“Raspberry Candy” by You Got E-Juice

Today, I’m excited to be bringing you a review of an e-liquid from a brand that I have not tried out before – You Got E-Juice. Based in California, USA, You Got E-Juice aim to make premium e-liquids at an affordable price – indeed, their slogan states that they’re ‘making vaping affordable for everyone.’ In the present market, especially with the TPD directive looming over us, this is an ethos that we welcome.

The manufacturer clearly states that they only use quality ingredients in their products and have no unnecessary additives or colourings included. They also take care to sell only to those of appropriate age, with an age-verification requirement on their website (as in, actually requiring photographic ID as proof) for residents living in certain ares. This is an initiative that we strongly commend and would encourage other manufacturers and vendors to follow suit.

So, the flavour that I am trying out today for review is ‘Raspberry Candy’. This is one of 29 flavours that You Got E-Juice have available – a huge line by any manufacturer’s standards. One caveat that I have found in the past is that the more flavours a manufacturer offers, the less attention to detail they have for each one. However, You Got E-Juice appear to have carefully crafted each of these flavours and have proudly labelled each as a premium e-liquid. All of their products are made up at a VG/PG ratio of 70:30 and are available at nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg.

The packaging of the product is functional and the necessary information is clearly presented. As you can see from the image above, the bottle is of a more-than-decent size. I got this in 120ml, but you can also purchase bottles of 60ml and a whopping 240ml. The pricing of their products – considering the sizes here – is extremely attractive (although obviously, for those of us in the UK, the sizes are not something that we’ll be able to avail of for much longer).

You Got E-Juice market Raspberry Candy as, ‘A Raspberry Hard Candy enhanced with sweet strawberries and wild blueberries.’ Thankfully this – as with the rest of their product descriptions – is clear and succinct. One of my biggest annoyances is when a flavour is described in such a vague and baffling way that, after reading it, you’re left even more bewildered about what the e-liquid could possibly taste like.

The image above was taken when the product was received – I can safely say that there is less than even a quarter of the bottle left at present. It is so good as an all day vape, which is not at all what I had expected from a candy-based flavour. The taste, on the exhale, reminds me exactly of hard-boiled, strawberry and cream sweets. Certainly, the strawberry is the stronger note at this point, with the creamy texture adding to the overall flavour. The tartness of the raspberry is much more prominent on the inhale, but it is mellowed somewhat by the softer blueberry – so as to not become too sharp a draw. Overall, this combination of refreshing fruit and the creamy overnotes serve to make this a consistent flavour that is difficult to tire of. You Got E-Juice do recommend steeping their products upon delivery, but I jumped straight in and so the flavour has only become more and more rounded as I’ve worked my way down the bottle.

This flavour certainly gets a seal of approval – and so do You Got E-Juice for delivering on their promise of premium flavours at more than affordable prices. They have established themselves well within social media outlets and I would recommend that if you haven’t already heard of them, that you check them out. If the rest of their line is as enjoyable as Raspberry Candy, then you’ll definitely find something there that’ll keep your taste buds happy.

Lychee Lauren by Okami

Today we have another liquid from Ōkvmi called “Lychee Lauren”, supplied directly from Ōkvmi for review.

Ōkvmi (Pronounced Okami) was founded in 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada, USA as a lifestyle brand and also a boutique, graphic design agency. Lychee Lauren has been marketed as:

“The imaginative result of combining two unique southeast Asian fruits to create a one of a kind apax flavour experience.”

This liquid is available in 0,3,6 and 12mg of nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40, coming in 15ml and 120ml bottles. This retails at $12 for 15ml and $60 for 120ml + postage.
For this review I am using the following:

Opening the bottle, I was greeted by a very intense – yet refreshing – fresh, peach smell and a very subtle lychee fruit. The emergence of the lychee fruit was a welcome surprise, given the intensity of the peach.

Dripping this liquid on my freshly-built Shuriken, I am anticipating great things for this liquid.

The Inhale – on the inhale you are welcomed with a delightfully fresh lychee fruit that just overwhelmed my taste buds. This was a very direct flavour and I was definitely impressed by this.

The Exhale – on the exhale, this liquid was just as impressive as the inhale. The straight flavour of white peach was exactly as it should be – not bitter like a traditional peach, just nice and juicy. The overall flavours are uniformly sweet. Another big advantage here is that the taste itself isn’t overpowering – so this is a flavour well suited to be vaped all day.

This liquid being a 60/40 blend is clearly tailored toward the flavour-chaser in all of us. However, in saying that, the clouds are nothing to turn your nose up at. It still gives off a nice thick vapour.

Would I buy this again?

Yes is the simple answer – and I will! This shaped up to be a very nice, accurate liquid, which was pleasant with the fresh lychee flavour and the spot-on, white peach. I am happy to give this liquid a thumbs-up and look forward to trying out more in the range by Ōkami.

“Bubble Gang” OG Bubba by Ōkmi Brand

Ōkvmi (Pronounced okami) was founded in 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada, USA as a lifestyle brand and also a boutique, graphic design agency.

‘Bubble Gang: OG BUBBA’ by ŌKVMI is handcrafted in Las Vegas, and this is the first liquid to be released in the line (which will have 4 liquids once all released). OKVMI have other lines of high-quality liquid, which are also in the pipeline to be reviewed. So now, let’s get down to business.

OG BUBBA is available in 0, 3, 6 and 9mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, coming in a 60ml bottle. This liquid costs $26.00 + postage.

For this review I am using the following hardware:

  • Sigelei 213
  • Doge v3 by Congrevape
  • With a dual Clapton build running at 60w

The packaging for this product has plenty of detail and is definitely eye-catching to say the least. The ingredients and warnings are nicely spaced out and easy to read – and the extensive time that has clearly been spent on the detail and artwork of the box is impressive. Let’s hope the liquid can do it justice. The bottle has a very nice look to it with an eye-catching label to match, along with a quality dripper that holds the juice very well.

Taking a smell when I first opened the bottle made me very excited to try the liquid straight away. You are instantly hit with beautiful notes of clean watermelon and bubblegum – although the watermelon definitely smells like the more dominant flavour.

The Inhale – on the inhale you get a very smooth taste of watermelon that does not disappoint. It’s just the right amount of flavour – not overwhelming – but personally, I would have preferred a more direct flavour. Despite this, it certainly is refreshing nonetheless.

The Exhale – the exhale is where this juice comes alive. When exhaling the combination of watermelon and bubblegum is perfect. Not too sweet, but sweet enough to leave you asking for more. The bubble-gum is very pleasant and sets the watermelon off well; this is one of many combinations when it comes to the infamous gum-flavoured liquids but I do believe that ŌKVMI have nailed this one perfectly,=. The light notes of the bubble gum and watermelon make this liquid a very balanced ADV.

Would I buy this Product? Absolutely. To date, this is definitely the nicest bubble-gum liquid that I have come across.

“The Red Keep” by Cloud Corp Vaping


Today, I’m excited to be bringing you a review of a new e-liquid that has been released as part of a line by Cloud Corp Vaping – hailing from our very own Northern Ireland. I always enjoy trying out bespoke e-liquids that are made locally. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a gem of a flavour that isn’t even available to purchase in the UK yet, so when I saw where Cloud Corp Vaping were based I had to jump on one of their liquids to review.

At the time of writing, Cloud Corp Vaping haven’t yet launched a website or online store, but do check out their Facebook page to keep an eye on the offers that they have ongoing in their Coleraine premises. I will update this review as and when they do launch an online shop as – trust me – you will want to be buying their products online if you aren’t able to visit them in person.


So the product that I’m reviewing today is The Red Keep – part of the Seven Kingdoms line of e-liquids. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll know that this line is modelled on the kingdoms that the GoT realm is composed of. Even if you aren’t a fan of the series, you’re probably aware of how proud Northern Ireland is of hosting much of the filming for the series. It makes sense, then, to give that sense of familiarity to a line of products that are also proudly handcrafted in Northern Ireland. However, I’m sure that Cloud Corp were also aware that in doing so, the highest standard would be expected of these flavours.

I’ve been trying The Red Keep out at a strength of 3mg and a VG/PG ratio of 60:40. The packaging of the e-liquid is both functional and fits well with their theme. Information regarding the ingredients, strength, batch number, volume, date of production and ratio are all clearly displayed.

The actual flavour of The Red Keep is rather fascinating. Matching the pale red colour of the liquid is a sweet, berry flavour on the exhale. However, on the inhale, there is an almost menthol-like freshness that is most refreshing. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it lies somewhere in the region of aniseed and red liquorice – not unlike a berry-flavoured throat lozenge, but without any of the bitterness. Because of this freshness, it’s a liquid that just doesn’t become sickening.

I’m sure that the above picture is an indication of how much I’ve been enjoying The Red Keep – to say that I’ve been looking sadly at the ever-dwindling amount of liquid left in the bottle would be an understatement. This is absolutely an all day vape for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it is now one of my favourites.

It could have been a disastrous move for an emerging brand to christen a line with this theme. However, if the rest of the Seven Kingdoms is anything like The Red Keep, then Cloud Corp Vaping have pulled it off wonderfully. The flavour is excellent, the packaging is sleek and the company itself has integrity. Cloud Corp Vaping is a brand that our province’s vapers can be most proud of.

The official website for Cloud Corp is now live and this juice is available or online purchase!


“Le Blanc” by Marquee Vape

Marquee Vape logo

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to supply us with another line of products for review. For this reviewer, it’s the first time I’ve had a hands-on experience with a skull bottle! There are three flavours in the Marquee Vape line and today we will be reviewing “Le Blanc” they describe this juice as “Inspired by mango bellini’s of summer on the beaches of Marseille, and frigid winter of the French alps, Le Blanc is a marriage of sensual mango, coconut and vanilla, accentuated with frosty mint ice. In 30ml glass skulls”

Vendors interested in stocking this line, get in touch with Vivd Vapes

The Marquee Vape line of products are available in 30ml skull bottles, 70/30 VG high and in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine strengths.

For this review we used the following hardware:

  • Twisted Messes/Dovpo Mod
  • 24mm variant Mason Gemini II RDA (review coming soon)
  • Dual Twisted Coil build reading at 0.22Ω
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we move on to the taste test. The mango mentioned in the description is the dominating aroma here with nothing else being revealed so far, not a sickly sweet or artificial mango but rather akin to the mango flavored yogurt drinks…

The Inhale – With “Le Blanc” the inhale is rather intense! A sinus clearing icy mint making this a rather refreshing vape so far. There is a subtle hint of coconut here but no sign of the aforementioned mango.

The Exhale – The same ice blast from the inhale but a tad milder blending rather well with the coconut. Almost as if you were to mix a pina colada with crème de menthe, unfortunately, the mango that was promised in the description only seems to appear with the initial sniff from the bottle.

Would I buy this product? For £15 for a 30ml skull bottle, I’m going to say yes. The bottle itself can be rather cumbersome when vaping on the go but if you’re sitting down for the evening “Le Blanc” is a rather tasty evening vape. The missing mango however is a little concerning and hopefully Marquee Vape will address this with future batches.

The Marquee Vape line is available now on the Vivd Vapes website and if you’re a vendor interested in stocking this product, please drop them an email.

“Funta” by Vaper Boy

Hey guys and welcome to another review from myself shakey.. today we are doing a juice review on a liquid made by Vaper Boy and it’s called….Funta Orange. Yes… Funta Orange. Let’s get straight into a close up and then get a good vape on.
Having a quick juke over the bottle it genuinely looks like a bottle of a certain fizzy drink we all know. They say that It’s the satisfaction and wanting more feeling you get from sipping the last bit of your favorite ice cold Orange flavored drink. Over and over again. They state that it has:

– Excellent Taste and Smell
– Ice Cold Orange flavour
– Made in Malaysia E-Liquid
– PG50 / 50VG Blend

This juice was provided for the purpose of review by the folks at Air Distribution, vendors interested in stocking the products available can reach them via the link in the image below.

Air Distrubtion

Normally I’m not one for a 50/50 liquid but let’s have a vape of this stuff and get a final verdict. So literally seconds after popping the cap on this bottle the orange has filled my office…. jeepers it’s crazy. I also get the smell of menthol which I assume is the ice flavour to this. Today I’m dripping this onto my mason 30mm on the Asmodus iMnikin 120watt mod at 80 watts. Put a nice .2 ohm parallel build for all its surface area. Dripping this stuff it turns your cotton bright orange straight away. Looks

Dripping this stuff it turns your cotton bright orange straight away. Looks good to be honest and the smell just keeps getting stronger and stronger. First hit and wow. Straight out of the gate the flavour is right up there!! All guns blazing menthol and orange. Simple yet absolutely amazing. If I’m honest its simply awesome. I’m very impressed indeed. The more you vape it doesn’t get any duller. Although I can imagine no matter what i drip onto this cotton now it’s all I’m going to be able to taste.

All in all, I’m very impressed with this liquid. For being a 50/50 you can’t expect insane clouds or anything but the productions grand. The flavour hits the nail on the head though I’m gunna have to rate it very highly it put a smile on my face when i tried it for the first time.

“Blackcurrant” by Cloud Niners

Time for another juice review right here at the Belfast Vape Bar! This one is a little overdue but we’re working through this backlog, slowly but surely.

A few months ago, I took a little vape venture to Dublin city to check out the stores down there. If you vape and you’ve been to the city, you’ll definitely have been to Vintage Vape Rooms. They guys were kind enough to hook me up with a bottle of the Cloud Niners to review Blackcurrant. information about this Malaysian juice is a little difficult to source and the description is short but straight to the point! “Blackcurrant and Eucalyptus”

The Cloud Niners line of liquids are available in 55ml plastic bottles in 80/20 VG high and 3mg Nic from the Vintage Vape Rooms store and on their website:


For this review we will be using the following hardware:

  • Twisted Messes/Dovpo Mod
  • Moonshot RDTA by Sigelei + Suprimo
  • RDTA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

It proved rather difficult to find an official website for Malaysian blenders Vape Sauce Cloud Niners, we were able to find plenty of vendors stocking this juice. The product description was also rather bland, bland but straight to the point “Blackcurrant and eucalyptus” no dancing around here with elaborate descriptions!

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before the taste test. There is a very intense blackcurrant aroma present here! Subtle notes of the refreshing eucalyptus also linger in the background.

The Inhale – As mentioned before with the initial sniff from the bottle, there is a very concentrated blackcurrant flavour present with this juice with the cool eucalyptus which makes for an almost sinus clearing inhale!

The Exhale – Just like with the inhale but just as intense, the blackcurrant takes centre stage with the soothing eucalyptus in pursuit close behind. Note that this juice will dominate the wicking of your atomizer for quite some time after use, not that this is necessarily a bad thing but if you like to change your juices throughout the day, you will need to either carry a spare atty or a few pads of cotton!

Would I buy this product? A definite yes from us here at the Belfast Vape Bar! This could almost be used as a cure for that dreaded “vaper’s tongue” because the flavours here are just that strong. Not too strong as to spoil the vape, but just enough.

“Crema” by Xanic Blanc

Manufacturer’s Description: ”A burst of sweet orange with a full bodied cream and a decadent finish of yoghurt.”

Statistics: Crema by Xanic Blanc Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and  9mg strengths, Available in 18ml, 30ml and  120ml bottles , 30%PG/70%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Tuglyfe regulated dual 18650 box mod by Flawless with the Velocity RDA equipped with dual coils measuring at 0.25Ω.

First off, before I discuss anything. I need to point out the glaring issue I had with the 18ml bottle I was sent to review and this fault carries across all of the 18ml bottles in this range. They do not possess child proof caps with regular droppers. Instead they rely on a simple cap which can be popped off and on at will. The juice is dispensed through the little pump installed in the bottle.

The bottle note is sickeningly sweet and synthetic. A horrid chemically orange scent that catches in the back of the sinuses. Besides that, this liquid doesn’t really offer much else on the first few sniffs at the liquid.

As I continued to puff away on this liquid, I couldn’t find anything else that I could enjoy about this liquid, even when I transferred it to a regulated, variable wattage device to pump some more amps through it and get some more heat into the coils. Despite only getting a more dense, thick vapour from it, the liquid didn’t offer much more and unfortunately left me disappointed.

Overall, while this liquid is capable of generating a warm, thick vapour, the actual flavour itself is sickly, synthetic and completely un-enjoyable. Definitely not a liquid I could offer to a friend.

“Blueberry Ice” by City Vape

Belfast based vape shop, Vape Hunter, have provided us with two flavours from a range they will shortly be selling. City Vape is based in Middlesborough and this is their in-house range that we will be reviewing.

I’ve chosen to start with “Blueberry Ice” as this was the most surprising liquid I have tried for a while and I’m excited to get it reviewed and share it with everyone.

The range is available in 0,3,6 and11mg nicotine. “Blueberry Ice” is from the 50/50 range but a 70/30 range is also available.

The manufacturers description is “A subtle blueberry with a mint kick.”

My set-up is as follows:

  • Dotmod Petri (double airflow cloud cap)
  • Dual quad twisted 26g kanthal – 5 wraps – Coming out at 0.5 ohms
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Smok H-Priv – Set to 105w

The black and white labelling is attractive and it is a nice way to differentiate between the 50/50 range and the 70/30. 50/50 is white on black and the 70/30 range is black on white. The label design is simplistic which should prove useful when TPD limits the graphics on E-liquid bottles. The 30ml bottle is made from brown glass to help prolong the life of the juice. The dropper is of good quality and the nicotine level is clearly displayed. Other than the colour scheme, there is no way to tell the ratio when looking at labelling. Perhaps this could be added in the future.

The smell of “Blueberry Ice” is definitely appealing. It smells to me like a blackcurrant tune or soother. This may just be because I’ve never had a blueberry and my brain is just linking it to whatever smells closest. Either way, it is a very inviting scent.

Inhale – The menthol cooling effect sort of masks any flavour that may be in the inhale. It isn’t unpleasant, just quite powerful. I imagine it would be great for clearing a blocked nose! Towards the very end of the inhale you start to get the juiciness of the blueberry peeking out from behind the menthol hit.

Exhale – This is much fruitier than the inhale. You still get a little of the mink kick but it is taking a back seat to the blueberry (which is still tasting kind of like Ribena to me but again, I have never tried a blueberry). When combined with the cooling sensation, it is a very convincing slush puppy type flavour. The after taste is fruity and sticky with a little of the mint hanging around too.

In conclusion – It is a great juice. I’ve been using it in an RDA at high wattage and it really doesn’t vape like a 50/50 juice. The vapour production would match most 70/30 juices and it is a really smooth vape. If not for the fact that I knew the ratio in advance, I honestly would have believed this was a 70/30. I don’t know how City Vape have done it but they should be congratulated for it. “Blueberry Ice” is thin enough to use in less powerful devices but still vapes really well in the more powerful devices too,

If the recipe was ever being tweaked, I would maybe recommend that the mint kick was reduced very slightly. This may just be personal preference but it was a little bit too strong on the inhale but it was great on the exhale. Definitely worth a try. Especially given the price point of £10 for 30ml. It is premium quality juice without the premium price tag.


“Cherrosity” by Anon Juice

Anon Juice Baner

Anon Juice are passionate about our right to vape and our right to enjoy excellent E-liquids. They handcraft their juices to ensure that they provide the best possible quality and taste. They have kindly sent us their range for review and this is the fifth review.

The anon range is available in 0,3,6 and 12mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40.

It’s very cryptic description is –

Cool down the sweet blossom of the tree, a touch of velvet I’m sure you’ll agree.
“Need we explain? Not telling the names, the aim of the game, is to use your brain…”

Thankfully the name gives us an idea of what to expect!

My set up is as follows:

  • Dotmod Petri (double airflow cloud cap)
  • Dual flat twisted – 3mm – 9 wraps – Coming out at 0.30 ohms
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 50w and then 100w

This juice comes in a 15ml glass dropper bottle. The labels of this range are all the same bar a different colour depending on the juice. This works very well along with the black bottle although not being able to see the juice level is a little irritating. The nicotine level and expiration date are shown but there is no mention of the VG/PG ratio.

“Cherrosity” smells pleasant and sweet, similar to cherry lozenges.

The inhale at 50w feels cool, like a menthol sensation with added sweetness. No real change to the inhale at 100w.

Exhale – Delicious cherry flavour. It reminded me of the cherry on top of a black forest gateau. at 100w the flavour is more pronounced and hits you at the back of your nose. This is probably a better liquid at lower wattages. Regardless of the wattage, the aftertaste is sweet with a pleasant sticky sensation.

In conclusion – Vapour production for this juice was fairly average with is to be expected at 60% VG. The quality of the flavour really makes up for this though. For “Cherrosity” the name says it all, if you like cherry, you won’t be disappointed in this juice. If you don’t like cherry, this one probably isn’t for you.