Strawberry Custard by You Got E-Juice

It’s time for another juice review from the You Got E-Juice line. From this line, we have already reviewed Raspberry Candy and Vanilla Custard which both scored rather high by our reviewing team. Let’s see if ‘Strawberry Custard’ follows suit!

The Blenders describe Strawberry Custard as “We use two different vanillas and two different strawberries to make this delicious and it’s a personal staff favorite

The You Got E-Juice line is available in;

  • 60, 120 and 240ml bottles
  • 70/30 VG high ratio
  • 0, 3, and 6mg Nicotine strength

For this review, we are using the following hardware;

  • Efusion DNA200 Mod
  • Mason Gemini II RDA by Vapergate
  • RDA wicked with Cotton Bacon V2

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we proceed with the taste, I was greeted with a rather sweet, strawberry aroma. Not so much like a fresh strawberry but more akin to strawberry laces or other strawberry-flavoured sweets… We have reviewed other products from their line and have consistently scored high marks on their description accuracy.

The Inhale – Having mixed some custard-type liquids, you become rather familiar with the individual ingredients that make up the majority of custard juices on the market. Strawberry Custard from You Got E-Juice doesn’t appear to be an exception. The buttery flavour presents itself front and centre, almost completely dominating the palate! The strawberry and vanilla notes are there – although just barely.

*Please note that we did allow this juice to steep for several weeks on recommendation from the mixologists*

The Exhale – The same buttery-like flavour remains with the exhale but the strawberry and vanilla notes have a slightly larger presence here than with the inhale. The custard concentrate seems to be lacking with this particular batch, which is rather disappointing as this flavour has the potential to be a solid all-day vape.

Would I buy this product? Based on this batch, I’m going to say no. The flavours just don’t seem to be blending well even after a substantial steep. The blenders said that this is one of their top selling products so this may be a case of a bad bottle…

Hellraiser by Vintage E-Liquids

Manufacturer’s Description: “Ablaze in fiery red, sweet ripened strawberries nestle on top of a sinfully delectable shortcake

Statistics: “The Hellraiser” by Vintage E-Liquids. Available in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg strengths. Available in 15ml bottles and 35ml bottles at 20%PG/80%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength. Vaped on a Smok X-Cube Mini with the Petri V2 RDA equipped with dual coils measuring at 0.35Ω

Now, before I even commence this review, I have to make two points clear: first, Vintage was the first line of liquid I ever tasted when I initially started vaping so I do have a positive bias towards Vintage’s e-liquids and secondly, I have to commend Vintage on the design of their e-liquid bottles – especially the ability to maintain the novelty, Zippo-style design and implement child proofing in their design.

Popping the top off these liquids is a little cumbersome, to begin with, but soon becomes second nature. In order to open, you press against the cap above the hinge then raise the top – as instructions on the rear of the bottle detail. Once I had popped the top off the bottle, I was greeted with a warm – almost rustic – biscuit scent. There was a slight oat-ness to the scent before it greeted me with a juicy, almost tart, strawberry scent.  Giving the bottle a slight squeeze brings out a burst of the juicy, inviting strawberry aroma.  This particular flavour certainly sets itself up very well.

The first few drops were simply decadent.  Initially greeting me with a burst of fresh, almost tart strawberries, and a delightfully earthy, cookie base. Each puff was inviting and incredibly morish.  At lower wattages, the juiciness of the strawberries really shines through, while at higher wattages, the biscuit base of the cheesecake rises to prominence.  On the exhale, I was greeted with a delightful smoothness and the sweet flavour from the cream cheese of the cheesecake.

When sitting with this particular liquid for a while, the flavour continues to remain pleasant and fails to disappoint. The flavours hang in the vapour in the air perfectly. Not only are they extremely pleasant, but they are simply a delight to sample.  The clouds off this liquid are also impressive; thick, white, fluffy plumes of vapour thanks to the 20%PG/80%VG base.

Overall, this liquid certainly hasn’t disappointed and when it comes to recommending this, I can wholeheartedly suggest this to anyone seeking a fruity, biscuit liquid.

Zucco by Xanic Blanc

Manufacturer’s Description:  ”A sweet cream filled croissant donut.”

Statistics: “Zucco” by Xanic Blanc Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 9mg strengths, Available in 18ml, 30ml and 120ml bottles , 30%PG/70%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Smok X-Cube Mini with the Tugboat RDA equipped with dual coils measuring at 0.35Ω.

First off, before I discuss anything. I need to point out the glaring issue I had with the 18ml bottle I was sent to review and this fault carries across all of the 18ml bottles in this range. They do not possess child proof caps with regular droppers. Instead, they rely on a simple cap which can be popped off and on at will. The juice is dispensed through the little pump installed in the bottle.

Popping the cap off and the flavour was announced with a warm, fresh baked butter croissant scent as if I was sitting outside a patisserie in France. The scent is topped off with a delightful, sweet creamy smoothness, the overall scent reminding me of an éclair. I must admit, I did spend a good twenty to thirty minutes just enjoying the bottle note.

First impressions of the liquid were surprisingly negative. The cakey, dessert-like flavours I was expecting simply weren’t there. I was simply greeted with this sickeningly sweet, almost clotted cream like flavour, however on the exhale and retro hale I was treated to the warm, butter croissant flavours entwined with a smooth whipped cream flavour that left with a little sweetness on the tip of the tongue.

Now, with the sheer promise the liquid showed through the exhale and retro-hale, I sat with it, experimenting with wattages and air configurations until it was just right. As soon as I managed to hit that sweet spot, the liquid’s full potential shone, meeting the expectations of the bottle note and more,  the spongy, cakey flavours forming the body of the flavour, the croissant and cream offering the vaper a warm, smooth inhale and exhale before the little sweet aftertaste tops the flavour off perfectly.

Another major positive of the liquid is the clouds, the 30%PG/70%VG ratio of this liquids lends itself to large, dense clouds of vapour. The flavour of the liquid lingers in the room note beautifully and is by far a pleasure to experience.

“Vanilla Custard” by You Got E-Liquid

Yougotejuice Trans

It’s time for another juice review here at the Belfast Vape Bar! The folks at You Got E-Juice were kind enough to send out a few of their rather extensive range of flavours to review. Today we will be looking at one of their top sellers Vanilla Custard which the blenders describe as “A rich creamy Vanilla that all Custard lovers can really savor”.

With custard being one of the most popular and widely available flavours, the bar is set quite high! The guys at You Got E-Juice have a motto at the top of their website “Making Vaping affordable to everyone” the 120ml, like we have here for review cost $20.99 (plus shipping) making it rather competitively priced compared to other Big Bottle vendors. Let’s take a look at some specs behind their line.

  • 70/30 VG High ratio
  • Available in 0, 3 and 6mg Nicotine strengths
  • Bottle sizes – 60, 120 and 240ml

We will be using the following hardware for this review:

Vanilla Custard Yougotejuice

Let’s start by taking a look at the bottle and it’s presentation. The 120ml variant of the You Got E-Juice products are dispatched in tall, clear bottles and a twist cap is included with your order. The label has all the necessary information ie. Flavour, nicotine level, ingredients and VG/PG ratio. One thing that jumped out at us was the gold star with “premium” beside it, this appeared to be a tad preemptive. Here at the Belfast Vape Bar, we are firm believers that a company’s product should speak for itself and not by branding.

Hopefully, the product is good enough to deserve this little emblem….

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we move on to the taste test reveals a rather buttery aroma which is common with custard flavours. Having mixed a few for personal use, you can pick out the more subtle notes with this particular flavour. Also, there is a faint hint of vanilla.

The Inhale – The vanilla has shown it’s face again with the inhale alongside the rich buttery taste. Being low nicotine and a 70/30 mix, there is minimal throat hit and is rather smooth.

The Exhale – With the exhale of Vanilla Custard, the same flavours from the inhale but these have blended with a delightful custard to round off this juice. Custard flavours being as popular and well established as they have quite a high bar set in regards to quality. The folks at You Got E-Juice have done their research and blended a rather pleasant custard and an all day vape!

Would I buy this juice? It’s a yes from me, the blenders recommend a 5-7 day steep period once your order arrives. With custards, this is often the procedure but seeing as this product was in transit from the States it mightn’t require as long depending where you’re from.

The price per millilitre is very good and ideal if you’re looking for a good quality juice for the latest generation of subohm tanks which are very thirsty!

“Strawberry by FRSTD”

Time for another juice review at the Belfast Vape Bar. The folks at Republic of Vape sent us a care package of goodies including the FRSTD line for us to review.

Strawberry is the first of three from the FRSTD line we will be reviewing. The blender describe it as “Taste everything from the strawberry filling, to the golden crust exterior, to the white icing on top” sounds rather like a certain tart that you would put in the toaster….

For this review we will be using the following hardware:

  • EFusion DNA200 by Lost Vape
  • Glacier RDA w/0.34 dual coil build
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Before we get to the taste test, we’ll take a little sniff from the bottle as we always do. There is a rather sweet strawberry aroma (which was to be expected of course) also with subtle notes of a baked persuasion… The FRSTD line is presented in frosted glass dripper bottles with clear and simply laid out labels which includes all the necessary information regarding the liquid:

  • VG/PG Ratio – 60/40
  • 3mg Nicotine strength (Also available in 6mg)
  • Available in 30ml bottles

The Inhale – The sweet strawberry is the most noticeable flavour with the particular juice. So far it’s revealed that it will not be an artificial or chemical tasting strawberry flavour but more of a syrup-like taste. Not much else with the inhale, hopefully more will be revealed with the exhale and afternotes…

The Exhale – Being a 60/40 VG high mix, the FRSTD line can be used in both tank and dripping based atomizers. We opted for the latter and went for the Glacier RDA with some Kendo Vape Cotton just to really get to grips with the flavours in this juice. This isn’t really a juice for all you cloud chasers out there but more for those of you out there who appreciate a good flavorful vape. The Exhale with Strawberry from FRSTD has a slightly stronger strawberry taste that was present with the inhale but with the additional sweetness that we can only presume is the icing that was promised in the description.

The aforementioned graham cracker doesn’t really seem to be here unfortunately but don’t let that put you off. Strawberry is only the first of the FRSTD line we’re reviewing and is a good place to start off.

Would I buy this product? It’s a yes from me, the 60/40 ratio makes this an ideal all day vape for both tank and dripping attys. The flavours aren’t overwhelming or “in your face” meaning this can be enjoyed for a large portion of the day, in fact, we did… There’s none left now! Be sure to head on over to the Republic of Vape website and order yourself some and try for yourself.

“MFBP Cookie” by VaperGate

It’s time for another juice review from the Bakergate line by Vapergate! We have already reviewed Sugar Cookie from this new line and today we will be reviewing a new version of Vapergate’s best selling juice MFPB.

The folks at Vapergate describe MFPB Cookie as “So we’ve taken one of our best selling flavors MFPB, and infused it into warm chewy cookie dough. Yeah you got it, peanut butter cookie heaven”

As mentioned above, this is a new take on the Vapergate best-selling juice “MFPB” this juice is part of the latest line Bakergate. For this review, we will be using the following hardware:

  • Twisted Messes/Dovpo Mod
  • Mason Gemini II from Vapergate (review coming soon)
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we get the cotton juiced up. The peanut butter is definitely the most defined flavour here but with subtle notes of what almost smells like dough lingering in the background…

The Inhale – As opposed to a peanut butter taste with the inhale, the flavours here are more akin to actual peanuts. Not overwhelming but delicate at the same time. Being the second flavour of this type we’ve reviewed, there are definitely similarities to it’s predecessor “MFPB

The Exhale – Let’s see if we can really get to the bottom of MFBP Cookie! The inhale was rather enjoyable but the cookie elements weren’t given away. With the airflow half closed off on the Mason Gemini II RDA (rather fitting choice of hardware) we will try and get to the bottom of this cookie jar and see what else is lurking about.

The peanut-like notes that were the almost dominant tones with the inhale are still present but have made room for a delicious cookie dough flavour. A great combination and one that we highly recommend trying out. When we received this product for review, we were a little sceptical on the concept but so far the Bakergate line from Vapergate is scoring quite highly with the reviewers here at the Belfast Vape Bar.

Would I buy this product? I’m going to say yes, there were no artificial or chemical-like flavours here and an all round balanced juice. The high VG content makes this an ideal RDA liquid. For us, it wasn’t an all day vape but more something to perk up the tastebuds in the afternoon with a coffee.

“King’s Landing” by Seven Kingdoms


Last week, Belfast Vape Bar reviewers Shakey and Stevo went on a little vaping adventure to Coleraine to check out some of the stores. Cloud Corp Vaping was the final stop on the journey. The company started off originally as a lab for producing their house blend and the Seven Kingdoms line but later they guys decided to utilize the additional space and open a store as well.

When we arrived at the store, we were a little confused as it was situated in the middle of an industrial estate! However, once we went inside the unit has been very well converted into a shop front with the lab at the rear of the store. This line in particular caught my eye due to the not so subtle references to an extremely successful show that actually has parts filmed near the store in Northern Ireland.

The folks at Cloud Corp Vaping were kind enough to supply us with a few flavours from the Seven Kingdoms line for us to review. Today we’re reviewing Kings Landing which the blenders describe as “Butterscotch Caramels and a few Creams” The Seven Kingdoms line is mixed in small batches on site and has a 60/40 VG high ratio.

For this review we are using the following hardware:

  • Twisted Messes Mod @ 100w
  • Smok TFV8 w/0.15Ω V8-T8 coil

Taking an initial sniff from the bottle before moving on to the tasting reveals a nice sweet caramel aroma with buttery notes lingering in the background.

The Inhale – Being a 60/40 VG high blend, this is an ideal ratio for use in a tank based atomizer. We recently picked up the Smok TFV8 from CLR Vape in Belfast and we’re using the V8-T8 coil head. A very rich buttery inhale with King’s Landing with the same sweet caramel from the initial sniff.

The Exhale – A well-rounded vape, the butterscotch and caramel blend perfectly, at 100w there is a fair amount of vapour from this juice. Think of those individually wrapped caramel hard sweets, melt them down, add some VG is the best way to describe this!

Would I buy this product?

It’s a yes! We were able to sample the Seven Kingdoms range at the Cloud Corp Vaping store and after trying this I actually bought another two bottles on the spot. This is just the first of this line we received for review so be sure to keep an eye on the Belfast Vape Bar Facebook Page and the website for more reviews.

The official website for Cloud Corp is now live and this juice is available or online purchase!

“Le Blanc” by Marquee Vape

Marquee Vape logo

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to supply us with another line of products for review. For this reviewer, it’s the first time I’ve had a hands-on experience with a skull bottle! There are three flavours in the Marquee Vape line and today we will be reviewing “Le Blanc” they describe this juice as “Inspired by mango bellini’s of summer on the beaches of Marseille, and frigid winter of the French alps, Le Blanc is a marriage of sensual mango, coconut and vanilla, accentuated with frosty mint ice. In 30ml glass skulls”

Vendors interested in stocking this line, get in touch with Vivd Vapes

The Marquee Vape line of products are available in 30ml skull bottles, 70/30 VG high and in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine strengths.

For this review we used the following hardware:

  • Twisted Messes/Dovpo Mod
  • 24mm variant Mason Gemini II RDA (review coming soon)
  • Dual Twisted Coil build reading at 0.22Ω
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we move on to the taste test. The mango mentioned in the description is the dominating aroma here with nothing else being revealed so far, not a sickly sweet or artificial mango but rather akin to the mango flavored yogurt drinks…

The Inhale – With “Le Blanc” the inhale is rather intense! A sinus clearing icy mint making this a rather refreshing vape so far. There is a subtle hint of coconut here but no sign of the aforementioned mango.

The Exhale – The same ice blast from the inhale but a tad milder blending rather well with the coconut. Almost as if you were to mix a pina colada with crème de menthe, unfortunately, the mango that was promised in the description only seems to appear with the initial sniff from the bottle.

Would I buy this product? For £15 for a 30ml skull bottle, I’m going to say yes. The bottle itself can be rather cumbersome when vaping on the go but if you’re sitting down for the evening “Le Blanc” is a rather tasty evening vape. The missing mango however is a little concerning and hopefully Marquee Vape will address this with future batches.

The Marquee Vape line is available now on the Vivd Vapes website and if you’re a vendor interested in stocking this product, please drop them an email.

“Sugar Cookie” by VaperGate

It’s time for another review from the VaperGate line of products. They have just released a smaller selection of juices called BakerGate and today we will be reviewing “Sugar Cookie” from this new line.

For this review, we will be using the following hardware:

The blenders describe “Sugar Cookie” as “Remember the $3.99 frosted sugar cookies that you would eat around Easter time? The same ones that were always at your aunt’s house that you didn’t like? Well, we made them better and stuck them in a bottle!

It has been quite a few years since I last enjoyed a proper American sugar cookie, so my memory on the exact tastes are a little hazy. Hopefully, this juice brings back some memories…

The Bakergate line from Vapergate is available in 30 and 120ml glass bottles with a matching dropper and in Nic strengths 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg.

With a fresh dual coil build in the Mason RDA from Vapergate, we can get started with the taste test! With the 80/20 VG high ratio, Sugar Cookie is ideal for a dripping based atomizer.

Taking a little sniff from the bottle first, we were greeted with a sweet, vanilla-like aroma. Making promises for a rather interesting vape to come.

The Inhale – Vanilla is definitely the dominant flavour, not an artificial/chemical tasting vanilla either which is refreshing. There is nothing worse than a synthetic tasting juice!

The Exhale – The package is now complete with the exhale. The vanilla from the inhale has resurfaced mixing with a sweet and almost buttery-baked cookie rolled together to make for a very enjoyable vape. Sugar Cookie is a must in the 120ml variant as you will use this juice very quickly!

Would I buy this product? I am going to say yes! The memories of that sweet cookie goodness flooded back, some recipes online may have been researched after vaping this juice for a few days.

“Crema” by Xanic Blanc

Manufacturer’s Description: ”A burst of sweet orange with a full bodied cream and a decadent finish of yoghurt.”

Statistics: Crema by Xanic Blanc Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and  9mg strengths, Available in 18ml, 30ml and  120ml bottles , 30%PG/70%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Tuglyfe regulated dual 18650 box mod by Flawless with the Velocity RDA equipped with dual coils measuring at 0.25Ω.

First off, before I discuss anything. I need to point out the glaring issue I had with the 18ml bottle I was sent to review and this fault carries across all of the 18ml bottles in this range. They do not possess child proof caps with regular droppers. Instead they rely on a simple cap which can be popped off and on at will. The juice is dispensed through the little pump installed in the bottle.

The bottle note is sickeningly sweet and synthetic. A horrid chemically orange scent that catches in the back of the sinuses. Besides that, this liquid doesn’t really offer much else on the first few sniffs at the liquid.

As I continued to puff away on this liquid, I couldn’t find anything else that I could enjoy about this liquid, even when I transferred it to a regulated, variable wattage device to pump some more amps through it and get some more heat into the coils. Despite only getting a more dense, thick vapour from it, the liquid didn’t offer much more and unfortunately left me disappointed.

Overall, while this liquid is capable of generating a warm, thick vapour, the actual flavour itself is sickly, synthetic and completely un-enjoyable. Definitely not a liquid I could offer to a friend.