“General Custard” By Generals Juices



Before you undertake your mission to buy some of the best tasting e-liquid that money can buy, you need to know who you’re dealing with. The General and his staff are based in Sussex, UK. We are a hard-working bunch of e-juice crafters and mixers who believe that it is our duty to bring amazing e-liquid to the vaping community. Every single flavour has been tested, re-tested and then tested some more. After that, we do some more testing using titanium, magnets and other top secret military techniques… NASA, MI5 and the CIA have been trying to get hold of our recipes, but we are keeping them a closely guarded secret.

Generals Juices

This is straight from the General’s private supply. Creamy yumminess in a bottle.

Yes – it’s a vanilla custard flavour, but it’s been promoted to the next level by the General and his staff using military grade ingredients and hi-tec fusion bonding techniques. E-liquid never tasted so good!

That I have to agree on! But we will get to that shortly!!

Liquid Details:

  • 10ml Bottle
  • 70/30 VG-PG Ratio
  • 6mg Nicotine
  • Born on 13 June 2015

Test Hardware:

  • Aspire Atlantis V2 w/0.3Ω coil
  • eLeaf iStick 50w @ 50w


Now we have tried a lot of custard flavours over time and a lot of them have not wowed us but General Custard is really something special…..we tested this awesome liquid in a Atlantis V2 and my my were we surprised!

General’s custard is creamy and rich. Reminiscent of the type of custard in custard doughnuts for me. It’s by far and away my favourite custard juice at the moment! Hit is good. I find some creamy type juices to be too heavy on my chest, but this is just right. Thick vape, great flavour. Packaging is nice, simple and informative. Even tells us what date the juice was “Born On”, a nice touch!  In my opinion is that i would this juice steep for at least a week or so. I aimed to keep it at least a week and found it half gone by then… nom nom nom…

This could potentially be my new dessert vape!


“Chocolate Mousse” by Charlie Noble


As a lover of all things chocolate, I was very excited to try out the the Charlie Noble ‘Chocolate Mousse’ e-liquid from their Charlie Noble Yogurt range. This is a 35PG/65VG juice, so whilst I know that for some that may seem a bit heavy, for me it’s just the right consistency and provides a very satisfying amount of vapour.

The labelling on the bottle hints at a deeper, dark chocolate flavour. As well as listing the ingredients clearly on the front of the bottle, you’ll also find on the side that they have listed the date on which the e-liquid was made, along with the batch number. This is becoming the norm for top quality e-liquids as it definitely demonstrates that the producer takes quality control seriously; any issues with the e-liquid and you know that they will be able to trace it back to see exactly where the problem stemmed from. So far so good.

Chocolate Mousse Pic

Before trying this e-liquid out, I had been vaping a coffee-flavoured e-liquid that was far too overwhelming in both smell and flavour. So after filling the tank up with the Chocolate Mousse and taking my first draw, I was therefore underwhelmed by the flavour – which I couldn’t really taste or smell at all. Fast-forward to a week of solely using this e-liquid later, and the results are much, much better – clearly my senses had still been haunted by the previous e-liquid when I first tried this one out.

The taste of Chocolate Mousse is, indeed, very authentic in its chocolate flavour. As the makers mention, it definitely isn’t too sweet – which is perfect in that it never gets sickening. There is a deep, underlying nuttiness on the exhale which compliments the sweeter overtones of chocolate perfectly. Although at first I assumed that there would be a lot of bitterness, owing to the packaging’s hint at darker chocolate, I’m happy to report that this wasn’t the case and that the sweetness is instead offset by the nuttier tones.

The smoothness of this e-liquid’s taste, providing the perfect balance between its mellow chocolate flavour and subtle sweetness, definitely warrants the Charlie Noble Chocolate Mousse as an all-day vape. Not only am I not tired of the flavour, but I also haven’t felt the desire to move on from this one in order to explore new tastes just yet. Although, I have noticed that Charlie Noble provide a pistachio flavoured e-liquid and, based on how well chocolate and pistachio ice cream seem to go with each other, I reckon that it would be an excellent transition to try that one next.


“Raspberry Doughnut” by Grumpy Juice


Manufacturer’s Description:

“Sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer of the pastry, with a unique blast of crunchy raspberry glaze to get your mouth watering, then smile as the delicate aroma of freshly baked butter dough settles on your tongue.”


Raspberry Doughnut by Grumpy Juice, Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12 and 18mg strengths, Available in 10, 30 , 50 and 100ml bottles. Available in 50%PG/50%VG or 30%PG/70%VG
Vaping statistics:

0mg strength, 30%PG/70%VG, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.75Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini @ 15 and 30 watts.

When I opened the cap on this particular flavour, I have to admit that I lost track of where I was for a moment, I was greeted with a warm, almost freshly baked scent akin to what you would find in a small bakers, this topped with a delicious raspberry jam topping made it a pleasure to just sit and enjoy the bottle note for a moment.

As I enjoyed my first few pulls from the tank, I couldn’t help but notice that the taste was delightfully subtle, the raspberry wasn’t offensively strong, it didn’t taste “stodgy” as a few savoury liquids I have tasted do. As you continue through the tank, it continues to be pleasant and enjoyable, it doesn’t become too rich too quick and definitely one I could enjoy for an hour or two although unfortunately as an all day vape, I couldn’t enjoy it just as it becomes a little too rich over an extended period of time.

Grumpy Juice’s Raspberry Doughnut is an incredibly enjoyable flavour, for those who love visiting their local bakery shop, this is definitely a must to pick up and is an absolute pleasure fill your tank with.


“Lemon Meringue” by Grumpy Juice



Manufacturer’s Description: “This high-quality desert vape, with fluffy sweet meringue and tart but mouth-watering lemon filling, piled on to a thin crushed biscuit base. Enjoy the taste of a smooth and beautifully made Lemon Meringue Pie.”

Statistics: Lemon Meringue by Grumpy Juice, Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12 and 18mg strengths, Available in 10, 30 , 50 and 100ml bottles. Available in 50%PG/50%VG or 30%PG/70%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.75Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini @ 15 and 30 watts

Grumpy Lemon Slider

As soon as the cap comes off, you are greeted with a bright, refreshing lemon scent tinged with a sweet, almost sharp sweetness.

The first few puffs maintain the bright, lemon notes overlaid a creamy smoothness, a warm, biscuit taste ending each puff on the retrohale. As you continue through the tank, the blend of flavours continues to be a beautiful subtle combination of tastes, ending with just a slight sharp/tartness at the end of the tank.

Grumpy Juice’s Lemon Meringue is a very pleasant, subtle blend of flavours that remains enjoyable throughout the vape, easily one I can sit and vape all day and definitely one that doesn’t leave me grumpy after it.