“Jizmoglobin” by Gwar Fluids

Manufacturer’s Description:

”A creamy blueberry blend with notes of nut and custard. Each bottle of Jizmoglobin is freshly harvested by Skulhedface herself..”

Statistics: Gwar Fluids “Jizmoglobin” by Mount Baker Vapor. Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg strengths, Available in 30ml bottles , 50%PG/60%VG.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini w/ RBA+, 8 wrap, 26 AWG Stainless Steel 0.40Ω coil mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini @ a range of wattages between 15 to 30 Watts.

To quote The Insidious Soliloquy Of Skulhedface and sum up my approach to reviewing liquids “How inquisitive, and delighting”, we will be having a look at Jizmoglobin in this article.

Also, this needs to be pointed out right off the bat, not a fan of the blue colour? Well, The fellows over at Mount Baker Vapor offer Jizmoglobin in uncoloured and coloured forms, as they do with Bloodbath.

The initial curious sniff at the freshly opened bottle greets the user with a bright fruity, almost tart cranberry scent. It’s refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. This is layered with a creamy, warm custardy scent, setting this liquid up to be an absolute pleasure to taste.

Now, I must admit this right off the bat, a fresh tankful of this liquid in the tank is very unpleasant, it’s offensively synthetic tasting and if I had stopped there, It would be a very scathing review of this liquid. However, I didn’t stop there thankfully, I left this liquid to sit and steep for a while and after this, I was rewarded with a fresh cranberry taste, a surprising nuttiness on the retrohale and the entire experience is laced with the smooth custardy flavour.

Towards the end of the thankful, I am reminded of the offensive synthetic taste of this liquid however it doesn’t kill the entire flavour of this liquid. It remained enjoyable and smooth to puff away on, it didn’t catch at the back of my throat during large lung hits like most fifty/fifty mixes and remained enjoyable, although I don’t think I could enjoy this as an all day vape, the synthetic taste is the killer for me.

“Strawberry Ambrosia” by Nom Nomz

With the sheer volume of liquids we’ve reviewed here at the Belfast Vape Bar, it’s always great to stumble upon a juice manufacture that’s from Northern Ireland. It also means we can expect a rather prompt shipment when necessary 😉

About the Blender

We are an artisan e-liquid company based in Northern Ireland. All of our liquids have been created with great attention to detail, care and a boot load of TLC thrown in. We only use the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients in our e-liquids, as such they are of the highest quality

We were sent their entire line for the purpose of review and first out of the batch is their “Strawberry Ambrosia” which they describe as “Delicious fresh strawberries covered in Devon’s finest, this one will keep you coming back, time and time again…nom nom” a rather enticing description!

For this review we are using the following hardware:

  • Uwell Crown tank with 0.25Ω dual coil head
  • Evic Mini mod

Packaging for the Nom Nomz line is rather simple where they’ve opted for the standard plastic bottle in their 10ml size, all the necessary warning labels are in place and their logo sitting rather cheerfully in the front and centre.

If we were to see this product sitting on the shelf in a local b+m store, we would not assume that this is a premium product which seem to be delivered in glass bottles more often than not. Although the packaging of a product should never put you off a product hence the old expression “never judge a book by it’s cover” always let the liquid itself do the talking!

Every product in the Nom Nomz line consists of a 75/25 VG high, available in nic strengths from 3-6mg (3mg for this review) and in bottle sizes from 10-90ml.

Got a fresh coil installed on the Crown so now we can move onto the tasting. The Evic Mini is set to 50w and 530f, on the inhale the predominant flavour is a tasty sweet, creamy strawberry which is rather similar to a strawberry milkshake!

On the exhale is where the “Strawberry Ambrosia” flavour really takes off. The same tasty strawberry as with the inhale but a very moreish custard has revealed itself, making this is a very delightful vaping palate. The flavours accompany each other perfectly and with a decent amount of vapour as well.

This liquid has definitely left this reviewer craving more! The bottle was finished just about by the end of this review.

Now, would I purchase this product?

This is a definite yes! Not usually a fan of custard based liquids “Strawberry Ambrosia” was a real eye opener and one that will be purchased again!

“Chateau” by Decadence E-Liquid

Welcome back to another E-Juice review by Foxy!

In this review we will be looking at “Chateau” by Decadence ELiquid.

As you can see on the Belfast Vape Bar site, I have already had the pleasure of reviewing “Midnight” by Decadence and I couldn’t find a single bad thing to say about it across the entire spectrum! This is a rarity in a juice as everything is subjective of course! For me I am all about first appearances and when the Belfast Vape Bar team met James (The Owner) we were instantly bowled over by his willingness to introduce us to his brand!

The presentation of “Chateau” is identical to that of Midnight where the bottle is a frosted glass with a smooth label featuring all the correct warning symbols for global sales! As before though, I am curious about the corrosive symbol on the bottle but I think this is purely there to be one step ahead of upcoming legislation where the a**hole governments try to restrict E-Juice sales by using any excuse to hold them back!

The Decadence E-Liquid line is available to purchase from the Republic of Vape B+M store or via their Website.

“Chateau” is described as: Crafted for those with truly exquisite taste. A lemon butter cake pulled fresh from the oven covered with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream finished with a touch of caramelized brown sugar.

On opening the bottle I am greeted with a delightfully creamy smell which would put me in the mind of cereal and maybe cream or custard? Either way I am itching to get my first hit of this golden potion!

For this review I will be using the Smok TFV4 tank using the quad coils on the Tug Boat #Tuglyfe mod with a custom Signature Tips drip tip and all bottom airflow holes fully open.

On the inhale I am greeted with a nice lemon flavour which is mixed with a slightly cereal taste too. As I hold the vapour in the cereal flavour becomes more distinguishable and starts to taste more like a nice fluffy lemon cake!

On the exhale I still get the delightful lemon cake in the background but there is a much more pronounced flavour starting to really push through. I am a lover of fresh creamy vapes and with the lemon cake I start to get a hint of vanilla ice cream with what can only be described as a slight drizzle or caramel. ABSOLUTE DELIGHTFULLNESS.

So now that we are at the end of the review it is time for me to ask myself whether I would go out and buy this juice once my review sample is finished. I am delighted to say that I certainly would! The flavour profile is exactly what I have been looking for in most of my vaping life =)

“Vapybear” by Fuug Life FUU

What up, what up, what up, Gilters back with another juice review.

Oh sorry just getting Into the right mind set for this liquid (you will understand any second)

Today’s liquid is another from France based company “FUU”


Fuug Life by Fuu have have liquids in this line and being their high VG range coming in at a nice 80vg/20pg blend, only coming with a strength of 0mg and 3mg in 50ml bottles.

The liquid I have for review today is known as…


Vapybear is here! A custard from the woods brewed for your dripper

Try the well-balanced, delicious taste of Vapybear for a soft, dense vape. Its vanilla cream base topped with berries and biscuit finish would flatter the taste buds of even a teddy-bear.

Again with this bottle the majority is in French so doesn’t really cater to the English speaking markets, though their website has full English descriptions for any unsure thoughts.

Bottle design being a large squeezy version of a typical 10ml tester (very good for dripping) has a funny hipster looking bear up front with a very dark background wouldn’t say its exactly friendly, even for people who can read French as small print is rather hard to make out and found myself squinting to see the writing.

On opening the bottle I was greeted with a slightly fruity custard smell.

Let’s get dripping.

Hardware today:

X Cube II – various watts
Atty 3 RDA
Dual 20g at 0.25ohms

On inhale:

A very light custard with almost like a caramel undertone, Flavour jumps around a lot at different wattages. I found my sweet spot between 75-85w to settle the flavour down and bring out all the right notes.

On exhale:

When using this liquid on the exhale there is definitely some kind of berry, I just can’t quite pin point an exact one and an almost hazelnut and chocolate taste. It’s confusing but tasty.

Vapour Production: 9/10

Good liquid for cloud production, nice smooth vape

Flavour Strength: 7/10

Being a high VG I didn’t expect much of a flavour but it was rather surprising though still not mind blowingly strong when it comes to a custard style liquid

Overall Thoughts:

This liquid at first I was very unsure of what I was tasting but after some use I did come round to enjoying it.

Would I buy it, don’t get me wrong it is a nice liquid and will continue to use the full 50ml but there is other liquids out there that have the edge over this one.

“War Call” by Valhalla Vapes

Welcome folks to another review by Shinx! This time we have some goodies from Valhalla Vapes which have kindly sent us their entire line for review!

Today I’m reviewing War Call which has been described as “Butterscotch custard or is it angel delight in disguise?

Yummy sounds like one of my favourites!! As many of you readers out there may know I’m a massive fan of everything custard and have yet to find the perfect one!
Will this live up to my expectations!?

The bottle itself is nicely designed with a Norse inspired label with the tagline “A horde of liquids from Valhalla Vapes. E-liquids forged in war!
Also is all safety info as well as batch number, best before date, nic level (which in this case is 0mg) and VG/PG ratio is 70/30.

Hardware im using for this review is the Smok X Cube II set at 65w and a Troll By Wotofo with a 0.25Ω dual kanthal build.

Upon opening the bottle I’m greeted by a rich custard with hints of caramel floating around in there.

Now getting down the liquid itself…. I love butterscotch! In sweets desserts and scented candles I don’t care I love the stuff so the initial inhale for me was something special!
Wonderfully deep smoky yet creamy caramel with a touch of saltiness to it! Firstly you get the sweetness followed by the tiniest amount of saltiness coating your tongue.
A nice mild throat hit off it also!

On the exhale get a creamy fudgy custard with a smoky caramel taste still present and goes together oh so delightful! Just makes me want to keep going for more!!

Cloud production with this juice is very good! Not ground breaking but not bad either!

Presentation: 8/10
Flavour: 9/10
Vapour production: 7/10

So would I buy this juice when my 10ml bottle runs out? Yes I certainly would! I’ve yet to find a nice caramel creamy custard and this could be one of the contenders for the nicest tasting custard I’ve had yet!
The flavour profiles with this juice are fantastic and for the price of £4 for a 10ml bottle this is a juice you have to get!!

“Lepidoptera” CURIOSITÉS line by Fuu

Hey guys Gilters here it’s been a while from myself and finally bringing another liquid review.

Today’s liquid of choice comes from the CURIOSITÉS line by “Fuu” based in Paris.

From the first moment I set my eyes on this bottle I was rather intrigued and drawn to its appearance showing off what could only be called a magnificent design off the butterfly/moth hence the name.

In saying this the only downside to the design a good 80% of the bottle is in French not really marketing to the English speaking markets but apart from that top marks to the guys at Fuu.

“LEPIDOPTERA” 0mg 60vg/40pg

Red berries simmering gently in a copper pot. A big spoonful of this marvel in a jar of (homemade!) custard. A touch of motherly love in a tasty cloud of vapour.

On first opening the bottle, a overpowering smell of custard with a slight floral note to it. This liquids aroma lingers around the nose for sure.

Today I am using.

XCUBE ll at 70w
Wotofo Atty3
Dual twisted 0.3 build

On inhale:

A very smooth natural custard but sweetness behind its custard just wasn’t present, lacking that ennitial oomph that a custard vape would normally provide.

On exhale:

The custard has now became a more distant note, a slightly floral taste comes through with a light berry in the backround.

Throat hit:

None with being 0mg liquid it’s an extremely smooth vape.

Liquid taste: 4/10

Overall I’m not overly fused on this liquid I was more hoping on a nice tart berry with custard.

Vapour production: 7/10

Being a 60vg/40pg blend it still produced nice wispy clouds.

Would I buy this particular liquid,
personally no, I really was looking forward to this one. I don’t feel the liquid hits it mark. Good Presentation should always represent good taste on every note but this was a let down for myself.

“Str8Jacket” by 5150 e-liquid

Well! What do we have today?
We have another review by myself on another premium e liquid and I’m buzzing!

Let’s get started!! This liquid is called “Str8jacket” by a company called 5150 who are based in California and use top of the line ingredients!
This liquid comes in 16ml,32ml and 120ml servings and 0mg,3mg,6mg and 12mg nicotine strength. The one I’m reviewing is 3mg strength

Onto the product itself! The labeling on this bottle is slightly different to the Anti-venom which is a full on label covering 80% or so of the bottle making the information easier to read but leaving enough bottle of the rich golden colour the liquid shows off!

The hardware I’m using for this review is my newly acquired stingray mech mod which this review has been done on and Velocity RDA with a dual 6 wrap 24 gauge coils reading 0.2ohms (my favourite build) and natural cotton!

Lid up – Smooth and subtle sweet custard hit, I was expecting a good strong custard essence but it’s just not there. It’s not going to knock your socks off in terms of cutting edge fragrances but it may be for the better.

Inhale – That smooth flavour from 5150 is there again, The butterscotch gives you a good buttery sensation with a almost liquor throat hit. Beautifully smooth but not a sign of custard anywhere even after few inhales!

Exhale – The rich sweet taste of the oh so famous branded custard we all know overpowers my taste buds and then leaving a un-sickening after taste which iv had with a few other custard Vapes iv tried but I think its down to the butterscotch. Well thought out!

Conclusion – A really good smooth sweet vape! The butterscotch and custard have a chance to be separate entities and then come together to form that final mix which is managed superbly making it a good ADV
I could easily vape this all day and when you buy some of this liquid I guarantee you will not be disappointed! From both of the 5150 liquids I have now reviewed they are a top quality brewer earning the premium liquid title!

Clouds: 7/10

Hope you enjoyed this review and helped in your decision to purchase this fine number! You will not be disappointed and enjoy!

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