“Rice Crispy Treats” by Hometown Hero

Well, it’s time for another trip to Austin Texas with another liquid review from Hometown Hero!

We have previously reviewed “Angel’s Breath” from their line with more to come. Today we are reviewing “Rice Crispy Treat” The folk at Hometown Hero describe this liquid as:

“Rice Crispy Treats eliquid by Hometown Hero is as close you can get to inhaling a tray of gooey rice crispy treats. We are pretty sure it is more addictive than most hardcore street drugs, and the fan base of this flavor has been known to do some pretty wild things for just one hit.”

Sounds fantastic!

Each product from the Hometown Hero line features a unique piece of artwork for each flavour and Rice Crispy Treat is no exception. A rather unusual four-eyed little creature and some Asian-esque symbols…..

For this review we are using the following hardware:

For this review we are using the following hardware:

  • IPV4s mod
  • Hastur RDTA from Cthulhu Mod (review coming soon)

This liquid is a 70VG/30PG blend with 3mg of nicotine.

Taking a little sniff from the bottle reveals a sweet almost marshmallow scent…

Time for the inhale! Very subtle with a mild crispy taste, not much sign of the marshmallow so far. The inhale is where the two flavours blend together as a whole and presents itself as the delicious marshmallow treat.

This liquid doesn’t really have an overpowering flavour, nothing too in your face which could cause you to grow sick of it after a time. Just enough for an enjoyable vape. Would I buy this? I’m going to say yes, the flavour is just strong enough and matches the description. Being a 70/30 VG high ratio produces a decent amount of vapour (especially in the Hastur RDTA).

We are in talks with a few UK based vendors and will hopefully get this line of liquids stocked closer to home soon enough!

“Boston’s” by Hodge’s Homebrew

I have done a lot of reviews here at Belfast Vape Bar, and yet, this is my first review of a Hodge’s Homebrew e-liquid. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to review them – they are, without a doubt, my most beloved manufacturer for flavours that just tick each of my boxes. I’m pretty sure that all vapers have that favourite e-liquid, from somewhere during the beginning of their vaping journey, that was the one that convinced them that vaping was the way to go after all. For me, that was ‘Blueberry Heaven’ by Hodge’s Homebrew. After trying so many hit or miss flavours that just made me want to run back to the analogs, this was the e-liquid that convinced me not to. For that reason alone, I will always be indebted to these guys.

One thing that I have always appreciated with Hodge’s Homebrew is the consistency of their flavours. I have purchased many of their products, both from retailers and directly from their website, and the flavours are always as they should be. There are no nasty surprises or ‘bad batches’ released for sale; their flavours are always on point.

Today I’m reviewing ‘Boston’s’, one of four new flavours recently released by Hodge’s Homebrew. They describe this e-liquid as a ‘fresh Boston creme donut that has just enough chocolate and even more creme‘, which excites me greatly as I’ve been on such a doughnut craze these past few weeks. One thing I trust Hodge’s Homebrew to do well is creaminess – each and every one of their custard flavours has been so wonderfully full-bodied – and so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this flavour in the hopes of a truly creamy doughnut vape.

By the way, can I just apologise for the review’s photograph of an empty bottle? Normally I take a snap of the product BEFORE I go nuts about the flavour and vape it all… I just couldn’t resist with this one. When I order more, I will update this review with another photograph (if I can hold off long enough to do so).

Hodge’s Homebrew always caters for a wide range of personal preferences when making up their flavour batches and for Boston’s, this is no different. Available in both 70/30 and 50/50 VG:PG ratios, this e-liquid can be purchased at a range of nicotine strengths. When purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s website, a notification will also be displayed if the chosen strength and ratio is running low in stock – so you can ensure that you won’t be caught short of your favourite flavour.

And trust me, if you like doughnuts and you enjoy a creamy vape – Boston’s might just be your new favourite flavour. I have tried quite a few premium-brand doughnut flavours over the past month, and whilst the doughnut flavour itself is usually done very well, there’s usually a sickly after-taste that presents itself on the exhale. Even with some steeping to take off this edge, I found it hard to enjoy the ‘thin-ness’ of many of these vapes.

This was not the case with Boston’s. I didn’t feel the need to steep this at all, but instead – as you know from the photograph – I just got stuck in straight away. The doughnut flavour is wonderful and true-to-taste. Even the smell of this e-liquid is just like that of a fresh, creme-filled doughnut; it is absolutely divine. As for the creaminess? Hodge’s Homebrew have absolutely delivered on this. This is so full-bodied and creamy (I have this at 70:30 and 3mg by the way). The inhale is where the doughnut and its subtle notes of sugar and cinnamon hits you, while the exhale releases the inner creme and that wonderful texture that I’ve come to expect from this manufacturer.

With the exception of ‘Blue Slush’, this is the only other flavour that I have tried from the Hodge’s Homebrew line that isn’t focused on their signature custard base. I am so glad that I tried out Boston’s. Once again, their attention to detail and fusion of flavours has resulted in a product that is simply outstanding, and I would implore anyone who has a penchant for creamy, doughnut flavours to try out a bottle (or twelve) of Boston’s.

“JumbleBerry Crumble” by Hodges Homebrew

Hey guys welcome to another review by Shakey at the Belfast Vape Bar. Today we’re taking a look at one of the newest Liquids from Hodges Homebrew. Jumbleberry Crumble.

They describe it as:

A magical mash up of the ripest berries and and topped with sweet golden crumble, not forgetting the side of custard that should accompany any great British desert

Well let me tell you they hit the nail on the head.

So let’s get down to it. Taking a look at the bottle Hodges have one of the best bottle designs on the market. The beautiful square bottle, the colourful and well printed labeling with all the warnings and signs that you need to show you it’s a good premium liquid. The logo for this line is very nice, it is literally all the berries exploding out of the bottle with the nice bold text to go with it. Lets face it though as sexy as the bottles are everybody just wants the juice so let’s get into vaping this rich berry pie and custard.

Anyone who has tried Hodges Homebrew know that any of their custard flavours are in my opinion one of the hardest to beat, so having your flavour accompanied by it makes it so so appealing.

Opening the bottle I’m instantly greeted by sweet berries and all the crust with it. No custard scent though which is disappointing, maybe its just my taste buds.

Today I’m using my

RX200 at 80 watts
With a .25 ohm clapton build
On the phenotype L RDA

Squeezing the juice onto the cotton its not too thick of a liquid. Being a good 70VG/30PG job I’m looking forward to the clouds. First hit of the liquid was all crust, no beating around the bush it was all crust but you always have to give it a few hits to get full flavour. So I took my second hit and there she blows! All the berries just boom smashed in the face. We have crust and custard mainly on the inhale and berries on the exhale. All I could think to myself was wow this is great! A solid liquid that you just cant tire of so 100% all thumbs up here.

I am very impressed Mr Shirley.

So for flavour I’m giving “JumbleBerry Crumble” a solid 9.5 for flavour

For Cloud production it gave off a nice large cloud. Not your typical cloud chucking liquid but good none the less 7.5

Have to hand it to Paul and the guys at Hodges they know what to be at when they design the labels, so for presentation I give it a 10 not many bottles like these.

“Blueberry Jelly Filled Donut” by MF’N Donut

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to send out the line of M F’N Donut for the purpose of review, if you’re interested in the products reviewed below please be sure to head over to their website:


Also, be sure to use the code “vivd8” for 8% off across their site!

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a blueberry flavour craze, which is funny, because I normally hate blueberry e-liquids as they tend to come across as too artificial in comparison to the real thing. One of the first (cheap, mass-produced) e-liquids that I had tried in my first (cheap, mass-produced) tank was a pure blueberry flavour, and it was absolutely vile. Words cannot express the heights to which that overpowering, chemical-like fragrance raised the level of my disgust to. “Never again,” said I to blueberry e-liquids – and that was the case for a long time until a few months ago, when I tried a premium custard and blueberry e-liquid and was instantly besotted. Similarly, I would never have ventured to try a doughnut flavoured e-liquid until I decided to buy Capella’s “Chocolate Glazed Doughnut” to try out in home mixes and have since flitted between that and the blueberry custard as my go-to ADV.

You can imagine my joy, then, at being asked to review the M F’N Donut ‘Blueberry Jelly Filled Donut’. A mixture of blueberry and doughnut? Fantastic.

Firstly, however, a bit about the company and their products. Hailing from Idaho, USA, M F’N Donut was founded in 2012 by proprietors Carl and Jenna. Other than a short blurb about each of the owners, there isn’t much company information – such as an ethos or mission statement – available on their website. There is also a lack of information available on each product page. Whilst there is a description of the flavour provided, there is no clear mention of the VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid on the purchasing page. When I got this product for review, I wasn’t sure if it would be tank-friendly or only for drippers – there is definitely a need for further details on the website (and Facebook page, I checked there too) for first-time customers.

Now for the actual product and packaging. Upon receiving the bottle, the first thing I noticed was the unique design on the label, which I really like. However – there are a few issues with it in my opinion.

Firstly, it states that it is 85% VG on the front of the bottle. Yet, on the side of the bottle in the small print, it states that it is 80/20 VG to PG. It can’t be both, and with no further information not the website as mentioned, I’m still none-the-wiser about the exact make up of the e-liquid.

Secondly, the label states ‘MF’n Donut: Blueberry’ with an image of a ring doughnut covered in blue icing. This gave me the impression that the flavour was going to be at least 90% doughnut flavour with a topping of blueberry-flavoured icing to compliment it. That doesn’t match the website title for the product as a “jelly filled donut” – because a doughnut filled with blueberry jam is something entirely different to a plain doughnut topped with blueberry icing, and would make me expect a much more overwhelming taste of sugary blueberry. I know that this sounds fussy – but I’m not thinking from the perspective of an e-commerce customer who has the ability to read the product’s full title online. If I saw this on a shop shelf, all the information that I have is what’s on the label – and it doesn’t represent the product to the best of its ability.

Third, a minor gripe with the actual quality of the graphics. Whilst it is a wonderful design, the images and text are not sharp – making it harder to read and spoiling the finish of the product’s appearance. The designer should have accounted for this before these were signed off for production. [UPDATE: I have noticed that the manufacturer has released images of new bottle designs on their social media (not updated on their website yet, as of 13/02/16). These look much more professional and have lost the image of a doughnut on the front. The description is still ‘MF’n Donut: Blueberry’, but at least the confusion that was caused by the iced doughnut image will not clash with the full title that the website still displays. I do hope that this new packaging has addressed the conflicting VG/PG information.]

Finally, onto the flavour itself. The ‘Blueberry Jelly Filled Donut’ is described as, ‘an embracing sweet taste when it hits your lips followed by a zing of blueberry and finished with the sweetness of glazed donut.’ It gives a very smooth vape and the blueberry flavour sits at just the right balance between sweet and mellow. Doughnut flavours can be very strong, and the manufacturer has done well here to keep it restrained so as not to overpower the blueberry. I did find the blueberry slightly sickening during the first few vapes, so I left it to steep with the cap off to tone down the harshness of it – after a couple of days the taste was excellent.

It is, in hindsight, a good thing that these flavours are not available at a lower VG ratio as I do think that the flavour would be too pronounced for a tank-full – it certainly would not be suitable as an ADV for anyone who doesn’t have the sweetest of teeth (and I do have a very sweet tooth). For a dripper, however, this flavour provides a really fabulous treat.

To conclude, this flavour by MF’n Donut tastes every bit like the premium quality that they market it as. It is just a shame that this is not reflected in the presentation and online marketing of the manufacturer’s range and I hope that this is addressed with the new labelling and hopefully with an overhaul of the website as well.

“Gorilla Trigger” by Button Junkie

Hello again comrades!

Today I received a new juice to review and pretty excited about it!

Let’s get started!! The liquid this time is named Gorilla Trigger made by Button Junkie. Blenders description of this juice:

“With sweet and juicy pineapple set off against a rich, moist, buttery cake producing a gentle and exquisite balance, this juice is truly an intoxicating and refreshing flavour combination.”

From observing the site, this fine number comes in two sizes, 15ml and 30ml with a range of nicotine strengths that come in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg. The strength I have been supplied with is 3mg and 70/30 vg/pg ratio that stays the same throughout their line.

The label and artwork on this product is fantastic! Really funky looking and if you saw this while in your local b&m, it would be certainly attract you to it before finding out the flavour profile! Which will then be a deal clencher! The label features a cartoon-like gorilla tastefully picking his nose and wielding a gun in a really “up yours” animated way!

The hardware I’m using for this review is my wismec rx200 and uwell crown on the 0.25 coil

Lid Up – I’m hit with a rich pineapple scent and an underlying tone of a sponge cake freshly baked and drizzled with sweetness.

Inhale – It’s a very sweet inhale, almost as if you’re drinking the left over pineapple juice that comes on your pineapple rings tin!……Don’t judge me it’s not just me who does it!

Exhale – After that beautiful inhale, the exhale really finishes this off! The rich buttery base really shows itself on the exhale with that pineapple backing it would easily be a satisfying all day vape!

Conclusion – Would I buy this? Yes but would have to be in big quantity’s as this 15ml sample has lasted me two hours! Can’t put it down! A slight con if you can call it that, I would like it to have seen it with a custard element included to just leave a warm finish aftertaste that will lurk on the ole taste buds.

Thanks for reading the review and thanks to Button Junkie for providing me with this sample!

Available from www.ecigwizard.com

“CaRnY4” by G2 Vapor

Manufacturers Description: Based on the classic RY4 (vanilla, caramel & tobacco) updated for the modern palate with notes of caramel treats

Butterkist Toffee Popcorn, sticky toffee pudding and proper homemade honeycomb ice cream – any of these could pop into your head when vaping this offering from G2; but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s get a bit of info about the manufacturer. The launch of G2 Vapor was far from premeditated. For G2’s founder, it happened out of necessity. Early in the days of vaping when most liquids where coming out of China, he was lost in the endless search for quality e-liquids. Staying true to his upbringing of there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you put your mind to it, he started to “DIY” for personal use.

Months of studying, testing, mixing, trials, and errors resulted in the creation of two flavors: G2™ and caRnY4™. Excited to finally have juice that was better than the hundreds of e-liquids he had tried before, Clinton sent some samples out to his close friends. Almost immediately the demand exploded, with his friends loving the juice, telling their friends, and creating a domino effect of demand.

Fast forward to now, with me sat on my sofa, pumping arguably far too much juice into me – but I can’t help it, this RY4 blend is too moreish to put down.

Aesthetically the bottle is bang on. My only criticism would be a lack of safety/hazard logos, and possibly an explanation of the RY4 flavouring. To the uninitiated and n00bz alike that could very helpful.

When opening the bottle you get a proper, Mike Tyson-esque uppercut of caramel which is truly fantastic. A slight tint of vanilla makes sure the liquid does exactly what it says on the tin – “vanilla caramel”

I’m using my Smok R80 Micro with the TFV4 Micro tank and STC coil, running between 50w-80w @ 0.3ohm. The juice is 3mg which I believe is max VG, any other strength is 60VG/40PG.

I tried this juice in temperature control mode, but it wasn’t exactly flavorsome. Switching to wattage and I get a completely different experience.

On the inhale I get smooth caramel and vanilla, which can only be likened to a homemade honeycomb ice cream that goes down far too easily. Not much tobacco if any, I really don’t care, but it’s worth noting there’s not much of it in there.

Exhaling the flavour changes, a lot. I’ve moved from a sultry smooth caramel, to a hard hitting, all dancing sticky toffee pudding type flavour. It’s a proper “sat with a coffee, a tank of juice and watching the world go by” vape. It’s almost like those little caramel waffles you get in most coffee shops.

After the exhale I have been left with a little tiny bit of tobacco and vanilla aftertaste that is crying out to be accompanied with another hit of that delicious caramel. It’s definitely moreish, it’s definitely a brilliant flavour all round. The only issue I would have is the lack of tobacco. The juice is top notch as it is, but if you’re looking for a more obvious tobacco flavour caRnY4 falls just short.

Would I buy this juice? Absolutely without a doubt, it wouldn’t be a show stopper, but it’s exceptionally close and definitely one I need to have in my cupboard at all times.