesting and inviting  – “Mambo is the Voodoo High Priestess. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, living relatives prepare bread and puddings as offerings to loved ones who have passed. The recipe is inspired by the Mexican flan that is a favourite offering.

Ripe bananas drizzled with sweet cream and warm caramel lie atop a beautifully light and fluffy sponge base

Now you have a bit of background to this brand, let’s get on with the vaping.My set up for this review is – Tugboat V2

My set up for this review is:

  • Tugboat V2
  • Dual quad twisted 26g kanthal – 5 wraps –  0.13Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

El Diablo juices are available in 10ml, 30ml and 100ml. The label is attractive and informative. There is a strong brand image with the Mexican “Day of the Dead” skull appearing on each bottle in a different colour corresponding to the juice inside.

The nicotine level and the date of bottling is included although it is handwritten, not sure if this is just the case with our samples but either way it’s written very neatly. The bottle states that this is high VG version but I’m not sure what the VG\PG ratio is exactly.

While smelling this e-liquid you will immediately notice the banana in it, it isn’t as harsh as some banana liquids can be. You can pick up the subtle tones of creaminess that mellows it out.

Inhale – This is quite bland for this juice. You can detect a warmth and creaminess but no real flavour at this point.

Exhale – The banana is immediately apparent here but after the initial hit the caramel/toffee unfold to join the banana. The aftertaste is a milky creamy banana. It is reminiscent of a really good banoffee pie minus the biscuit.

In conclusion –  “Mambo” is a great juice., it delivers what it promises. The vapour production is impressive, as a cloud chaser I always love to see the thick type of clouds that you can’t see through. This juice provides that and the great flavour is a huge bonus.

If the description of “Mambo” by El Diablo Juices appeals to you, you should order some. You won’t be disappointed.


“Strawberry” by MF’n Donut

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to send out the line of M F’N Donut for the purpose of review, if you’re interested in the products reviewed below please be sure to head over to their website:


Also, be sure to use the code “vivd8” for 8% off across their site!

This is the third in a series of reviews for the MF’n range. I have chosen to do “Strawberry” first because I’m a big fan of strawberry juices. Sometimes when you look at the e-liquid market as a whole, strawberry would appear to be overused. However, sometimes you come across a juice that highlights why this flavour is so popular. This is one of those occasions.

Here are the essential facts and figures.

The MF’n Donut range is available in 0,3 and 6mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 85/15. I am using 3mg juice for this review.

The manufacturers describe “Strawberries as “Rich and thick strawberry jam filled donut. With just the right hint of sweetness, this one will keep you coming back for more

My set up for this review is:

  • Royal Hunter
  • Dual 12 wrap 3mm 24g Nichrome. (Bob wire by Vapergate, great stuff!) 0.41Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

I had really high exceptions for this e-liquid. I love donut juices and strawberry juices and now, here it is, teamed up, in a bottle, awaiting my judgement.“Strawberry” comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. The nicotine level is clearly displayed and the VG/PG ratio can be found in the small print.

“Strawberry” comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. The nicotine level is clearly displayed and the VG/PG ratio can be found in the small print.

The label is very wordy in my opinion. If you were buying this online it would cause no issue but in a shop, this label would do nothing to attract your attention. If it was set at any distance from you, the redness of the label would be all you could make out. Maybe, if you have good eyesight, you could see the brand name. This is a premium e-liquid and the packaging does not do it justice. But we all know that you should never judge a book by it’s cover!

*Since writing this, I have heard that the labels have been changed since we received this sample. Good on them for reaching the same conclusions as me*

Opening the bottle releases a smell that it is instantly recognisable if you have tried any other donut juices. There is an underlying sweetness as well that makes this juice smell really inviting.

Inhale –  This gives a warm pastry like taste. Some notes of creaminess can also be detected. Overall at this point it tastes almost savoury.

Exhale – This is my favourite part of this e-liquid. You can almost feel the juicy strawberries in your mouth. The donut taste is still present but it takes a backseat to the sweet, gooey strawberry jam. It leaves a delicious layer of sweetness on your tongue that will entice you to partake in some more “Strawberry” by MF’n Donut.

In conclusion –  I would recommend this juice to anyone who likes donut e-liquid. It is one of the best I have tried. I also think it would appeal to strawberry fans (Unicorn milk, milkman and mother milk etc.) because the strawberry aspect has been balanced so well against the donut flavour.

With 80% VG it produces a beautiful, dense and satisfying vape.Unless you dislike donut and/or strawberry e-liquids, this one is definitely worth a try. It delivers what is promised on the bottle and a little more.

Unless you dislike donut and/or strawberry e-liquids, this one is definitely worth a try. It delivers what is promised on the bottle and a little more.


“Planet Jupiter” by MEO Ejuice

I often refuse e-liquids that are fruit-based - normally with the excuse of, "Thanks but, I'm actually more of a custard person..." (which, outside of vaping circles, really makes no sense whatsoever). The e-liquid that I'm reviewing for you today, however, IS a fruit-based flavour. One sniff of Planet Jupiter from the bottle and I was intrigued - this stuff doesn't smell like cheap berries or synthetic strawberries. It almost smells like sherbet, but not in an overpowering way. With memories of childhood sweets being conjured up, I excitedly got straight down to business - totally forgetting that I'm not supposed to like these flavours. And so, I'm excited to be bringing you this review of a wholly fruity e-liquid - and I think that if you're like me and haven't ventured too far away from creamy, custardy flavours, you'll want to read on.


Firstly, a bit about the company. MEO Ejuice are a Canadian company that hail from Caledon, Ontario. They have a number of lines of Ejuice - as well as MEO, they are also the creators of MILK e-liquids and the RL Signature Series. Now, if you are a bit like myself and like to question the logic behind everything, you were probably wondering why an image of earth's greatest symbol - the humble tree - is planted on the front of a bottle of e-liquid that goes by the name of Planet Jupiter. The reasoning behind this - well, what I presume the tree means - is that MEO is an organic line of e-liquids; they are free from artificial flavourings, artificial additives or sweeteners, food colouring and DAP (Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl). This is more than welcome news for those of us who are mindful of what actually goes into the juices that we are using.

I opted to try Planet Jupiter out at a strength of 3mg, but it is also available at strengths of 0mg, 6mg and 12mg. The VG:PG ratio of this product (and the rest of the e-liquids in the MEO line) is 70/30.

MEO Ejuice describe Planet Jupiter's flavour as a 'berry blast in the mouth', with 'a very light blueberry undertone overtaken by Swedish berries, ripe strawberries and pomegranate and finished with a light cream.' Now I know I said this wasn't creamy and - believe me - it isn't in comparison to what I usually go for. But it IS the only entirely fruit-based flavour that I've fallen in love with so far, so maybe there is just enough of a hint of creaminess in the exhale to tide me over.

The overwhelming flavour of Planet Jupiter, for me, is the taste of Swedish berries. I don't mean actual berries from Sweden, but the gummy sweets sold under the name of Swedish Berries (although, if they're called Swedish Berries they MUST taste like berries from Sweden... Right? Am I right here?!). What I'm referring to is a really, fruity gum and this is exactly why Planet Jupiter reminds me of all those sugary sweets from when I was a kid. Except, now I can vape this and my teeth are not being sacrificed for the enjoyment of the flavour. Hurrah!

As you can probably assume, I've been head over heels for this. It is a very, very sweet e-liquid so it may be a bit too much for some of you who like the more mellow flavours. However, I personally have not found it to be sickening at all after prolonged use - it's more of a 'delicate' sweetness that doesn't overwhelm. The flavour is pure and authentic - and I'm especially impressed that the manufacturer has avoided the taste coming across as overly artificial.

So, if you are after something very fruity, fun and authentic - give Planet Jupiter a try. The smell of this e-liquid alone is amazing. And the flavour of Planet Jupiter is somewhat out of this world. Pun intended.

“Crystal Smurf” by VaperGate

Normally when someone mentioned the name “VaperGate” to me, I immediately think of the Alliance and Mason series of RDAs. Before these hardware lines were released Vapergate were blending a large line of juices in Colorado USA.

They were kind enough to send the Belfast Vape Bar some of their products for the purpose of review and today we’ll be reviewing their “Crystal Smurf” juice. The blenders describe this product as:

Crystal Smurf is the natural progression of our original Smurf, Vapergate’s #1 seller. A full flavored blue raspberry is the main profile with this juice adorned with a more subtle bouquet of additional fruits and berries beneath. Besides the lack of additional coloring of Crystal Smurf, we have refined it’s vape experience. The end product tastes cleaner, vapes cleaner, and is kinder to your coils and cotton. Crystal Smurf tastes like the original but better.”

That’s right, this is the second version of this product. Personally, I haven’t yet tried the original so we’ll be focusing purely on this product and not comparing it to the original.

For this review I will be using the following hardware. May I add, it’s rather fitting:

  • VaporGate Alliance V2 RDA w/02Ω dual coil build
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton
  • Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 72w

“Crystal Smurf” is available in 30, 60 and 120ml bottles, 0, 1.5, 3, 6 and 12mg nicotine strength. Vapergate original flavor blend liquids are 80/20 Vg/Pg with the exception of Darth Vaper (90/10) and the PG free C-Class liquid that are 99.5% VG. All Vapergate liquid is blended with USP grade vegetable glycerin and premium grade nicotine. All ingredients used are made in the USA. Each batch of liquid is created in an ISO-7 lab and bottled by a touch-less bottling system.

Crystal Smurf

Lid Up – There is a very familiar aroma here! Akin to that of a “Blue Slush” flavoured juice… Although, with “Crystal Smurf” there is more emphasis on the fruity notes.

The inhale is very refreshing and goes straight for the sinuses. What we have here, is another fine example of a Vaper’s Tongue remedy! The berry profile here is on form with the exhale, leaving a pleasant aftertaste which I personally can’t put down. Being a high VG blend (80/20) we recommend using this juice in a dripper based atomizer, not just to save your coils as this juice is very sweet but the full flavour and vapor production are much more prominent on an RDA. As mentioned before, this is the new version of VaperGate’s “Smurf” e-liquid and they say that this newer version is much easier on your coils. The Alliance V2 RDA had to be rebuilt twice during the review period for this product, making this the only con for this juice. Tastes great but destroys your coils!

Would I buy this product?

I’m going to say yes. In a much larger quantity! After vaping this juice almost exclusively for several days now, it’s sad to report that the review sample of  “Crystal Smurf” has been depleted.

“St Louis” by El Diablo

It’s time for another juice review from the El Diablo line! We have previously reviewed “Passion Bomb” and scored very highly. Purveyors of juices, as well as blending an awesome product, must also maintain a level of continuity across the rest of their line. You can’t just have one great product and get sloppy with the rest.

In this review, we will be trying out “St Louis” from the El Diablo line, which the blenders describe as:

“St Louis is the home of New Orleans Voodoo and the resting place of the Louisiana Voodoo Queen, Marie Leveau. Louie is also the name of my eldest boy and the inspiration behind this mouthwatering blend of juicy pineapple and sweet peach, topped off perfectly with a tangy raspberry twist. This juice is a fruit lovers dream.”

A peach flavoured vape you say? One of my favourites! This sounds like an almost tropical blend of flavours and they’ve blended well in other mediums.

“St Louis” is available in 3mg with Max VG (70/30) and 3, 6, 12, and 18mg in a 50/50 blend. As with all the El Diablo products, this juice is available in 10, 30 and 100ml bottles.

For this review, we used the following hardware:

  • Moonshot RDTA by Sigelei and Suprimo w/0.3Ω build
  • Wicked with Texas Tuff Cotton (review coming soon)
  • Snow Wolf Mini Mod @ 55w

Lid Up – Straight away you’re greeted with a mouthwatering combination of sweet peach and pineapple notes, very akin to a mixed fruit punch. No sign of the raspberry yet…

The inhale has revealed more of the sweet peach that was promised from the initial aroma, not a sickly or artificial tasting peach may I add. The pineapple is also present here but ever so slightly. The raspberry was finally revealed itself with the exhale and blends superbly with the peach and pineapple! If you’re looking for a tropical fruit punch-like vape, be sure to pick up a bottle of “St Louis” thankfully the Max VG is available in 100ml bottles as I am definitely going to need more of this.

Would I buy this? I am going to say yes, without a doubt. “St Louis” is a very pleasant all day vape in both a tank and dripping based  atomizers.

“Contra” by Wick Liquor

Today I am reviewing “Contra”. This is the newest addition to the Wick Liquor line

It is available in 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 80/20.

Flavour Profile given by Wick Liquor:

“Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote.”

My set up is as follows:

  • Dotmod Petri (double airflow cloud cap)
  • Dual quad twisted 26g kanthal – 5 wraps – Coming out at 0.13Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

This juice comes in a 15ml glass dropper bottle. It is also available in 30ml bottles. The packaging makes it instantly identifiable as a Wick Liquor juice. Simple black and white labelling tells you most of what you need to know. Nicotine strength and various health and safety message are included. No mention of VG/PG ratio.

When I opened the bottle, I was greeted with a lemony scent and an almost fizzy sensation. It definitely has a smell that makes you want to jump in and try it!

Inhale – A citrusy, sticky feeling inhale leads into an explosive exhale.

Exhale – This is where this flavour really comes to life. I don’t know what the things mentioned in the flavour profile taste like. But after trying this juice, I’d really like to find them and taste them. It’s a tricky juice to describe because it is so unfamiliar a taste. Citrus is the overriding flavour but it also provides a sensation. It’s like drinking a lightly sparkling fruit juice. It leaves little bubbles of the flavour behind on your tongue and it just tastes so fresh and real.In conclusion – Wick Liquor have done it again. This company repeatedly buck the trend of sticking to the norm and they concentrate on quality over quantity. This juice is no exception to that. Out of their four flavours, this one would be a firm second place for me (behind deja voodoo). It is very flavourful and that might rule it out as an ADV but it isn’t sickly at all. It just sort of overwhelms the taste buds to the point that you don’t believe you are getting the best of it anymore. You switch you to another juice but you eagerly return to Contra to get that flavour and sensation all over again.

In conclusion – Wick Liquor have done it again. This company repeatedly buck the trend of sticking to the norm and they concentrate on quality over quantity. This juice is no exception to that. Out of their four flavours, this one would be a firm second place for me (behind Deja Voodoo). It is very flavourful and that might rule it out as an ADV but it isn’t sickly at all. It just overwhelms the taste buds to the point that you don’t believe you are getting the best of it anymore. You switch you to another juice but you eagerly return to Contra to get that flavour and sensation all over again.

I would 100% recommend it to anyone who is tired of strawberries, custards and doughnuts and just wants to try something different but delicious.

If you have made it to the end of this review without ordering a bottle, I salute you. However, I suggest you go order one! You won’t regret it.


“Tanger” by Anon Juice

Anon Juice Baner

Hey guys welcome to another review from the Belfast vape bar. Today were looking at “Tanger” by Anon Juice. These guys know what they’re at with the whole anonymous thing. Their juice description is even on point. Blender’s describe “Tanger” as:

Juicy orange fruit, blow clouds of steam, taste buds up-root, with a hint of cream.

“Need we explain? Not telling the names, the aim of the game, is to use your brain…”

So as you can see, these guys like to keep it mysterious but you can get the gist of it anyway..
Okay lets get down to the bottle then lets have a look and start vaping. Getting down and dirty with the bottle I love all the black on it. Have to say it does look well with its matte black bottle and then its black label then to match their juice they colour the logo to match the flavour so obviously this one is Orange with the bold white ANON across the face.

Right down to vaping this thing today, I’m using my current All Day Vape set-up:

  • Able Mod
  • Doge V3 Kendo Vape Cotton ( Gold Edition )
  • and a 0.1Ω flat wire Build

Opening the bottle you get the subtle cream smell but when you actually pull the dripper out of the bottle the smell of the orange is not as good as I had hoped it would be. Anyways lets vape this stuff I want it to exceed my expectations.

Juicing up the cotton, the orange is becoming a lot more overwhelming which excites me. So first hit f this it was all orange…… wow orange all the flavour was there bar the vanilla. Second hit….. yeah there’s the cream coming out now its a good after taste to sit on your taste buds. The cloud production for this juice, being a 60/40 juice in favour of VG there are definitely clouds there.

If I’m honest I’m impressed by this and I have to say at the start it didn’t sound promising at all, but I am well and truly impressed. Well done guys I love this juice and I will be purchasing more in the future.

Clouds production

7/10 – Being only a 60VG/40PG, liquid but it still produces


10/10 – I love the black bottle plus the logos stand out.


10/10 – they hit the nail on the head with this one I have to say I have really enjoyed this.

Flavour Intensity

9/10 – this liquid is all orange straight off the bat but that cream after taste is to die for

“Pink Panties” by Tug Sauce

Today I am reviewing Tug Sauce – “Pink Panties”

Having created the highly successful ‘Tug Boat’ RDA these guys from California have aimed high to produce an e-liquid range that can live up to the name.

It is available in 0,3,6,12 and 18mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

The manufactures description is ‘Watermelon and strawberry cream similar to a pink Starburst.’ Really looking forward to this one, sounds just like my kind of juice!

My set-up is as follows: –

  • Dotmod Petri (double airflow cloud cap)
  • Dual quad twisted 26g kanthal – 5 wraps – 0.13 ohms
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

This juice comes in a 15ml glass dropper bottle. The label is fairly attractive, maybe a little plain for my liking. The nicotine level is included in the image but there is no mention of VG/PG ratio. Thankfully though, you have read this review and know that it is 70/30.

Opening the bottle releases a pleasant sweet smell. No real hint of the watermelon mentioned yet but I think this is a good thing. In a lot of liquids that include watermelon, it tends to be very overpowering. Hopefully this one will be different.

Inhale – This is obviously where the description of ‘pink starburst’ comes from. It is a lovely juicy sweet taste. You can’t really pick out either strawberry or watermelon. They have been very well blended to create something different altogether. I’m very impressed and surprised by this. I have to confess that I was expecting the stereotypical, overwhelming watermelon.

Exhale – The fruity flavour is not lost on the exhale but it is joined by a creaminess that almost makes this two different juices! The lingering taste is strawberry and you could be convinced you have just consumed a pink starburst.

In conclusion – I would recommend this juice to anyone who likes a sweet vape. I don’t think I would describe it as an ADV. I’ve been using it for about three hours while writing this and it is starting to become quite sickly. However, with summer fast approaching, this juice is the sweet, refreshing and slightly different e-liquid I will be reaching for during the long, hot (fingers crossed) summer days.