“Angel’s Abduction” by The Juice Punk

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If ever there was a description for an e-liquid that sets a seriously high expectation for fantastic flavour, Angel’s Abduction by The Juice Punk definitely wins that award. They argue that if you had to ‘describe Heaven by making a juice… this is what you would make’, and, ‘it’s (pretty darn close to) perfect.’ After reading that, I was definitely excited to try this blueberry and cream based juice – albeit with a bit of scepticism that the flavour wouldn’t quite live up to the description.

First though, a bit about the manufacturer. Unless you have been living under a rock for some time, you should have heard of Canadian e-liquid company, The Juice Punk. Their range of e-liquids (coupled with some very slick marketing) has garnered a significant amount of attention across social media channels. Set up by husband and wife team David and Alisen, The Juice Punk bases itself on the ethos of aiding people in the life-saving transition from smoker to vaper – and this strong resolve stems from the personal loss that they both experienced when David’s mother lost her life to cancer as a result of smoking.

It is the values of companies such as The Juice Punk that throw into stark contrast the difference between the underlying motives of cigarette manufacturers and e-liquid creators. Whilst the transition from smoker to vaper may be a long and cumbersome road for many, the reassurance that creators such as The Juice Punk are genuine in their desire to help others goes a long way in helping with that transition. Even within the community of e-liquid manufacturers, there is certainly a vast spectrum in which at one end you will see manufacturers who place profit margins first on their agenda, with cheap and low-quality e-liquids distributed across the market that do little to wean smokers onto vaping permanently – and certainly only add fuel to the anti-vaping repertoire that the tobacco industry exploits. The Juice Punk are clearly set at the opposite end of the spectrum, demonstrating a genuine ownership of their e-liquids that they are rightfully proud to produce.

Now, back to Angel’s Abduction.

I opted to try Angel’s Abduction out at a nicotine strength of 3mg, although it is also available in strengths of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. The design of the bottle is wonderful, with The Juice Punk’s charming, feline illustration displayed on the front (anything with a cat on it tickles my fancy, but the fact that The Juice Punk donates 2% of all sales towards elephant and orangutan protection demonstrates just how much these guys love animals). The ingredients and expiry date are also clearly printed on the label.

Angels Abduction

As much as I adore blueberries and cream (or strawberries and cream, or anything and cream), I haven’t found an e-liquid with blueberry in it that hasn’t completely overpowered my palate. I often find that the strength of the blueberry results in the first few vapes being very enjoyable and then after that, the taste becomes much too artificial when the flavour starts to resemble a blueberry gummy sweet that is just too sickening.

It was surprising then, that with Angel’s Abduction, the first few vapes didn’t bring too much blueberry through at all – in fact, I had to double check the description to make sure that this definitely had blueberry in it. That isn’t to say that there was anything wrong with the taste – far from it. The exhale has a deep, creaminess to it that almost reminds me of thick, white ganache. After the first few vapes, the blueberry tones decided to make their appearance – adding just a subtle layer of sweetness over the creamy undertones. This subtlety actually has the opposite effect to any blueberry flavour that I have previously vaped – instead of becoming overpowering, you’re enticed to keep on vaping to delve deeper into these tantalising hints of blueberry.

After a few days of vaping Angel’s Abduction, I have to admit that the description given by The Juice Punk is pretty accurate indeed. I was trying to put my finger on the taste to come up with an adequate description for the flavour – and this caused me some difficulty. It isn’t mostly cream with a bit of blueberry, and it certainly isn’t blueberry with a hint of cream. The Juice Punk have managed to perfectly blend the two together to form an entirely new taste that deserves a name in its own right. And so, I came to the conclusion that if creamberries existed, they would taste like this.

It is evident that The Juice Punk have put a lot of effort into crafting this e-liquid, and the result is outstanding. This, coupled with the strong ethos of the company and with the knowledge that your money is also helping in the protection of endangered animals really adds to the satisfaction that every vape of this e-liquid will bring. Perfectly smooth, subtly sweet and with a velvet consistency – creamberries are probably the superfood of angels. The Juice Punk certainly weren’t wrong, then, to say that this is heaven in an e-liquid.

“Omega” by Space Jam



Space Jam E-Liquid was brought to Earth in 2012 to provide human vapers with a superior e-liquid and a better overall vaping experience. At the time, the vaping industry on Earth was in it’s fledgling stages, and the vaping community was just beginning to multiply. The arrival of Space Jam took the industry by storm, effectively changing vaping forever.

Blenders Description:

Omega is a sophisticated blend of delicious spiced peaches topped with sweet cream that will take you out of this world.

Liquid Details:

  • 15ml Bottle
  • 3mg Nicotine
  • 50/50 PG-VG Ratio
  • Glass bottle w/dripper

Testing Hardware:

  • Smok X Cube II Mod @ 75w
  • Aspire Triton Rank w/0.3Ω coil


Before you all ask – No there are no NBA turned Baseball stars here!

Space Jam is one of those liquids that we have been meaning to review for quite some time now, the folks at Vape Hunter kindly gave us a few bottles to review.

I have personally been searching for quite some time for that ideal all day vape Peaches and Cream, Space Jam have delivered. A pleasantly warm inhale with subtle hints of peach with almost vanilla like undertones… Hopefully there will be a heavier VG version released in the near future as this liquid would be awesome in a dripper based atomizer also. Other peach flavoured liquids have tried but most have had too much of an artificial flavouring.

The exhale for Omega is where the full flavour palette shows itself – rich crème, a deliciously sweet peach and again subtle hints of vanilla. Most definitely an all day vape and a must for lovers of the classic peaches and cream flavour!

As mentioned before, a heavier VG based version of this liquid is a must (emails will be sent) but I will be adding more myself and leaving this to steep for a few weeks and hopefully update this review.



CiggyJuice.co.uk Juice Reviews

ciggyjuice_logoSo the guys at CiggyJuice.co.uk were kind enough to send us a few liquids for us to try out. Many thanks guys!! I asked them for a bit of background info about the company and this is what i got:

CiggyJuice is a UK Limited Company formed on the 19th November 2013

The company is owned & run by David & Sue who got together in May 2013

Sue, at the time was a smoker. Disappearing out into the back garden to smoke a roll up every now and then, coming back in smelling of an ashtray with breath to suit,  David who never smoked a cigarette in his life, was not!

David, who owns a production equipment company with contacts, agents and customers all around the globe managed to contact one of his agents in China and had shipped into the UK in a couple of E-Cigarettes and liquids for Sue to try. They very soon they realised that because of the nature of peoples nicotine and flavour requirements changes all the time that the E Liquids would need to be blended here in the UK to the customers needs.

The following months involved lots of research and testing to get the superb range they have today.

Today, every liquid you buy from them is made by them, they only sell their own E Liquid products.

What about Sue I hear you ask?

Well, apart from one roll up she had 3 weeks into her quest to give up she has never had another cigarette or roll up since.

Thanks to the guys for supplying me with this info.

Now to the liquids! We have a lot to review today so i’m gonna keep them short and sweet!


These liquids can be got in whatever nicotine strength you want and also whatever ratio of pg/vg you want! Quite Handy I must say!

Fresh build in my Tugboat RDA at 0.3Ω on a istick 50w

Clear Bina 3mg Nicotine 70/30 VG/PG

Exactly what you think it is really! Smells like a freshly opened carton of Ribena! Nice thick juice as well as the rest of the bottles but we will get onto that shortly!

Vapes exceptionally well! Lovely sweet blackcurrant taste with a burst of flavour on the exhale.

A possible all day vape if blackcurrant’s your thing!


Clear Astaire V2 3mg Nicotine 70/30 VG/PG

Clear Astaire V2…..basically summer berries and menthol.

Great for lovers of menthol and thankfully menthol is my thing. I found it just a tad strong for my liking but the berries part is fantastic! Very refreshing and fills your mouth with the taste of summer! Sweet berries on the inhale and the crisp refreshing palate cleansing menthol on the exhale!


Mr White 3mg Nicotine 70/30 VG/PG

Think of Mr. White and what do you think of???? Thats right! Breaking Bad this liquid takes a twist on other Heisenbergs on the market. Its clear…..now now never let a colour put you off! This liquid is very special and bear in mind its not a complete clone of other juices out there.

I have tried other similar liquids before but this one beats them by a mile!

This one doesnt haven’t have as strong of a throat hit as others i’ve tried which is a plus for me! Just the soothing taste of mixed fruits with a hint of citrus all mixed together by the menthol that holds the whole package together. In my opinion the menthol could be dialled back just a touch to let the fruits come through just a little bit more! If you have tried Heisenbergs in the past and liked them well then get this liquid! You will NOT be disappointed!


Blueberry Custard 3mg Nicotine 70/30 VG/PG

Muhahahahahaha! Now we are into my kinda thing! Custards! Now i didnt want this one to disappoint and thank god it didnt!

Possibly the most addictive juice I have tried to date. An absolute sweetie pie. A sweet but fresh and ripe blueberry taste with the smooth creamyness you can expect from a lovely custard. Thoroughly recommended! Now i usually keep saying this but this is 100% truth….possibly the closest ive come to an all-day vape yet! – If you’re only going to try one juice from CiggyJuice.co.uk I would thoroughly recommend this. Its tame and polite enough that it can be vaped in pretty much any situation but with enough twist on flavours that it doesnt become boring! 

A Solid 10/10

Fruit Salads 3mg Nicotine 70/30 VG/PG

Remember the little 1p sweets you used to get when you were younger? Well your a big boy/girl now and have possibly started vaping! This really is the closest you will get to the sweet in liquid form!

Words cannot express how surprised i was with this! Childhood memories came flooding back. I haven’t tried a fruit salad sweet in years so went out and bought some to compare tastes. Could i tell the difference? No….no i couldn’t Got the raspberry and pineapple flavour straight away. Tangy raspberry on the inhale with the sweetness of the pineapple on the exhale a vaping childhood sensation. If you like sweets then this is your thing!


Dragon Fruit 3mg Nicotine 70/30 VG/PG

I can’t really describe this flavour as i’ve never had a Dragon Fruit flavour before. But it was actually quite good! I just couldn’t put my finger on what flavours was mixing around in my mouth?

I find it has a mild sweet and nutty flavour and was actually quite enjoyable. Its like nothing i’ve ever had before though so i cant really give much opinion on its flavour. Has a slightly creamy aftertaste to it as well. I would definitely recommend mixing this with a strawberry flavour to bring out its best! 


Lime Tic Tacs 3mg Nicotine 70/30 VG/PG

Now when this liquid was sent to me it was in prototype form and i was one of the first to try it. It has now been released on CiggyJuice’s website and i’m glad they have done so!

A lover of tangy limes?? Get this liquid!

First of all i got the sweetness of the tic tac just like the outside layer then all of a sudden bang, crash and wallop!  I got the tartness of the lime it near blew my bloody head off! I was like whoa this is good!! It reminded me of the inside of a lime tic tac and on the exhale i got a slight hint of menthol just like the real thing! Well thats maybe why they called this liquid lime tic tac??

Give this one a try if you get a chance!  Not my most favourite in the world but some people love these kinda flavours!


Well thats what the guys sent me over to review!

I really must thank CiggyJuice.co.uk for sending us these liquids to try out.

Why not give the site a visit and see what they got. They have a flavour to suit your every need!

Review by Sean McGeown



“General Custard” By Generals Juices



Before you undertake your mission to buy some of the best tasting e-liquid that money can buy, you need to know who you’re dealing with. The General and his staff are based in Sussex, UK. We are a hard-working bunch of e-juice crafters and mixers who believe that it is our duty to bring amazing e-liquid to the vaping community. Every single flavour has been tested, re-tested and then tested some more. After that, we do some more testing using titanium, magnets and other top secret military techniques… NASA, MI5 and the CIA have been trying to get hold of our recipes, but we are keeping them a closely guarded secret.

Generals Juices

This is straight from the General’s private supply. Creamy yumminess in a bottle.

Yes – it’s a vanilla custard flavour, but it’s been promoted to the next level by the General and his staff using military grade ingredients and hi-tec fusion bonding techniques. E-liquid never tasted so good!

That I have to agree on! But we will get to that shortly!!

Liquid Details:

  • 10ml Bottle
  • 70/30 VG-PG Ratio
  • 6mg Nicotine
  • Born on 13 June 2015

Test Hardware:

  • Aspire Atlantis V2 w/0.3Ω coil
  • eLeaf iStick 50w @ 50w


Now we have tried a lot of custard flavours over time and a lot of them have not wowed us but General Custard is really something special…..we tested this awesome liquid in a Atlantis V2 and my my were we surprised!

General’s custard is creamy and rich. Reminiscent of the type of custard in custard doughnuts for me. It’s by far and away my favourite custard juice at the moment! Hit is good. I find some creamy type juices to be too heavy on my chest, but this is just right. Thick vape, great flavour. Packaging is nice, simple and informative. Even tells us what date the juice was “Born On”, a nice touch!  In my opinion is that i would this juice steep for at least a week or so. I aimed to keep it at least a week and found it half gone by then… nom nom nom…

This could potentially be my new dessert vape!


“Chocolate Mousse” by Charlie Noble


As a lover of all things chocolate, I was very excited to try out the the Charlie Noble ‘Chocolate Mousse’ e-liquid from their Charlie Noble Yogurt range. This is a 35PG/65VG juice, so whilst I know that for some that may seem a bit heavy, for me it’s just the right consistency and provides a very satisfying amount of vapour.

The labelling on the bottle hints at a deeper, dark chocolate flavour. As well as listing the ingredients clearly on the front of the bottle, you’ll also find on the side that they have listed the date on which the e-liquid was made, along with the batch number. This is becoming the norm for top quality e-liquids as it definitely demonstrates that the producer takes quality control seriously; any issues with the e-liquid and you know that they will be able to trace it back to see exactly where the problem stemmed from. So far so good.

Chocolate Mousse Pic

Before trying this e-liquid out, I had been vaping a coffee-flavoured e-liquid that was far too overwhelming in both smell and flavour. So after filling the tank up with the Chocolate Mousse and taking my first draw, I was therefore underwhelmed by the flavour – which I couldn’t really taste or smell at all. Fast-forward to a week of solely using this e-liquid later, and the results are much, much better – clearly my senses had still been haunted by the previous e-liquid when I first tried this one out.

The taste of Chocolate Mousse is, indeed, very authentic in its chocolate flavour. As the makers mention, it definitely isn’t too sweet – which is perfect in that it never gets sickening. There is a deep, underlying nuttiness on the exhale which compliments the sweeter overtones of chocolate perfectly. Although at first I assumed that there would be a lot of bitterness, owing to the packaging’s hint at darker chocolate, I’m happy to report that this wasn’t the case and that the sweetness is instead offset by the nuttier tones.

The smoothness of this e-liquid’s taste, providing the perfect balance between its mellow chocolate flavour and subtle sweetness, definitely warrants the Charlie Noble Chocolate Mousse as an all-day vape. Not only am I not tired of the flavour, but I also haven’t felt the desire to move on from this one in order to explore new tastes just yet. Although, I have noticed that Charlie Noble provide a pistachio flavoured e-liquid and, based on how well chocolate and pistachio ice cream seem to go with each other, I reckon that it would be an excellent transition to try that one next.


“Raspberry Doughnut” by Grumpy Juice


Manufacturer’s Description:

“Sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer of the pastry, with a unique blast of crunchy raspberry glaze to get your mouth watering, then smile as the delicate aroma of freshly baked butter dough settles on your tongue.”


Raspberry Doughnut by Grumpy Juice, Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12 and 18mg strengths, Available in 10, 30 , 50 and 100ml bottles. Available in 50%PG/50%VG or 30%PG/70%VG
Vaping statistics:

0mg strength, 30%PG/70%VG, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.75Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini @ 15 and 30 watts.

When I opened the cap on this particular flavour, I have to admit that I lost track of where I was for a moment, I was greeted with a warm, almost freshly baked scent akin to what you would find in a small bakers, this topped with a delicious raspberry jam topping made it a pleasure to just sit and enjoy the bottle note for a moment.

As I enjoyed my first few pulls from the tank, I couldn’t help but notice that the taste was delightfully subtle, the raspberry wasn’t offensively strong, it didn’t taste “stodgy” as a few savoury liquids I have tasted do. As you continue through the tank, it continues to be pleasant and enjoyable, it doesn’t become too rich too quick and definitely one I could enjoy for an hour or two although unfortunately as an all day vape, I couldn’t enjoy it just as it becomes a little too rich over an extended period of time.

Grumpy Juice’s Raspberry Doughnut is an incredibly enjoyable flavour, for those who love visiting their local bakery shop, this is definitely a must to pick up and is an absolute pleasure fill your tank with.


“Lemon Meringue” by Grumpy Juice



Manufacturer’s Description: “This high-quality desert vape, with fluffy sweet meringue and tart but mouth-watering lemon filling, piled on to a thin crushed biscuit base. Enjoy the taste of a smooth and beautifully made Lemon Meringue Pie.”

Statistics: Lemon Meringue by Grumpy Juice, Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12 and 18mg strengths, Available in 10, 30 , 50 and 100ml bottles. Available in 50%PG/50%VG or 30%PG/70%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.75Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini @ 15 and 30 watts

Grumpy Lemon Slider

As soon as the cap comes off, you are greeted with a bright, refreshing lemon scent tinged with a sweet, almost sharp sweetness.

The first few puffs maintain the bright, lemon notes overlaid a creamy smoothness, a warm, biscuit taste ending each puff on the retrohale. As you continue through the tank, the blend of flavours continues to be a beautiful subtle combination of tastes, ending with just a slight sharp/tartness at the end of the tank.

Grumpy Juice’s Lemon Meringue is a very pleasant, subtle blend of flavours that remains enjoyable throughout the vape, easily one I can sit and vape all day and definitely one that doesn’t leave me grumpy after it.