“CaRnY4” by G2 Vapor

Manufacturers Description: Based on the classic RY4 (vanilla, caramel & tobacco) updated for the modern palate with notes of caramel treats

Butterkist Toffee Popcorn, sticky toffee pudding and proper homemade honeycomb ice cream – any of these could pop into your head when vaping this offering from G2; but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s get a bit of info about the manufacturer. The launch of G2 Vapor was far from premeditated. For G2’s founder, it happened out of necessity. Early in the days of vaping when most liquids where coming out of China, he was lost in the endless search for quality e-liquids. Staying true to his upbringing of there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you put your mind to it, he started to “DIY” for personal use.

Months of studying, testing, mixing, trials, and errors resulted in the creation of two flavors: G2™ and caRnY4™. Excited to finally have juice that was better than the hundreds of e-liquids he had tried before, Clinton sent some samples out to his close friends. Almost immediately the demand exploded, with his friends loving the juice, telling their friends, and creating a domino effect of demand.

Fast forward to now, with me sat on my sofa, pumping arguably far too much juice into me – but I can’t help it, this RY4 blend is too moreish to put down.

Aesthetically the bottle is bang on. My only criticism would be a lack of safety/hazard logos, and possibly an explanation of the RY4 flavouring. To the uninitiated and n00bz alike that could very helpful.

When opening the bottle you get a proper, Mike Tyson-esque uppercut of caramel which is truly fantastic. A slight tint of vanilla makes sure the liquid does exactly what it says on the tin – “vanilla caramel”

I’m using my Smok R80 Micro with the TFV4 Micro tank and STC coil, running between 50w-80w @ 0.3ohm. The juice is 3mg which I believe is max VG, any other strength is 60VG/40PG.

I tried this juice in temperature control mode, but it wasn’t exactly flavorsome. Switching to wattage and I get a completely different experience.

On the inhale I get smooth caramel and vanilla, which can only be likened to a homemade honeycomb ice cream that goes down far too easily. Not much tobacco if any, I really don’t care, but it’s worth noting there’s not much of it in there.

Exhaling the flavour changes, a lot. I’ve moved from a sultry smooth caramel, to a hard hitting, all dancing sticky toffee pudding type flavour. It’s a proper “sat with a coffee, a tank of juice and watching the world go by” vape. It’s almost like those little caramel waffles you get in most coffee shops.

After the exhale I have been left with a little tiny bit of tobacco and vanilla aftertaste that is crying out to be accompanied with another hit of that delicious caramel. It’s definitely moreish, it’s definitely a brilliant flavour all round. The only issue I would have is the lack of tobacco. The juice is top notch as it is, but if you’re looking for a more obvious tobacco flavour caRnY4 falls just short.

Would I buy this juice? Absolutely without a doubt, it wouldn’t be a show stopper, but it’s exceptionally close and definitely one I need to have in my cupboard at all times.

“Kasai” by Cloud Vapor

Hi Folks! Shinx here today we are testing a liquid from a French Company called Cloud Vapor. We were kindly given the entire line for review while down at VapeFest Ireland 2015, so thank you to them!
The liquid we are reviewing today is called “Kasai” so what’s the description of it?

“Cinnamon, vanilla biscuit and pastry cream: a spicy and authentic recipe. Discerning gourmets probably recognize the famous cake with cinnamon Danish.”

Now cinnamon has to be one of my all time vapes! So this one looks sounds promising!

Opening the bottle, I am hit with sweet pastry notes with the unmistakeable smell of cinnamon lurking in the background.

The juice I’m testing today is 3mg and a 70VG/30PG. So it’s an ideal clouding juice for tanks and drippers alike! All safety warnings are present, including the companies address and batch number etc.

For today’s testing I am using a Joyetech eVic VTC Mini with a Atty3 from Wotofo using a triple twisted dual coil coming out at 0.5ohms.

On the inhale the sweet pastry notes are beautifully mixed with the cinnamon and vanilla giving a subtle smooth vape with not too much sweetness and just the right amount of cinnamon to not make it too sickening.

On the exhale the sweet cream is yet again mixed in with the cinnamon which really takes my breath away and reminds me of the cinnamon danish swirls which I love so much! Throughout my vaping experience with this liquid I was certainly not disappointed and it was a smooth satisfying vape throughout!

Cloud production with this juice is excellent and at 75w on my twisted build sent out billows of clouds with the sweet aroma of the vanilla and cinnamon in the air!

So would I buy this juice when this bottle is finished? Yes I certainly would! I have yet to find a vape that is sweet and not too sickly. This truly is an ADV for me as I refuse to get sick of it! It is truly that good! If you like these kind of flavours then I suggest you get online and buy some of this juice now! You will not be disappointed.

Really is as close to a perfect 10 for me, and that’s saying something!!

“Pheonix Tears” by Shijin Vapor

Merry Christmas everyone, Gilters back for another juice review.

Today I’m going to have a look at the liquid line by Shijin Vapor based in California (rather confusing at first as I immediately assumed cheap Chinese rubbish).

So when I first seen this liquid line, I was immediately blown away with it’s presentation box and somewhat unusual bottle designs having a pump system rather than the widely known pipette dropper bottle.

The liquid I have with me here today is known as…

“Pheonix Tears” 3mg

Freshly baked cinnamon sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry cream that will be refreshed with every hit (like jumping into the waters on a hot Summer day.)

Pheonix Tears comes with an 85vg/15 pg blend which is more my style of ratio. The bottle at first I was rather impressed, having that oriental feel to its including the phoenix taking main stage on the design. All the usual markings are easy to read as you would expect.

This bottle has surely been aimed at vaper’s that use drippers over tanks, 2 pumps and your done (no pun intended) but on a more serious note this bottle leaks ridiculously BUT I have seen recently noticed online that these liquids are now available with the favoured pipette system (highly recommend over the pump style).

Time to get pumping, today’s setup is my XCube II set at 100w on the Atty3 rda at 0.21Ω

Smell test on this liquid is nothing like it’s description I’m getting a sweet creamy Banana and strawberry scent, strange I know.

On inhale, God that throat hit is insane for being 3mg let alone I feel like a floating now after three good long pulls, the flavour is a nice rather sweet cream with a subtle strawberry hint.

Exhale has now turned into more of a strawberry milkshake with that creaminess just mixing at the tail end of exhale. The strawberry is for sure bringing out the sweetness in the liquid making this a delightful vape but no cinnamon to be seen anywhere.

So the main question, would I buy this again. Yeah I sure would my bottles now empty after an hours use, though it would have to be in a dropper style bottle and 0mg as that nic is head blowing strong.

“Maniac” by Timebomb

How’s it going guys Gilters back for another juice review

Today we shall be looking at a line that is one of four from Buckshot Vapors which we at the Belfast Vape Bar where kindly given at Vapefest Ireland.

The liquid profile today is known by

“Time Bomb – Maniac”

Time Bomb’s design I must say I love, showing off these crazy looking punk style skeletons (I love skulls) with a nice bright vibrant design which is very clear and easy to read, tho the only thing I’ve noticed is there is no pg/vg ratio so after some digging around online I’ve came to the conclusion of 40pg/60vg.

So what is “Maniac”

A gourmet, bakery style vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting and a decadent creamy filling.

On opening the bottle I’m greeted by a rather strong, sweet vanilla cream, time to get the tank filled up.

Today I am using my Sigelei 50w and TFV4 mini with a fresh single clapton build on the rba deck coming in at 0.56Ω

On inhale it’s just a straight up as plain as you can get vanilla cream. Throat hit is extremely smooth being 3mg strength tho personally I don’t go for 6mg but with this I feel it would go well with a higher nic level.

On exhale that vanilla cream becomes potent and just coats the mouth nicely with a nice lashing of a sweet icing just on the tail end of the exhale.

Would I purchase this liquid again. Personally no because after an hour or so of this liquid I’ve began to find things getting sickly, everyone’s taste is different but Maniac is just a tad too much for my taste buds.